Crazy Meets Kind

As Yun Ting walked out of her three room flat, she spotted a small cake box at the doorstep. Glancing left and right along the corridor, the silence had her wondering who was it from. Beneath the cover was a name, Jake, and a number, with a phrase ‘With Love’. Not knowing any friends going by that name, she placed the cake into the fridge and brought the piece of note out.

Supposedly, she was to meet her friends for shopping but the heavy rain quickly made the girls cancel the plan, leaving her at the void deck dressed in a tank top and tight bandage skirt. Tired of the last minute changes, she took the note and punched in the number of the mysterious person. Sending a ‘Hi’ through her Whatsapp, a reply came shortly after with him wondering who she was.

Yun Ting (Whatsapp): ‘You live around Ang Mo Kio too?’
Jake (Whatsapp): ‘How did you know?’
Yun Ting (Whatsapp): ‘Not many people know where I live. Wanna meet? I’m supposed to meet my friends but they cancelled.’
Jake (Whatsapp): ‘Which block?’

She gave him the details and surprisingly, he was staying just a few floors above her. Waiting for another five minutes, the lift door opened to a guy, in a buttoned top and jeans, looking suave in comparison to the usual bunch of friends whom always wore berms and t-shirts when out with her.

Jake: ‘Hi, you’re Ting?’
Yun Ting: ‘Yeah. Why did you leave a cake at my doorstep?
Jake: ‘Cake?’

The two of them spent some time figuring out what was happening, before she realised it was the first of April, a good day for her sisters to play a prank on her. He scrolled along the messages from his friends to check who was the most likely person and a good friend of Yun Ting came up to be the suspect.

Laughing at their unusual encounter, she excused herself to bring the cake down to him, and finished the heart-shaped cake. It was the first time she hung out with someone so mature and the level of manliness was never felt before.

Yun Ting: ‘Do you drink?’
Jake: ‘Nope. But I can drink with you if you want.’

Happy with his kind gesture, they made their way to a coffee shop nearby, opening bottles as they poured their hearts out about their different lifestyles. Jake was the quiet kind of guy with lots of self-discipline, fixed waking and sleeping time, with very normal hobbies like photography and gaming.

Yun Ting on the other hand, could be described as a complete opposite. Rough and easily agitated, she slept in the wee hours and would wake up at noon, clubbing and spending a lot of time at the arcade when she wasn’t working.

As the night turned dark, she was high from the three bottles she emptied but Jake was still sober, only half a bottle drunk.

Jake: ‘I’ll walk you home. I think we had enough for today.’

Helping her up, he carried her bag and wrapped his arm around her waist, in case she fell like how she almost slipped when standing up. Slowly, they made their way to the block and she was hanging onto his arm tightly, pressing her cleavage hard on his biceps.

Yun Ting: ‘Can I go to your place?’
Jake: ‘Huh? Is it alright? We just met today.’
Yun Ting: ‘Haha. You don’t look like a bad guy. I can’t go home like this too. I allow you to bring me home.’

Hesitantly, he led her into his room after taking her flats off and she just plopped onto his bed.

Yun Ting (whispering): ‘Come.’

Her arms went around his neck as he crawled near her and she immediately dived in for the kiss, making out with him confused about her uninhibited state. Tongues went quickly into each others’ mouths and he was letting her unbutton his top too.

Feeling turned on by her daringness, her top was pulled up to exposed her strapless tube bra, coming off easily above her head. For her skirt, she took it off herself along with her plain white cotton panties, revealing those smoothly waxed pussy to his roaming hands.

A while later, she was dozed off and gave Jake a break, to remove his jeans that she only undone the belt. Returning to the drowsy lady, he joined her under the blanket and placed his hand over her breast, squeezing them lightly before going for her nipple. Pinching and rolling, her hand moving to his groin told him that she was awake.

Holding very gently onto his manhood, pre-cum helped to lubricate her handjob, and he slid his fingers between her legs at the same time. Their actions soon got bigger and a finger was thrusting inside her, making juicy sounds as she moaned uncontrollably. What she felt wasn’t the same as masturbating herself, it was much more arousing and her body was under his full control. Twitching as he stroked the underside of her pussy, he had found her g-spot unknowingly and kept at it to get her body heated up.

