Close Neighbours

Just as I entered the lift to head back home, a girl in a tight black dress squeezed through the closing door, stumbling into a corner before whispering ’12’. Clicking on the button for her, the lift doors closed and she stood quietly in the corner. From the reflection in the tiny window, I could see her glancing up and down.

Staying on the third floor, there wasn’t much chance for anything to happen. Bringing my sling bag to the front, I reached my hand in for the keys and took a step out before a strong pull brought me back into the lift.

Without any chance to see what was happening, she dodged my body hitting against the wall and wrapped her hands around my neck. Kissing my cheeks downwards to my neck, I could tell how horny she was from the way she pressed her boobs on me.

Girl: ‘Touch me. I want you inside me.’

Given how impatient she was, she just grabbed my hands and placed it between our bodies, fingers guiding me into the narrow space of her legs, where she used my hand to masturbate.


The lift reached her floor and I was dragged out of it, bag dangling at my elbow as she led me to the stairs. Cornering me into the stairwell, she lifted her dress up to reveal her panty-less pussy and I dropped my bag right beside me. Fingers diving into her clit, I found myself rubbing her while she was drunkenly lowering my shorts.

In under half a minute, my dick was in her palm, growing to the random strokes she was giving. As soon as juices started leaking out of her and onto her legs, she squatted down and slammed me hard against the wall.

Without hesitation, her lips went over my little head and sucked on it, licking upwards from the base and nibbling at the pee hole. Feeling my sensitive cock drift in and out of pain/ pleasure, it was undeniable that this curvy girl had everything a guy could dream of. A slim body with meat at the right spots, a face that looked so innocent I never imagined her to let a cock ruin her lipstick, and long brown hair that she ignored over her pretty face.

Once my dick was generously coated with her saliva, she got up and turned her back on me, dress hanging around her waist. Bending forward a little, she reached under her pussy to hold onto my dick, and easily slipped herself over it.

The wetness of her pussy was unbelievable. I could feel myself forcing some of her juices out as she leaned back onto me, numbing my mind with the pleasure of a tight cunt. Instinctively, I placed my hands at her waist and she moved us towards the steps. Bending lower to balance herself, her butt was slamming onto my dick, fucking me without me making a single move.

Soon, I was listening to the slurping sounds of our connected genitals and her moans, which was more of ‘Mmms’ echoing in the corridor.

Taking the chance when she was getting tired, I rammed my hips in the opposite direction and softened her knees immediately, landing lightly onto the small space of the concrete steps. Now in the actual doggie position, I pulled her body backwards as I thrust deep into her, shocking her into dangerously loud groans.

Girl: ‘Let me lie down. My knees.. ‘

I pulled out of her and she sat sideways on a step, holding my dick immediately after she spread her legs.

Girl: ‘Go all out on me. I’m on the pill.’

Sinking my dick back into her pussy, her arms went around my chest like lovers. Making out at the same time my pounding hips was satisfying her, those watery eyes in front of a purple colour contacts was most alluring I’ve seen in a long time.

Kneeling upright, I held her knees and placed them over my shoulders, as a resistance in case she slid down the edges of the step. This time, with her tightened pussy, I went all out at her, panting as I watched her fingers rub her clit so quickly.

Girl: ‘I’m gonna cum.. fuck me harder.. ‘

With that said, I pinched both her nipples hard and let my body finished off. The powerful wave of ejaculation shot through my body and into her pussy, filling her up quickly while she relaxed her legs to wrap around my hips.

Knowing she was almost there, I endured the sensitiveness of my cock and rammed the last few times into her. Finally, a jet of cum splashed at my belly and her body started shaking uncontrollably. Hugging her in my arms, I picked her up and stood against a wall, dick slipping out and feeling the warm juices flow down both of our legs.

Feeling her weight increase in my arms, I knew she was worn out beyond revival and let her sit while I fished out a packet of tissue from my bag.

Wiping her legs dry, I could see those white slimy lumps, mixed with her clear juices that gave off no odour.

Girl (speaking wearily): ‘Put your cock in my mouth. I’ll clean it for you.’

I stood over her legs and she gladly licked me clean, with a ball massage while at it. At last, we got what we wanted and she crawled up with support from me.

Girl: ‘You stay at the third floor?’

Still a little weak in her legs, she took out her lipstick and stretched my arm out. Scribbling her number for me, it was as clear as I needed it and she walked back to her unit, at the eleventh storey.

Taking the few seconds before she knocked on the door, I pulled her dress back to its original length and she gave a silly smile before I walked down the stairs to my place.

Once I had showered and ready for bed, a reply had been given to the Whatsapp message I sent her right after we separated.

CaiYun (WhatsApp): ‘I’m already missing your dick inside me. :x’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Can you masturbate for me before you sleep?’
CaiYun (WhatsApp): ‘Wait.’

Minutes passed like hours for me in the exhausted state and right before I fell asleep, a video came from her, where she used a vibrator to get herself off, moaning my name softly in the background.

Taking moments to calm my erection, we chatted for a while more on Whatsapp before she stopped replying, probably falling asleep with my dick in her mind.

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