Enslaved by Lust

This time, she was in an old white t-shirt with a pair of beach shorts, walking with those slender long legs in front of me. I only knew which block she lived in, but nothing more than that. The multiple times we had saw each other, I was always in smart office wear and for her, in shorts and tank top depends if she was going far out or just across the road to buy lunch.

She turned into her lift landing and I continued walking in her direction towards the bus stop, where she give me a head-throw, in the most lian-ish manner while her hands were full.

Girl: ‘Going to work?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Lunch first.’
Girl: ‘You live next block ah?’
Me: ‘Yeah. At the end.’
Girl: ‘I see. Catch up some other time.’

Catch up? I was sure it was her way of saying the lift was here and I headed for work, bearing no thoughts to what she said earlier. Frankly speaking, the aura from her told me that she was towards the ‘ah lian’ side and I just couldn’t imagine myself having a girlfriend like her. Ah well, it was just pointless thoughts.

My day ended at 9pm and when I alighted from the same bus stop I boarded at, she was right there at the void deck, smoking till she saw me in the distance. Quickly stamping out the cigarette butt, she waved at me and I went to her, looking at the long stick she hardly took more than two puffs from.

Me: ‘So wasteful ah.’
Girl: ‘Haha. I don’t want you to see me smoking mah.’
Me: ‘Why not resting at home?’
Girl: ‘Oh.. umm.. here is more windy.’

Windy? Yeah. There wasn’t a single breeze when I stopped at the void deck. She was in the same white shirt but wearing a pair of FBT shorts this time, with a high cutting that showed some of her fair thighs.

Girl: ‘You want to sit down for a while?’

A flinch of my eyelids agreed and I joined her at the table, before taking out my iPad to check for some emails I was waiting for. She took out the box of Lucky Strike and clamped a stick between her fingers, before asking me for permission. Why not? I wasn’t going to stop her or tell her the harmful effects of smoking. She was just so easy to read in her defenceless state.

Girl: ‘You got girlfriend?’
Me: ‘No time lah. Need to work and earn money first.’

A click from her lighter lit the tip where she drew a gentle breath, catching all the idle smoke escaping from her lips into her mouth. There was something about how she smoke that got my attention, like portraying the beauty of how sexy a cigarette can look in the right hands.

Girl: ‘You want?’
Me: ‘No thanks. Don’t have to go home for dinner?’
Girl: ‘No one home also. Or you want to eat.. *cough cough*.. me?’
Me: ‘Eat you?’
Girl: ‘Eat WITH me lah!’
Me: ‘Order Macs can?’
Girl: ‘Anything lo.’
Me: ‘Let’s go to your place?’
Girl: ‘K. But I tell you first ah. It’s messy. Don’t laugh at me.’

I took my iPad and she helped me with my sling bag, taking it for me right to her door step. Her place had this homely smell like childcare centres, but it did not bother me at all. Upon placing all my stuff down, I sat at her couch and she joined beside me to check out the sluggish new menu of the Mcdelivery app. In no time, we placed our order and I paid with my card, not wanting to be delayed with cash or make her fork out a single cent.

She led me into her room using an excuse that there was air conditioning and I followed blindly, only noticing the conditioning unit above the TV when I found the time on the wall clock. Being in a girl’s room was as good as being in a different universe. The smell, comfort, and the hangers with clothes around every possible hanging space, was totally different from a guy’s ‘mess’.

Girl: ‘I go change first.’

She grabbed another old shirt that was longer and left while I asked her for her name. ‘Hannah!’, she shouted outside the door where she changed into a sleazy looking outfit. As though there was nothing below her waist, she joined me on the bed while I continued probing into her life, learning some facts about her work.

The delivery came after thirty minutes and she ran out of the room in front of me, taking the paper bags and walking away from the staring eyes of the delivery man. I could totally understand what he was imagining but that was all he was entitled to.

Hannah: ‘Let’s eat.’

The dinner was finished in a very animalistic manner as we fed hungrily, till she was too full and collapsed on the bed with her legs pointed at me. Well, being a gentleman and putting away the rubbish gave me a look between her legs, and a pair of pink, blue panties greeted me.

Hannah: ‘Come sleep with me.’
Me: ‘Huh!’

She held me by my arms and pulled me over herself, causing me to fall forward over her body and landed face to face with her. A loud gulp from her was like magic, silently waiting for me to pounce. I did not know how to react then and she began unbuttoning my shirt, stripping me in the most arousing way.

