Puppy Sex

During the weekends when I did not have school, the two girls who had a crush on me asked me out often. But I felt more like a prop who followed them around to shop and eat, and they even offered to pay my meals for my company. I did not decline them since they were obviously wealthier and continued to join them as long as I was free.

Minnie, who was the first to spread rumours about her ‘love’, was my junior, just a year younger. I was in the Student Leader ‘gang’ then and she was a committee member of the dance club. A girl with a stunning figure and cheerful personality, you guys could imagine how the other guys hated me when they learnt that I did not accept her.

The second girl, Catalina, also in the dance club and Student Leader group, was those quiet type that would just casually locate and join me during recess and before-CCA lunches. Sitting next to me, selflessly helping me to buy my food (she always have the same food as me) with the same dishes I always had, quietly eating and stealing sips from my bottle of Pink Dolphin. You could say she was a girl my parents would love to meet.

They had learnt of each other’s feelings for me and came to an agreement, to spend equal amount of time with me and let me decide. Well, not that I was taking advantage of them, but I did not want to hurt either. They were just too young to go through any breakups. That was my stand to this day. Not start anything I have no intention of finishing.

One of those days, the three of us went to KBox for karaoke. They were dressed in one of the most sexy clothes I’ve ever seen them in. Minnie wore a short dress that had a pink ribbon on her belt. The dress was not those slutty types and she looked great in it. Quite the opposite to her character. Cat was in a tube dress that ‘flaunted’ her flat chest, paired with a black skirt so short I could tell she felt insecure in.

Of course, many eyes were on them as I walked between, a little frightened at the thought that guys would go up to them for their numbers and I would be.. seen as a fake-hero if I intercepted. Thankfully, nothing happened all the way to the room and I had to sit between them again.

Most songs they chose were duets, but I simply let them sing together after five or so songs. You know, the strain on my throat? Minnie soon sat closer to me and was leaning on me, making Cat do the same. Man, was I in a fix then. I did not know what to do. Put my hands around them? Cat took my hand and placed it on her lap, and then her hand went on top to keep me there. Everything that any of them did, the other would follow. I was just a toy – again.

Both my hands were used to brush along their thighs until Cat took her jacket out of her bag, covering her legs so Minnie wouldn’t see. Instead, what she did made Minnie anxious and she simply tucked my hand into her dress! Pushing my middle finger on her panties, I was masturbating her soon and the same happened on the other side, rubbing on Cat’s bare pussy under her skirt.

Their heads were on my shoulders and moaning while the TV continued to blare music, set to play the singer’s voice because no one was singing anymore. Their feet were on the sofa and I was getting the both of them off.

Minnie pulled Cat’s jacket to cover my groin and their hands met on my bulge, created by their sexy voices and young pussies I was touching. First was the zip, then my dick was whipped out from the opening in my underwear.

Minnie: ‘I’m your senior, I go first.’
Cat: ‘Fine! But you won’t win.’

Wait, go first for what? I was so confused then when Cat turned my head to her and began kissing. Minnie didn’t wait any longer and flipped her jacket away, taking my dick into her mouth as I groaned into Cat’s face. Her hair tickled my thighs as I felt her lips sliding up and down, lack of tongue action but the tight seal of her mouth was pleasurable.

The scene went on for a few minutes before Minnie took a break, and Cat went down immediately once my dick was available. She used her tongue better but her lips were wide open, randomly hitting the hood that made it more sensitive. One of my hands were over her head, guiding her to go deeper while the other was in Minnie’s dress, still getting her off.

The two girls were so wet by then and they sat upright when my fingers picked up speed. Having their climax together was so arousing especially when my dick was fully stimulated by their hands. Their dress and skirt was wet when they recovered but they were still in a power struggle.

Suddenly, Cat stood up and parted my knees, before sitting down on my lap. My dick slipped between her butt crack and I knew it was still safe. Minnie did not just let her competition win like that and held my dick under Cat’s pussy, pointing it upwards.

Minnie: ‘Put it in if you dare!’

Shit. Cat raised her hips higher and dropped back down over my dick. She screamed at the entry and Minnie covered her mouth to hide her moans. Wrapping our bodies with her jacket, she was bouncing on top of me against her body’s wishes. I could tell how much pain she was in. Nonetheless, she went faster and faster till she climaxed and fell back on my sweating chest.

Minnie threw her onto the sofa and climbed over me, taking her position but facing me. Sliding my thick cock into herself, she bit her lips and started to grind me.

Me: ‘You had sex before?’
Minnie: ‘Nope. I have toys.’

Her knees worked hard to raise and drop her body, slamming her butt on my thighs. We went non-stop for a few minutes before she came as well, almost causing me to blow my load if I did not push her off. They were lying next to me exhausted and messed up, but I had not came yet.

During that age, BGRs were the ‘in’ thing and couples were already boasting their love openly. But all I remembered was the heartbroken girls whose grades declined when they had to handle the emotional turmoil. No way was I going to ruin these two lovely girls. My hard on slowly died down and I wore my clothes back, adjusting the girls’ clothes after I was done with mine.

Wanting some peace, I went to the toilet and a drunk girl in a one-piece black dress bumped into me. Instead of going into the ladies, she grabbed my wrist and rushed into the gents, locking the door behind us once we were inside.

Right there, she hastily undid my pants and went down on me, sitting on the toilet bowl groaning. After I got hard again, she stood up and placed one leg on the seat, forcefully pulling me close to stick my upright dick into her. She was wet without any effort from my side and I was in in one stroke.

Girl (whispering): ‘Fuck me hard. I want you inside.’

I pushed her back onto her side of the cubicle and rammed my dick into her mercilessly. Juices were dripping onto the floor loudly as my dick slurped continuously as well. Her high mood made her hop into my arms with her legs off the ground and I was slamming my hips at her, reaching deep into her pussy as she tightened around me.

Me (whispering): ‘I am cumming soon.’
Girl (whispering): ‘Put me down on the toilet.’

I used the water tank as support and let her down gently, before she bent her agile back and sucked me off. We remained in that position for a full five minutes till I held her head firmly against my dick, not all the way down, but just enough distance from the middle of my shaft.

Shooting my full load into her, she swallowed as I came. A gag came from her throat and she forced her head down on my dick, sending me a few steps back before she raised the cover. Sitting down with a thud, a stream of pee hit the ceramic bowl as she lifted her head up.

I pulled my pants up and waited till she was done, and brought her dress back to its normal length. She leaned forward for a kiss before leaving the cubicle with me, while two other guys were peeing at the urinals. We left as soon as she was done gargling her mouth and she disappeared into her noisy room.

Back to the two girls, they were in the same position as we started singing and they continued to play with my dick under Cat’s jacket. Only after twenty minutes of alternate blowjobs from them, I got up just as I came and made sure their mouths were close enough to collect my cum – in equal portions.

The two secondary school girls gulped down everything and cuddled in my arms for the remaining hours. Their deal was to be my girlfriends at the same time, and I agreed on one condition. We will never have a three-person date at any one time.

Of course, the girls were more than happy to do that and I had my fun with them, both at school and at their places, or wherever I felt like doing it. They became my obedient little bitches and I was their play toy for as long as they had till they graduated from secondary school.

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