Industrial Work

Stella: ‘Eh don’t. Please can see us.’
Justin: ‘Relax lah. No one stays this late at work one.’

They were smoking at the corridor of an industrial building, where it seemed abandoned every day after 6pm. Few would stay later than that but practically none would work past 9pm. For Justin, it was about finishing his work for the next day and his boss had no issues with him coming in late as long as all the deadlines were met.

That day, he had invited his 17 year old girlfriend, Stella, who was studying in an ITE, to his workplace where they could smoke in peace. Wearing the standard white blouse and a pair of black skirt, it was always his fantasy to be doing her in her uniform. In fact, all her friends wore skirts of the similar length, driving his mind wild whenever she brought him out for gatherings.

Standing behind her, he had his arms around her waist and playfully squeezing her boobs outside her shirt. From their position, they could keep an eye on the entrance where the security post was, and the guard sleeping on his revolving chair. Although she was resisting, he knew she would give in as there was no signs of danger. Working with a bunch of horny male engineers actually helped when they told him the CCTVs around the whole estate was live footage, without any recording function.

Slowly, her buttons pop opened and his hands slipped over her neck into her bra, toying with those soft nipples in his fingers. In no time, Stella was moaning to his strong fingers and her hand went behind to check on his readiness. Unzipping his pants, her hand easily entered and the netted underwear surprised her. He had wore it specially for that day knowing she was visiting, and it further turned her on.

Stella (whispering): ‘Want me to remove my skirt?’
Justin: ‘Nope. I’ll just take off your panties for you.’

He pulled her underwear down and it fell to her feet, where she kicked it aside. Feeling his fingers running along her pussy, she stuck her butt out of her squirming body and let him play with it as much as he wanted to. His fingers easily slid into her pussy as it got wetter, and Stella was a step closer to losing control.

Stella: ‘Don’t play with it anymore. Put it in.’
Justin: ‘Don’t want.’

He squatted down at her rear and buried his face in her butt, sticking his tongue out to lash at the dripping cunt of his girl. It was so juicy and rejuvenating as she kept leaking, as though quenching his lust with her bodily fluid, which did not help at all. Justin got up after some licking and was about to pierce into her when she turned around to face him, giving him a kiss before going on her knees.

Holding his dick in place, her mouth took his rod from the tip and her head stayed around the tip, while her lips stimulated the area under his little head. Two minutes of sucking later, he was at his full size and she bent over the railings, spreading her legs to let him have it his way. An inch at a time, he forced his way in carefully but continuously, until her breathing picked up pace and she was so close to moaning.

Like a locomotive train starting on its journey, his hips initiated the fucking protocol, driving his piece of meat in and out of her tunnel. Her moans got louder as he went faster, unintentionally going deeper from the uncontrolled rhythm. Like two bunnies, their bodies were jerking quickly in short stints till the veins on Stella’s hands appeared as she held onto the aluminium rails tightly, with an orgasm inbound that took most of her strength away.

Justin: ‘Turn around.’

She moved as he commanded and let him lift one of her legs onto the railing. For a girl who danced, it was the ideal position to spread her legs even wider and with that, Justin was ramming hard into her pussy as she hugged him tightly. If anyone saw the position they were in, their first guess would be right.

The couple, locked in embrace, had their hips slapping loudly in the darkness and isolation of the block. All that was left was for Justin to cum, because Stella had one too many orgasms for the night. She wrapped her other legs around the hammering boy and squeezed at random intervals, causing Justin to groan in an agonising tone.

Justin: ‘I am cumming. You’re too tight!’

He backed away from her and helped her off the railings carefully, before she grabbed her panties from the floor and wrapped over his dick head. Sucking on her own worn undies, her hand continued to jerk the center part where her mouth did not cover.

In under a minute, his hands dug into her hair and held her still as she relaxed the stretched panties, making it into a little piece of cloth where his cum shot into. Some of his cum got filtered into her mouth but the bigger chunks were saved from ingestion. They let go of each other once he was done and she wiped her mouth with the cleaner part of her panties.

With everything in place, she raised her skirt to her waist and slipped on the panties, smearing his cum over her pussy once it was in place.

Justin: ‘You’re not scared of getting pregnant?’
Stella: ‘It’s just a bit. So no problem.’

Well, problem or not, we won’t know for sure. The couple wore their clothes back and went back to his office, where he packed his belongings and left. With Stella distracting him throughout the journey by masturbating herself and moaning to her heart’s content, I couldn’t wait to find out how many of those condoms in the new box were used at his place.

Wait.. were they really not seen by anyone?

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