Pet Student or Teacher

Ying: ‘J, see me after your CCA ends.’

That was all she told me when the bell rang after school. I didn’t anyone would imagine that a Math teacher would actually hook up with her student but I was wrong. It all started two weeks ago, it was during a break at my CCA when I went into the staff toilet, as it was single cubicle and was most conducive for doing ‘big’ business.

When she saw me through the mirror, I was behind her as she zipped her dress and her bra and panties were hanging on the sink. It was that time when she pulled me into the toilet and asked me not to tell anyone that she went braless and pantyless in school. At that age, I didn’t even think of spreading such rumours but the fact I was a normal guy, gave me a hard on which she saw immediately when I placed my feet together to loosen the groin part of the pants.

What she did next was unbelievable to this date, even though we had progressed much further. She let her dress drop to the ground and squatted in front of me, helping me remove my pants like a mother stripping her little boy. I did not initiate anything and she just took it into her own hands, both my dick and my fate. A few minutes of jerking later, she actually went down on me and sucked me till I came.

It was then I knew, she was much more deeper than just a teacher who felt threatened when her student saw her naked. There was something in her that made her lust for younger guys.

Back to that CCA day, I ended at 5.30pm, and rang her up at the school’s music room. She asked me to wait for five minutes before going to the staff toilet, at level 4, the highest floor of our school. I went up as instructed and knocked lightly before the locked undid itself. Walking in quickly, I did not want anyone to spot me.

There she was, only known as ‘Ying’ to protect her identity, seated on the toilet in a laced black dress that could be seen through into her nude figure. There was no way anyone could imagine her sexy slim figure from the modest clothes she wore during class.

I stood in front of her after hanging my bag on the door and she removed my pants for me. I fumbled in the side pockets of my bag for something she requested and a sparkle shone in her eyes when she saw the silver package. Since our little fling in the toilet started, she had been confiding in me about how a condom would turn her on, as if her body was dying to use it. Today, I brought it for her and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Bending her back down at my dick, she took it in her mouth without hesitating and made slurping sounds as she sucked it deep. My mind was in a blank state whenever she did it and her tongue would just roam all over my skin, rubbing each of my sensitive spots with her slippery tongue.

I reached down her neck to fondle her boobs and she was going down faster when I pinched on them. Given how young I was then, I did not really know how to satisfy a woman but she was more keen in showing me the pleasure of blowjob. Perhaps that was what got me addicted to it.

Once she felt that I was big enough, she stopped what she was doing and went over to the basin, where she bent her chest near to the mirror and I handed her the condom. She held it with two fingers at her pussy and I moved my dick towards her. Her clasp on the rubber relaxed as it rolled down my shaft, letting my dick pierce into her a little at a time. Soon, the condom was in place and I was inside, the warm, wet, deprived hole.

Wasting no more time, I held her waist and rammed hard at her, watching her orgasmic expression in the mirror. Whenever I slowed down to delay my climax, she would be fucking me by thrusting her butt backwards, like pleading me not to leave her idle. On and off, I went fast at her till she was pushing me back against the strong wooden door, grinding me as I took a rest.

Ying: ‘Let’s go to the toilet bowl.’

She hurried off to take her seat and opened her legs wide, rubbing her clit while I made my way over. Doing a half-squat, I sent my dick into her deeply and the strong force caused her to moan louder. This time, I knew it was time to end our fun and went all out, pounding her with my energetic stamina which was given by the PE lessons. Her hands warmed my cheeks and occasionally brought me to kiss her, making her feel young again.

Her legs went around me just as I felt her pussy squeezing down on me and her body went into a small shiver as she gasped.

Ying (whispering): ‘You’re so big!’
Me (whispering): ‘Ying, you look sexy in this position.’

She gave me a naughty grin and asked me to pull out. Left standing against the wall, she remained seated and went down on me again, licking it like a sweating lollipop. Her blowjob was as good as the first time, driving my mind numb with lust as her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock.

Her speed increased along with her fingers in her pussy and I was about to cum after five minutes. She brought me to the side of her head and her mouth was sort of milking me sideways (my groin at her ear). It was a totally different feel and my body gave in easily in that new angle.

The big splash happened in her mouth but from my view, nothing seemed to be happening. I was groaning and messing her hair as she kept teasing my pee hole, spilling more cum into her mouth. She finally stopped disturbing me after I told her I was empty and she cleaned me up with her tongue in the most obedient manner, covering her saliva over every corner to collect the semen into her mouth.

The satisfied teacher stood in front of me and swallowed, cleaning her mouth with some water before making out with me. Suddenly, I felt like a sex toy when her lips went berserk on my face, like she was forcing herself on me. We ended our session when her phone rang and a lovey dovey conversation went on while I got dressed.

Me: ‘Your boyfriend?’
Ying: ‘Yeah. He is in the carpark.’

She wore her clothes back and gave me a little performance, finally requesting me to zip her dress up for her. Still braless and panty-less, she left the toilet before me and went down the steps.

After that day, I did not know what was driving her to horny and became her pet student in class. Sure, a few girls who liked me got jealous as I spent more time with Ying than hanging out with them after school, but two of them did something far more than just confessing and daringly declare their liking for me to the rest of the class.

I shall leave that for the next upcoming story.

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