As a Mother

This is a confession made by a single mum of 36 years old, working in the banking industry. Violette (name changed for protection) has a secret that we (guys) have always fantasised about when we were younger and she found this the right place to share her little secret. Let’s lend her our listening eyes and hopefully find some enjoyment in her recount.

My son had reached manhood earlier than I had expected, usually determined by the time males would enlist. But being brought up in a single parent environment, Kai Wen actually matured faster and the help from his school’s PE lesson only made him more.. tempting. He is now in secondary 4, sixteen years of age and have a body reserved for the fitter group of guys.

It was one day when I made the ‘wrong’ step and it changed my life forever, into one I found it hard to get out of. He was home at 3pm after school and was wearing his PE attire, those absorbent dri-fit t-shirt and a decent pair of shorts. It was a habit to run after school in the park behind our house and he did it whenever school ended early.

As usual, I picked up his clothes from the laundry basket to air dry them before putting them back to get rid of the sweaty odour. Somehow, his shirt still smelled great, perhaps because he is my son. I took the shirt into the bathroom and shut the door, resisting the urge to do something dirty. I was after all the ideal mother in his eyes, but the door was there for a reason right?

That strong drive in me finally guided my hand (with his shirt) to my neck and I wiped it all over my chest, trying to smear his sweat on my body. After a while, I realised I needed something more, just my neck and chest wasn’t enough. Stripping my old yellow t-shirt and shorts off, his shirt was soon running over my body, driving me crazier when the moisture met my perspiring self.

Slowly, I brought the rigid cloth to my groin and ran them up and down my slit, pushing against my clit with the shirt. It was dirty anyway, and bound for the laundry after I had my fun. It was all good and quiet until something happened.

The two-panel door slid opened abruptly and Kai Wen stepped right in, staring at my slouching body on the toilet bowl. Tears almost burst out when I realised what nonsense was I into, but he merely walked up to me and hugged my head on his tummy, repeating the words ‘it’s okay mummy. It’s okay.’

I wasn’t sure if he understood what I was going through, and something else was distracting me too. His scent from his shorts that was right in front of my face. The towel in his hand told me that he was about to shower, but I had obviously delayed his plan.

Overwhelmed by the sight and smell of his shorts, I gave in to my animalistic instinct and tugged the waistband open, sliding my head downwards and taking his dick into my mouth. His initial response was to push me away, but my hand around his hips held me in place and the fight in him was growing weaker as well.

Then, he said something.

Kai: ‘Mummy, can we go to the bed?’

Immediately, I stopped my crazy acts and used his towel to cover my naked body, before letting him lead me to the queen sized bed in the master bedroom I slept in loneliness every night. He waited for me to sit at the edge before he dropped his shorts, where I wasted no time in grabbing his dick and giving it a few strokes.

Frankly speaking, his hand that went behind my head made me felt connected to my husband again as that was what he would do too. Slowly, my mouth went down on him and the skills I learnt suddenly came back to me, all of it. Wrapping my lips tightly around his girth, I flicked my tongue at his tip till I heard a groan from him. The tremble in his legs pushed me to the next step of devouring his cock and I sank my mouth as deep as I could reach.

And yes, his size. It was a little short of his father, but still tasted familiar. The oozing pre-cum helped lubricated the blowjob and my head was bobbing up and down faster. After five minutes, he lifted my chin up and kneeled before me. Putting his hands at my neck, he pulled my face to his and kissed me. Well, it was more of a peck than a make out.

Kai (whispering): ‘Mummy, I love you.’

Once again, tears almost flowed when I heard that. It was a calling to make this son of mine happy, despite being in a single parent family. I helped him up and shifted back to the bed, where I laid peacefully for him to do anything to me.

Kai: ‘Mummy, let me do the work now k? You’ve taken enough care of me.’

My knees were then spread and his head disappeared below my pussy. A kiss then went onto my clit before his tongue came and stroked over it, swiping up and down, brushing along my clit and love hole. I was helpless against my body’s wishes and held his head harder, making him lick me faster and in turn, stirring an orgasm awake. To think back, it was almost two years since I felt someone this intimate, let alone a tongue and a dick. The 7 inch dildo my husband left was all that kept my hormones appeased.

