All Year Bonus

Me: ‘Are you girls smoking?’
Kelly: ‘Aiya, no one cares one lah. Want one?’
Me: ‘No thanks. It’s going to rain soon. Go home and study for your paper tomorrow.’
Kelly: ‘Are you the marker?’
Me: ‘Yes. Tomorrow’s paper is mine.’
Kelly: ‘Got any tips or not?’
Me: ‘Don’t have. Go home.’

Kelly and her other two friends were at a bench when they called out to me, still with cigarettes in their fingers. I was headed for a quiet corner in the school’s premises to read up on some research news before the long days of invigilation starts tomorrow.

After I left them, I went to the small wooden bench and worked on my notes, before Kelly appeared and took her seat opposite me. We had nothing to talk about and I did not want to intrude into her private life, so I continued reading, till she stood up and bent over my notes to see what got my attention.

The top three buttons of her white blouse was undone and her blue half-cup bras peered at me, giving me a close look into her cleavage.

Kelly: ‘Cher, what are you reading?’
Me: ‘It’s not school related. You won’t understand.’
Kelly: ‘Tsk, so dao.’
Me: ‘Studied for your test?’
Kelly: ‘Sure fail one.’
Me: ‘*sigh* Give it a shot tomorrow. Don’t sleep.’
Kelly: ‘Orh.’

I then felt her feet cladded in just her sock press on my groin, twisting around to get my attention. Although the sky was dark, there was enough light to illuminate her acts under the table and I quickly pushed her away. She went on to remove her panties from under her skirt and placed it on the table, giving me a shock and pushing the limits between a teacher and his student.

Me: ‘Eh. Don’t play. It will get me fired.’
Kelly: ‘Then you better keep it first.’

I grabbed it from the table and stuffed it into my sling bag, hoping no one would see what I just did. Right after her panties was gone, she slammed the cover down of my book and packed everything into my bag.

Me: ‘What are you doing?’
Kelly: ‘Cher, let’s go somewhere quieter. I need your help for tomorrow.’
Me: ‘Sure?’
Kelly: ‘Or let me fail lo.’

I shook my head and got up, walking behind her to an even isolated bench where the nearest lights could not reach. She immediately went into the corner and undid her top, revealing her bra that was squeezing her boobs together.

Kelly: ‘Cher, come leh. Don’t act innocent.’
Me: ‘I’m not going to do that.’

Kelly sat on the end of the wooden table and spread her legs at me, hand reaching under her skirt and rubbing in the darkness.

Kelly (moaning): ‘You can leave me here. Or help me.. Up to you.’

Looking at how the long haired girl enjoy herself definitely turned me on, and I couldn’t walk in the open with a bulge. That spot was truly silent as not a single soul appeared within viewing distance. It was just a fine line now between corruption and principles.

Kelly (moaning): ‘I don’t want to finger myself. I want you inside me. Help me get an A can?’

After a few more seconds of listening to her sweet voice moaning for me, I didn’t care about how it should or shouldn’t be done and went for it. Going behind her, we were facing the long corridor and that was how I wanted to excite her further. I reached my arms around her neck and down to her pussy, where her legs widened to push her skirt higher.

My fingers went for her pussy immediately and proceeded to tease her clit, dipping just the tip of my fingers into her pussy to stimulate her horny side. Her grip on my forearms grew tighter as I went faster, till a warm liquid flowed over my fingers, coating it in a thick sauce.

Me (whispering): ‘Come off the table. Bend over for me.’
Kelly (whispering): ‘Cannot take it already ah?’
Me (whispering): ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’
Kelly (whispering): ‘But my friends want to get As too.’
Me: ‘Shhh.. ‘

Her skirt was flipped to her waist and my dick was poking at the entrance. With a gentle push forward, it sank into her pussy sending her body onto the table.

Kelly: ‘Fuck! You’re so huge!’
Me: ‘Quiet.’

She went silent while I began thrusting into her, feeling the warmth and juiciness creating a vacuum that pulled me in deeper. I wasn’t sure if she regretted asking me to fuck her, but her arms constantly pushed her body upwards and tried to get me off a few times. Too bad I was holding her waist so firmly that made the struggle seemed useless, and she would have to wait till I was done.

Jerking the table harder, she was clawing the surface and trying to reach the other end of the table. In my mind, the sensation of a sweet young pussy was too good to give up on and my body went all out on its own, pumping in a steady tempo non-stop. Her moans gone soft when her body froze and went into a slight convulsion, trembling while I continued ravishing her pussy.

Kelly: ‘Cher cher.. stop. I can’t take it anymore.’
Me: ‘So you want A?’
Kelly: ‘Don’t want le.. I’m going crazy!’

The pleas were accompanied by some sobbing and I knew she was at her limit. What about me? My mind gave me a response which I liked too. Fuck it. She asked for it. So I am not going to disappoint her.

I pinned her back down on the table and raised one of her legs as well, piercing into her with my dick inside and jerking in shallow strokes. The tension in her was so unbearable, especially when it’s just my tip she was stimulating. Another orgasm went off and the tightness was perfect. Pounding her harder this time, our bodies slapped loudly against each other and she was crying and holding onto both lengths of the table.

Kelly: ‘Please.. stop.. ‘

I pulled out of her after a minute and went to the side where her head was facing. Holding onto her hair, I brought her lips to my dick and sent it down her throat. Fucking her mouth mercilessly, she did not gag but the erratic movements of her tongue was working on the final lap.

Me: ‘Kel, ready?’

Her head shook with my dick and it was too late to do anything. My dick flicked in her mouth and the load poured onto her cheeks. I kept moving slowly while I came and she unknowingly sucked till everything was out.

Finally, she could breath better and her body was too weak to move. I carried her to sit down and she buttoned herself up, while I tucked my wet rod into my pants.

Me: ‘A tomorrow k?’

She rested her head on her arm on the table and texted on the phone. A few minutes later, the two friends she was with earlier appeared along the corridor and were headed for us.

Kelly: ‘Can give them A too?’
Me: ‘But I thought it was too big for you?’
Kelly: ‘I want them to know how hard it is to get A in your subject.’

One of the girls joined Kelly and the other perched herself up on the warm spot of the table, where the sex just happened on. I was making out with her when I whipped out my cock, and shoved it into her without letting her see how big it was.

A yelp confirmed the size of my manhood and the continuous begging for me to stop shocked the third girl. With the four of us in the corner, anyone could have guessed what happened. The second girl was knocked out after climaxing twice and I emptied my number two load into Kelly’s mouth again against her wishes.

As for the third girl, we did it in doggie on the floor hidden behind the table and I came into her, being the only one among them to take my dick without asking me to stop. Wen Qi was her name, and it was her who followed me home that night, going for rounds after rounds of ‘revision’ on my bed. Her blowjob was the best I had ever received, with the ability to fuck my dick till I came. It was as good as genital intercourse itself.

She would also be the one who accompanied me closely for the few years left of her studies. Jobs with perks eh? ;)

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