Leotard Under Lace

Chanel: ‘Please don’t make me wear this out.’
Roy: ‘I don’t care. Or do you want me to share your old photos online?’

The ex-model had once did a nude photoshoot and he managed to get hold of the photos, paying a high price to get them off the hands of the sleazy photographer. If not for her past experience in modelling, he would not have found out that she was so open to use sex toys in front of a camera.

She unrolled the black leotard up her chest and stuck her arms through, stretching out the Lycra to a smooth finish. A black, see-through lace dress then went over her head and the sense of insecurity immediately came with the flow of cool air through her clothes.

He wore a decent set of clothes and set off for the hawker centre near their place, serving up a delicious view of sexiness to the eating customers. No one she walked past failed to take a good look at her, spending most of the five seconds stare to decipher what she was really wearing. The low back cutting down to her waist, and the shiny gold zip along her B cups.

The cold plastic seat chilled her ass unnervingly, but she just ate her food embarressed. The extra fish balls and noodles the lecherous uncle gave her, was her sign of attraction. Roy too, received an equally huge amount, displaying a smirky grin throughout their breakfast.

Chanel: ‘Where are we going after this?’
Roy: ‘For a swim.’

Seriously? She had no say in his decisions after her photos were compromised, continuing their journey to the neighbourhood swimming pool nearby. As it was just ten in the morning of a weekday, the medium pool was empty except for a few kids playing at the shallower part.

While Roy had to remove two of his clothes (wearing his trunks underneath), Chanel just stripped her dress off. They settled in a corner of the near-empty pool and he just cuddled with her there, barely doing any activities related to swimming.

The zip holding up her B cups went down to her upper waist and he dug his way into the opening, caressing her breasts in view of the lifeguard a distance away. Chanel had felt his hard on in his trunks long before but did not initiate anything, since they were in public eyes. Roy had little concern for her decency after learning what she was capable of, guiding her hand into his pants while angling his legs to a forty five angle to get the water to his chest level.

The thin material of her leotard was pulled to one side at her groin, feeling his active fingers rub along her slit. The difference in texture between the chlorinated water and her juices were obvious, and he was giving off soft groans as she fondled his cock.

Roy: ‘Put my dick inside.’

She whipped his cock out of his trunks and poked it at her pussy, sitting down slowly on his erection. The moment it filled her tight vagina up, she then realised how sexy she was in the next-to-nude outfit he asked her to wear. The sex had taken the earlier awkwardness away, and she felt better when he started thrusting.

Little waves plopped against their bodies, and her nipples grew harder under the swimsuit. Chanel could not take the doggy sex anymore and turned around to face him, her love-hate partner. Climbing over his lap, Roy slipped his cock in again and let her do the rocking, riding his manhood into ecstacy.

The orgasms strangely did not come until she massaged her clit, and rewarded her self with one good one. In the meantime, Roy was getting all worked up from the increasing suction within her pussy, and he was just that close to cumming.

Roy (panting): ‘Let’s go underwater.’

He led the way by taking a deep breath and sank downwards with her. His hips then jerked in quick, short bursts of thrusts until he hugged her tight. She left his cock pop out under her vagina and cupped the tip with fingertips. All it took him was a few seconds before warm cum shot into the chemical laden waters, through her fingers that felt the full wrath of his intensity.

Chanel: ‘We didn’t bring any towels right?’
Roy (panting): ‘Yeah.’
Chanel: ‘Let’s sit there and wait to dry then. Shouldn’t take long with that kind of sun.’

She put his cock back into his trunks and kissed him twice, before climbing out of the pool. The unconventional couple sat there for a bit before wearing their clothes back, bodies dried to a crisp. Chanel had never felt any sexier then with eyes staring at her, partly knowing that her boyfriend didn’t contribute to her sense of security – she did it on her own.

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