Mummy’s Girl and Daddy’s Boy

Lady: ‘I always see you here to pick up your son. What do you work as?’

Hemmen was at the school’s gate waiting for his 12 year old son when a woman whom he did not know the name of, but always greeted spoke to him. She was the mother of a girl in his son’s class, and she often wore those casual one piece dress that would stick closely to her body, revealing the type of panties and bra she wore under.

Hemmen: ‘I work in the F&B sector. So I don’t start so early.’
Lady: ‘I’m Annie. How do I address you? Always see you but don’t know your name yet.’
Hemmen: ‘I’m Hemmen. Nice to meet you.’

They waited till 1.05pm and saw their children walking towards them. Hemmen then introduced his son Aston and Annie told him his daughter’s name, Jenni. Hemmen was not used to cooking at him and would bring his son to the hawker behind the school to eat, before going home. That afternoon, Annie invited them to her place to have lunch since her husband left work earlier.

Having their kids in the same class gave them a lot of topics to talk about, from their teachers to their performances, and the subjects they covered. Hemmen was a 41 year old dad, just three years age difference from Annie, who gave birth early to her girl. After the meal, Annie brought the plates into the kitchen while Hemmen followed behind, offering his help to the hospitable lady. As he was washing the plates, she returned them to the rack above the sink, reaching upwards and letting him catch a glimpse of her slim figure.

Hemmen: ‘You work out often?’
Annie: ‘No lah. Where got time. Only work out with my husband. You also got a nice figure. For someone your age.’
Hemmen: ‘Huh? You call this nice.’

He stepped aside to let her wash the rest of the smaller bowls. He wanted to watch more of this hot mum from behind. Hemmen was just so close to feeling the firm body of this mum and he was losing control of himself. Suddenly, she felt his hands on her waist and he was leaning against her body, locking her between the kitchen sink and his strong build.

Hemmen (whispering): ‘You looked really hot for a mum.’

Annie wasn’t thinking straight too then and she had been eyeing him ever since she saw him at the gate. Little did she expect him to initiate and it took away her constant thoughts about going further with him.

Annie (whispering): ‘Not here. The kids are outside. Let’s go into the room.’

She packed the last of the dishes and went to the living room, telling Jenni that she would be in her room with Hemmen to fix her laptop. They went into the room and closed the door, and began stripping their clothes away. Like a lightning strike, the heat in the room got so intense so quickly that they were all over each other in no time, kissing and had their hands on each other to get ready.

Aston: ‘What is daddy doing?’
Jenni: ‘She says he is fixing her laptop.’
Aston: ‘Let’s go take a look? It’s so noisy inside.’
Jenni: ‘K.’

They went from the living to the master bedroom door that was slightly ajar, exposing them to two bodies ravishing each other. Annie was kneeling between Hemmen’s legs and sucking on his dick, and she was touching herself at the same time.

Aston (whispering): ‘I think they are having sex.’
Jenni: ‘Sex? Daddy is going to be angry.’
Aston (whispering): ‘Shhh! Watch.’

Aston was standing behind Jenni then and his body was almost leaning on her. Watching how Annie was working her mouth up and down his dad’s dick, he was getting hard and poking on the skirt of his friend.

Aston (whispering): ‘Your mum looks like she is enjoying.’
Jenni (whispering): ‘Yeah. But why?’

Aston’s hands then went around Jenni and he lifted her skirt up. She was too distracted with the ecstatic expression on her mum and did not bother with what was happening below her legs. Till she felt her shorts behind lowered, Aston’s bulge suddenly woke her up.

Jenni (whispering): ‘Why are you hard?’
Aston (whispering): ‘I don’t know too. Help me see?’

Jenni sat on the floor outside the door while he lowered his pants, where a piece of meat as hard as a rock appeared out of his underwear. Jenni took his dick and examined it, still bewildered by this strange reaction from guys.