Tugging at my belt, she whispered ‘take it off’ and I obeyed easily. I was left in my underwear and she laid still on the bed, giving me a little space beside her waist. Guiding my hand to her crotch, she was sending so much vibe I couldn’t fight my urges anymore. To do or not to do? That was what kept repeating in my head. Could anyone be so lucky so easily?

Her hand went to my underwear and slipped into it effortlessly, holding and stroking it to start my fingers moving over her panties. Like clockwork, my hand rubbed on her pussy and her eyes closed, giving me a good look at how sleeping beauty fell into her own world. With soft moans coming from her, she was teasing the tip of my dick and I automatically removed her panties for her.

Finally, she held my dick in an over-grip and popped the golden question.

Hannah (whispering): ‘Can you fuck me?’

That was it. I had enough of holding myself back. Shifting to her legs, I raised her knees to the sides and let her position my dick with two fingers, like holding a cigarette. Docking myself carefully, her pussy spread so ever.. the word was ‘sensational’. I felt like I was opening a brand new Apple device when I entered, stretching her soft flesh around my hardness, taking breaths away from her gasping mouth.

Hannah: ‘Yes.. yes.. fuck me.’

Wasting no more time, I increased my pace at her and went from a ballet pace to a hip hop one, sliding my dick that felt extra long in and out of her. I made sure to leave every inch covered and rammed her with my might, determined to make good use of the Mcdonald’s we just ate.

Soon, I placed both her knees together and was fucking her so wildly the bed couldn’t stop creaking. Before my eyes, she reached for a drawer and took out a hand-rolled joint, lighting up as her body shivered when an orgasm blew up in her pussy. The first breath she took in rolled her eyes to a white and her moans changed to groans.

Still slamming my butt at her, she suddenly got a surge of energy and flipped herself on fours. Prying one of her ass cheeks open, I knew what she wanted and shoved my dick in one move, throwing her forward, almost hitting the headboard. Both of my hands on her waist, I was pounding the life out of her when I sensed my head spinning from the smoke she was exhaling.

It wasn’t normal cigarette smoke but had something in it. Not wanting to breath in anymore of the unknown substance, I took a deep breath and entered anaerobic state, sprinting my dick at her till she dropped her stick as orgasms flooded her mind. The tightness over my dick told me she was cumming and I kept pumping, extending the single climax into a continuous one.

The girl was convulsing non-stop in my hands and I kept going for another three minutes till I felt my urge coming. Quickly pulling out of her, she slumped onto the bed and picked up the smouldering stick, taking a last puff from it and getting hyped up once again.

Turning to me, she pushed me onto the bed and took my dick in her mouth, engaging a deep throat mouth fuck for a minute before I called out to her that I was cumming. She did not stop sucking and sank her head down, locking her lips near the base of my shaft.

The last straw came from her throat that was contracting to the foreign object and I gave in, firing my thick load into her mouth. Slowly lifting her head up, my sensitive cock kept squirting till she gave a final suck at it from the tip.

Giving my dick a peck, her mouth departed and her hand remained to keep it upright. Rubbing her thumb over the small droplet of sperm dew forming on top, I was breathless and felt a sense of freedom as she fondled my spent rod.

Falling in my arms, she laid still while her hand went to her pussy, masturbating herself while moaning into my ears.

Hannah: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘It was so crazy. *panting*’
Hannah: ‘Will you do it with me again?’
Me: ‘Of course I will. You are super sexy.’

I brushed her face with the back of my hand and she brought her head to my dick again, sucking the small stud till it grew in her mouth. This time, she went slowly down on it and executed her best moves on me, stirring my dick fully awake with the skilled tongue of hers.

The second load went into her mouth and she swallowed it without hesitation, citing it as a pre-payment for the third round. Well, I didn’t expect to go for the third, but with what she did for me, I couldn’t say no right?

After a long rest, my dick stood up with her playful fingers and I went at her again, this time keeping her in missionary while I rammed my dick deep into her, and making out with her to prevent her from smoking anymore of the drug. The third round went into her mouth and she did not find a need to smoke anymore of that shit, making her glad I was the one to show her that sex was better than anything on earth.

Hannah: ‘I want you to fuck me everyday. Can?’
Me: ‘After work?’
Hannah: ‘Okay! Then can I help you out before work? I want to suck it again.’

So she was a drug-turned-cock addict? Whatever the case was, Hannah is now my little cum dump who willingly enslaved herself to my desires. From then on, she was asking me to do her at various places of our neighbourhood whenever we went for late night suppers or morning ‘walks’.

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