Yun Ting (whispering): ‘Put it inside me?’

Flipping the blanket away, her outstretched legs opened naturally to his new position, the good o’ missionary. He carefully bent her knees and leaned closer to her, allowing her to hold his dick and guide it to the right spot. Feeling his tip pop into her opening, he gracefully slid his cock into the warm love hole, filling her void in one swift stroke.

Gasping at his size, her eyes opened wide, gazing deep into his soul as he rocked his hips back and forth. Time after time, her breath was taken away from the womb-deep penetration, never speeding up to get his own needs fulfilled.

Reaching for her own clit, she kept her pussy tight by rubbing in sync to his tempo, taking breaths through her parted jaws. At one time, she was so desperate to cum and bit her lips, but she could never brought herself to ruin the beautify sex he was giving.

Yun Ting: ‘Doggie?’
Jake (nodding): ‘Mmm.’

He backed away, giving her space to turn over on her knees. Arms straightened and holding her upper body in the air, her slim figure was in the limelight, giving him a visual stimulant of the girl he was pounding so ever swiftly.

Yun Ting: ‘Do you like me?’
Jake: ‘Yeah. How can I resist such a beautiful girl like you?’

Hearing that, a part of his graciousness transferred into her uptight character, melting her heart a little.

Yun Ting: ‘Cum inside me.’

A few seconds pause later, he replied ‘ok’ in the calmest manner. Hands clenching at her tiny waist, her long hair fell to the sides as he pounded her deep, but at a slow speed that let her felt his full length. The entry was agonising sweet, driving her crazy with the faster exit that almost slipped out of her body each time.

Jake: ‘Do you want me to go faster?’
Yun Ting: (moaning) ‘Yeah.. please.. ‘
Jake: ‘How will you ask for it?’
Yun Ting: ‘Tsk!’


Yun Ting: ‘Jake, please fuck me with all your might.. ‘
Jake: ‘You said it.’

Increasing his speed steadily, she let her hips lower to redirect his rod to be pounding ‘downwards’. Brushing across her g-spot mercilessly, her body went into a silent mode and her arms gave way, planting her cheeks on his pillow while he banged away.

Carrying some of the weight by her hip, he let her lie flat on her chest, before pumping her at his fastest. Strokes after strokes, waves of pleasure was filling up their heads without any restraints.

Her mouth, partly covered by his pillow, groaned out so loudly, just like him, who was going nuts with her pussy at an incredible tight space.

Jake (groaning): ‘I’m about to cum!’
Yun Ting (groaning): ‘Yeaaaaahh.. ‘

The unglamorous deep tone came as her g-spot went super sensitive, channeling a huge jolt into her arms where she lifted her chest off the bed with her head thrown backwards.

Huge loads of cum pumped into her tiny slit and it just kept coming without any signs of end. Ting’s mind was taken over by the mental image of his dick, throbbing wildly in her vagina that was forcing it out with an immense downward push.

Panting and twitching, their bodies took a while to calm down and Jake could feel his balls being so empty. As he opened her legs to pull himself out, she raised her ass as well and kept him inside for two seconds, finally relieved from the erection that almost took her life.

Turning to the side, she looked at him with a foxy smile, occasionally glancing down at his shrinking stick that had a drop of cum formed at the tip.

Yun Ting: ‘Let me taste you.’

He waded on his knees to her mouth and tucked another pillow under her head as she suckled on his dick. The elevation made things easier but it wasn’t needed for long cause she needed her rest as well.

Lying by her side, head on her arm, she lift his chin up for a kiss and confessed her love for him. In return, he whispered ‘I love you too’ before sliding down the bed, mouth going over her nipples that were still erected.

As night came, she sent a text to her parents that she won’t be home for the night. The two of them was about to begin their everlasting love bonded by never-stopping sex.

Credits to Jake for providing the plot to this wonderful love story.

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