Jenni: ‘Tsk, why you pull my shorts down?’
Aston: ‘To see if touching down there makes you feel good too?’

Jenni, still holding onto his rod, asked if he felt good and Aston nodded. She then got up and went back to watch her mum getting on top of Hemmen, and let Aston’s fingers go to her pussy. As Annie began riding, the primary 6 girl was squirming to the fingers exploring her tiny hole, feeling dizzy from the first dose of pleasure entering her body.

Jenni (whispering): ‘It does feel really good.’

Right then, she lost her grip on the wall next to the door and tumbled into the bedroom. The shocked parents stopped their adulterous act and went to their kids, where they saw their privates exposed.

Annie: ‘What are you doing?’
Jenni: ‘Mummy, I saw you having fun with uncle. So I tried it with Aston.’
Hemmen: ‘Shit. What should we do?’
Aston: ‘Can we try it too?’
Annie: ‘Jenni, you cannot tell your father k? If not we will be in trouble.’

Her little girl nodded and the four of them went into the bedroom. Annie and Hemmen went to the side of the queen size bed to continue their fun and Jenni and Aston took the other side.

Mimicking the position of ‘missionary’, Aston placed his dick at Jenni’s pussy and pushed his way in, at the same time Hemmen penetrated the MILF. Jenni let out a scream but Annie calmed her down, saying that a little pain will occur at the start. Surprisingly, Aston managed to deflower his classmate without much problems and he was thrusting as though it was intended by nature.

The two grown ups saw how fast their kids were learning and went on with their ‘work’, groaning and moaning to the high speed sex they were engaging in. The four of them changed to doggie after a while and things were going wilder in the room.

Jenni took up the cowgirl position on top of Aston and rode him with her gymnastic skills, making the small boy thrash around the bed in pleasure.

Annie (whispering): ‘Should we do it with them?’
Hemmen: ‘Do what? Sex?’
Annie: ‘Yeah. Your little boy looks cute.’
Hemmen: ‘Just like me huh? We can try.’

The children were then separated and Jenni was placed on the bed, while Hemmen took his position in missionary once again. Annie, mounted on top of Aston but did not sit fully down, waiting for the cue to do so.

Hemmen: ‘Ready?’

A nod came and the adults did their job. Jenni was sobbing to the pain but she knew it would go away soon. Hemmen’s huge dick sank into her tiny hole and he was about to go crazy from the penetration.

Jenni (holding her mum’s wrist): ‘Mummy.. it’s painful. But it feels super nice.’

Annie did not reply her but instead, whispered to Hemmen that his son was too big for his age. They then continued fucking each other’s kids and Annie was rubbing her clit while at it, clearly not getting enough from the underage boy.

Hemmen on the other hand, was pounding the tiny girl so hard she kept drifting in and out of consciousness, bombarded by the waves of orgasms she had not found a way to express them yet.

Hemmen: ‘Your girl.. I am about to cum!’
Annie: ‘Girl, your period started yet?’
Jenni: ‘No.. Not yet.’

Then, Aston suddenly jerked his hips upwards and sent his load into someone else’s mother, filling her up with the virgin load. Annie could feel the huge pile of cum inside but she was not worried, probably because he was too young to get her pregnant.

Hemmen went all out at her girl till he froze, and cum proceeded to overflow out of her vagina as he slowly picked up his pace to empty every drop. They paused in that position for almost three minutes before Hemmen and Annie got up.

They disappeared into the bathroom where they made sure they locked the door and went on to make noises as though they were having sex.

For Aston and Jenni, they were dead tired and did not move till their parents were back, dressing up and leaving the father and son pair to return home.

As for the rest of their schooling days, the four of them continued fucking their minds out and the occasional help they offered to pick up each other’s children opened the world of threesome sex to the young kids.

From here, the rest of the story will be left to your imagination. Thanks to a reader, ek, who supplied the storyline but I made a little twist to it. Hope you guys liked this story.

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