Coffee ‘Creamer’

Just as I settled down in a cosy corner of StarBucks with my iPad, the sight of a shiny object under an occupied table got my attention. A lady in a blue floral dress, white columns lining the sides of her waist all the way to the hems, was seated opposite to my table. The tiny triangle peering through her neatly placed feet enlarged whenever she rocked her heels, and the glossy orbs reflected light in my direction.

Amidst my lecherous glances below her table, our eyes met once before I returned my gaze to my screen, now aware that she had caught me peeping. The movements of her legs only got bolder as she crossed one over the other, splitting the gap wider for a permanent line of sight.

The way she combed her long hair backwards, and the tilting of her head to expose her slender neckline, it was almost too clear to me as to what she was hinting. The narrow end of our tables were not the ideal spot to do any work in, so there were little disturbance to our privacy.

Me: ‘Do you mind if I join you? Since we are both going to be mostly working on our laptops.’
Lady: ‘Sure thing.’

I shifted my belongings to her round table and we sat opposite each other, without any more opportunities to watch her mysterious underwear. We were back to our work and sipping coffees, until I felt a kick under the table.

Lady: ‘Sorry! Was stretching.’
Me: ‘It’s alright.’
Lady (whispering): ‘So, did you see what I wore?’
Me: ‘Just something shiny?’
Lady: ‘Sharp eyes there.’

Her feet went to the middle of my heavy wooden chair and did a flick of her toes on my groin, bringing forth a whole new hint to our alone time. As I wore a pair of thin AirForce shorts for comfort, it provided a silky touch to her fidgeting feet. For her side, I slipped my foot out of my worn out slippers and placed it at the same spot on her chair.

Wriggling my way between her legs, a string of stiff pearls knocked against each other as I tugged on the elastic band (holding them together), watching her clench her fist in response. The greenhouse effect in our little corner had warded off other patrons, giving us all the freedom to shift our seats next to each other.

Facing the entry into the long walkway we sat at, she placed her feet on the empty chair in front, and I stayed seated firmly to let her knead my bulge. Her slightly ajar thighs permitted my hand to go between, and it didn’t take us too long to cross our arms. Her hand on my stretched waistband and mine under her dress.

Her eyes were glued to my screen where a story was in progress, stuck at the ‘concluding’ part of the passage. The pearly bits were pushed one side quickly and my fingers darted in and out of her, alternating with clit rubs while she moaned and jerked my erection. She leaned over to my keyboard with her free hand to type something, and the automatic backup did not cause any worry.


She pecked at my wireless keyboard with difficulty as I tickled her insides faster, forcing her to grab my cock harder. For her benefit, I clicked a ‘J’ alphabet to reply with my name and she was cool about my discretion.

Lynette (whispering): ‘J.. do you think we can do it here.’
Me: ‘Sex?!’
Lynette (whispering): ‘Shhh! You’ve got a condom?’

I reached for my wallet and took a Okomoto Crown rubber I packed for such emergency purposes, and she capped me on within another few strokes. The loud screech across the wooden floor gathered no attention given our distance from the main crowd, and she promptly sat on my lap with her dress in the way.

Very discretely, I lifted her clothes till the hard pearls touched my groin, and her hand quickly guided my cock into her. The brief moment of pleasure felt a few seconds long, but we knew it was only a couple. All it took us to get started was for her to slide her ass along my thighs, and I was slipping in and out of her pussy.

An overwhelming tightness was created with her knees stuck together, sending me into a frenzy as soon as she picked up her pace. Our hands never separated as she rocked faster and faster, listening to my disgruntled groans that I was barely holding in.

Me (whispering): ‘Are you always so tight?’
Lynette: ‘My ex says I have a body of a virgin.’
Me: ‘Agreed! (sighing loudly)’

I constantly worked on her clit as she did all the work, until a gentle shiver ended her robotic movements.

Me (panting): ‘I’m going to shoot if you keep going.. ‘
Lynette: ‘Don’t waste it in a condom.’
Me (panting): ‘Huh? Then where?’

She moved her ass a bit further back to let my dick pop out of her, before unrolling the condom in a gentle, upward pinch. Her fingertips touched me on my shaft a few times before holding me with her wet palm, reminding me about how wet she was.

A handjob sent me back to moaning for my life and it took her just a minute before I reached my limit. In her light but sensational grasp, I couldn’t believe a loose grip was the key to make me cum. She brought her cup of latte in front of her, out of my sight, and increased her speed.

I felt the steam from the coffee and the warm edge of the cup touch my cock, before she bent it downwards. Luckily for me, the coffee was just warm and not hot, considering how my balls were leaning on the side of the cup. My cum splashed into the latte and that was the only noise from us, until she brought it back to the table.

The brown, signature StarBucks serviettes were moistened with her cup of water and I used it to wipe myself clean. Returning my genitalia into my pair of comfy shorts, she stirred her coffee vigorously in front of me. Loud sips brought the content of the cup into her mouth and she was grinning at me the whole time.

Lynette: ‘Are you done with your work?’
Me: ‘Not yet.’
Lynette: ‘Let’s get back to work then.’

I brought us another round of cold drinks this time, finishing up my work while she packed her laptop before me. Leaving with good feelings and my number, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be at the right place, at the right time.

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