Raped by Some Guy

After a long wait for Evelyn to head to the shower room, Seth walked behind her eyeing on her cute, small butt in that high cut FBT shorts. It was a reckless plan he thought of when he saw her nude pictures emailed to him by her current boyfriend, on the request that he raped her and bring her ego down. It was no problem for him since she had been one of those sought-after girls who did not care about any guys that came from humble backgrounds, only hanging out with those rich and pretty friends.

Once she turned into the ladies, he waited for a while before entering. Locking the door and pulling down the full face mask he held ready in his hands, everything was in place for his evil plan. Evelyn did not notice that it was a guy who entered and Seth wasted no time as well, going behind her and dragging her by her hair into one of the shower cubicles.

His hand over her mouth suppressed the futile screams and a punch to her waist quietened her in a split second.

Seth (whispering): ‘You can either listen to me, or get your face punched up.’
Evelyn: ‘Okay okay.. what do you want?’

He did not want to expose himself by speaking and simply shoved her to the wall, where he placed her hands on it. Tugging her shorts down, the g-string she wore ripped easily with a strong pull and she was bare waist down in an instant.

Evelyn: ‘No, please don’t.. I’ll give you money.’
Seth (whispering): ‘I am not interested in money. You’ve been asking for it for a long time.’

Evelyn’s pleas went unheard as his zip went down, pants dropping loudly onto the dry shower floor. He lifted her by the waist and dropped her a few steps away from the wall in front, further pushing her chest perpendicular to her legs. He then took one of her arms and locked it behind, using it to keep her compliant for the rest of the session.

Giving his dick a spit, he rubbed his saliva over his rod and placed it at her pussy. A hard shove then sent it into her and sent her groaning in pain from the rough entry. Holding her waist with his other hand, he pounded her continuously while she was moaning loudly to get the attention of the passing students. Sadly for her, no one had walked past and she was being fucked by a fellow student with a mask on.

After a few minutes of standing doggie, Seth had enough of her less-than-ideal tightness. How disappointing was it when he did not get his kick out of fucking this hot JC girl. Requesting her to kneel on the floor, he moved her to the wall and placed her head against the tiles. Squatting just enough to position his dick at her mouth, he jabbed that meat lolli into her and used the wall as a support to stop her from moving, as well as to go as deep as he wanted.

Evelyn could not make a sound with his dick in her mouth and the forceful thrusts disabled her thoughts about giving him a bite. She was practically choking and Seth was enjoying the mouth fuck, being tighter and wetter. Going for as long as five minutes, the poor girl was turning pale from the lack of air and Seth knew she wasn’t going to help him cum with the current frightened mindset.

Seth: ‘If you want this to be over, suck me till I cum. I won’t force it on you.’

He made some space between his dick and her mouth and let her catch some air before she went down on him again. This time, a much cooperative girl used her tongue to tease his dick, while her lips stroked along his shaft with a hard press together.

This ‘rape’ had taken a unique turn when he felt how good she was with her mouth, working diligently on the swollen cock. Another few minutes passed before he felt her hardwork came to an end and he was cumming soon.

Seth: ‘I am going to shoot now. Take it all in your mouth. Keep going.’

Evelyn moved her mouth faster upon hearing that and kept swirling her tongue around his dick head. Expectedly or unexpectedly, Seth finally blew his load in her mouth and forced her head up and down to milk every drop of it. The last part took him a minute to recover from her powerful suction and he hurriedly wore his pants back.

Stepping out of the cubicle with his clothes straightened, he took his phone out and snapped a few photos of the girl still kneeling on the floor, with cum all over her lips when she tried to push them out.

Seth: ‘I’m done. See you soon. And don’t be so bitchy.’

He ran out of the toilet and left the place, leaving Evelyn in a dirtied state with cum dripping all over her body. Whatever happened after was none of his concern, only tasked to send the photos to her boyfriend once he did his job.

After that incident, Evelyn had became nicer to all her friends and wore longer clothes, partly to cover the bruises delivered by the unknown classmate. For her boyfriend, he went into bondage and those violent sex, often inviting Seth over to join in the fun when she was all tied up.

‘Emotional blackmail’ was the term to use and she was a victim, afraid to let her boyfriend know what happened in the toilet (despite him already knowing it) for the fear he would leave her.

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