Kai: ‘Does it feel good?’

I dare not tell him yes it did with the amount of ‘wrong’ I felt, to let him attempt to replace his dad. I pulled his head in closer to my pussy to let him know how I felt and he continued licking for another few minutes. After that, I led him to lie on my body without putting it, bringing him close enough to catch a whiff of his familiar odour from his father. It was just too much to take for my lonely soul.

Me (whispering): ‘Do you know how to put it in?’
Kai: ‘I got watch porn. I know.’

He then kneeled at my groin area and poked his dick into my pussy, all the time my eyes closed to imagine it was someone else, someone who wasn’t around anymore. Slowly, his meat split my long unused tunnel and filled it with life, throbbing wildly in the small hole. A groan from him made me smile as I knew nothing much had changed. I could remember clearly how his dad always told me I was as tight as a virgin whenever we had sex.

Kai did not stay motionless for long after inserting into me and his body started slamming at my butt, sliding that thick cock swiftly. The occasional peeks at his face, showed me that he was doing fine and did not have the urge to cum yet. A sign of a healthy boy.

Soon, I was moaning louder as he laid on top of me, sucking my nipples while he thrust. We kissed more violently when we were connected and I was in tears of joy, smiling and moaning whenever he ‘tortured’ me by going super fast. It did not take long for me to cum with his speed and depth, spilling out juices that made a slurping sounds.

Kai: ‘Mummy, turn over for me?’

This wasn’t the best position for me and I knew he needed a change too. I rolled over and went on my fours, partly admitting I was his to command after his father. There just wasn’t any guilt doing this with him. In a way, I was having an affair with the only person I had to be accountable for. And he is doing a good job so far.

As soon as his dick plunged into my wet hole, my body jerked backwards unknowingly, the way that would drive his dad crazy. Cause when I did that, it seemed that I had control in the position that shouldn’t give me any. Kai’s hands around my waist was trying to slow me down but I wasn’t, cause I needed him to take over me soon.

A few thrusts later, he pinned me down on the bed and took over. He was pounding his dick hard at me and my pussy was losing control, squeezing him against my wishes. I didn’t want him to cum that soon, but nature made me this way, into a sex-starved slut who pounced on her son. My moans kept going out of my mouth and his dick felt bigger in the contracting space of my body.

Kai: ‘Mummy! You are too tight! I am going to cum!’
Me: ‘Shoot wherever you want.’
Kai: ‘Even in your mouth?’

I knew what he wanted when he asked. I let him go for a few more strokes before stopping him, and made him lie on the bed. Like a slow-mo movie, I was staring at his dick when he took his rest, chest and abs moving up and down as he panted. Well, it was time to finish the game for my beloved son. I laid on his abs and brought my mouth to his dick, sucking it with no hurry.

Increasing my speed to his breathing, his hands were on my head and pushing me lower. I worked my tongue to the best of my knowledge, causing him to hold me still instead. It was so pleasing to see him lose control especially when he wanted it most.

After a few more minutes of me driving him desperate, he got on his knees and positioned my mouth in front.

Kai: ‘Mummy, I’m cumming.’

His creamy, white load then gushed into my mouth and onto my tongue, spilling those virgin cum into his mother’s body. I let him finish before licking the tip of any leftovers, and swallowed in front of him. He pulled the blanket over me once I laid down and took his spot beside me.

Kai (whispering): ‘Mummy, will we be doing this often?’
Me: ‘Nope. Only when I want it. Like next morning?’
Kai (whispering): ‘Then how often will you want it?’
Me: ‘Don’t sound so sad can? I want it whenever you feel like it.’

We made out for a minute before collapsing on the pillows, turning in for the night where our new lives begin. I know it is a taboo to be fucking my own son, but as with every unusual form of sex or impulses, I do have my reasons and needs. He wasn’t just a horny pervert who asks all the time, and in a way, he grew more diligent and protective of me.

To date, we are still having sex even when he is attached. A mother and child’s bond is unbreakable no matter what happens. And I know that.

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