Common Act

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Sherlyn and Mike finally reached home after the fondling started from the bus ride. As usual, they made their way into his room after entering and his parents were in their room. It was the first time she saw them turn in so early, but it’s their personal lives, so she did not give much thoughts.

Once in his room, he pinned her onto the bed and made out passionately. His bulge was eased from the restricting jeans and her dress was gone too. After he unhooked her bra, he reached into her panties and she opened her legs for his fingers. He continued to rub on her clit till she was wet and stuck his fingers inside for a furious thrust. As he went on relentlessly, she moaned as quietly as she could and her hands reached for his dick to jerk him off as well.

Then, faint noises was heard from his parents’ room and they were trying to keep quiet too. A few moments later, they heard his dad panting and the creaking of the old bed grew constant. It was awkward no doubt, but he did not let it hinder him too much. He pulled of Sherlyn’s panties and coated his tip with some strawberry lubricant. She opened her legs too for him, and he proceeded to get his relieve. His hips slapped lightly onto her pelvic, and the manicured fingernails dug into his back. They kissed whenever they slowed down for him and both their hands were all over each other.

Suddenly, loud pounding noises emitted from the room opposite theirs and her mum’s voice gained volume. She was screaming in ecstasy calling out his dad’s name and he was groaning in response too.

Mum (shouting): ‘You’re so big!’

The two teenagers went even faster and harder, before Mike decided to change to his favourite doggie style. She got on her fours on the bed and he rammed his enraged dick into her, before she grabbed the sheets around and sank her head into the pillow. Without realising, his parents’ room went quiet and they were the only one moving. He kept pumping until Sherlyn went into a daze and finally went blank from the orgasms.

Disappointed, he let her rest on the bed and slipped on his shorts to get a drink from the kitchen. His dad too, was there for a cold can of beer and they sat at the table while sharing his can.

Mike: ‘Mum’s asleep?’
Dad: ‘Yeah. Lynnie?’
Mike: ‘Same.’
Dad: ‘I haven’t even had my turn.’
Mike: ‘Me neither.’

Their heads shook in agreement and laughed as they discussed for the reasons. It seemed that a common gene in them caused the extra long delay which was actually good, but it lasted too long for their partners. Mike was exactly in his dad’s situation, and probably will remain the same even after marriage.

Mike: ‘Sherlyn is a deep sleeper like mum too. I think we can have breakfast tomorrow after they wake up.’
Dad: ‘I know mum is definitely asleep. I go check on Lynnie? Then maybe we can watch the new Batman DVD I got in Malaysia.’
Mike: ‘I’ll check on mum for you, just to be sure.’

He left the last bit of beer in the can for his dad and left the table. Entering into his parents room only to see his gorgeous mother lying on her side, soundly asleep. He walked beside her and pulled the blanket over, before nudging her arm. The blanket which was covering her was those thick types, and so, he lifted the part at her legs away, so the air conditioning could keep her cool too. As the sheets rose to her waist, he caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy, which was still wet. Carefully climbing onto the bed, he looked between his mum’s legs and used his fingers to explore her cave.

Dad walked to his son’s room, and peeped into where his wife was sleeping, just in time to see Mike fingering her and she bent her leg higher for the extra pleasure. Dad grinned and went into Mike’s room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Watching his teenage daughter-in-law sleeping on her chest, she was lying flat down with her legs opened. He too, carefully got on the bed and stretched his legs over her butt. Gently, he lifted her hips up and she mumbled something while asleep. Still coated with the strawberry flavoured lube, he knew it would be easy to enter.

Mike was done with his fingering, and sat over his mum’s straightened leg, from where he was, he made out his dad’s bulky figure on his bed where his girl was. And so, it would be a fair trade. Slowly, he pushed his dick into his mum and upon reaching the depths, even more juices got pushed out and it created a totally slippery sensation for him. Without so much a sound, he moved his dick in and out, careful not to slip and wake her up in pain.

Soon, his mum was moaning in pleasure with similar sounds from his girlfriend, and he knew the two women would be having a satisfying nap. He leaned over his mum’s body and cupped one of her breasts to suck on, while his dick was still moving. She wasn’t as tight as Sherlyn, but the feel was more of a matured pussy than a tight and untrained one. There was the occasional squeezes there weren’t too tight, and juices just kept flowing. Mike was moving swiftly until his body timer rang.

Dad had shoved his dick into Sherlyn and was pounding her from behind. Her pussy was way hotter than his wife’s due to the lack of juices, but it felt tighter the moment he was in. On and on, he rammed in and out of her, making her mind relax even further into slumber. The two guys fucked away on their inconvenient new partners and the urge to cum was arriving earlier than usual.

Mike groaned in his deep voice just as his dick sprang out from under her and he quickly went to her mouth from the side of the bed. He shoved his dick between her lips and used her mouth to continue the stimulation. Fucking deep down her throat, he only took seconds before he pulled out to the mushroom head and shot his cum. One of his hand was holding her head down and blocking her sight in case she looked up. But lucky for him, her mum was just awakened and could not make out whose ejaculate it was. It should be her husband’s.

She swallowed the load and continued sleeping after sucking him dry. Mike then covered her body with the blanket and left the room for his. He stood outside his room while listening to the activities happening. Dad was still pounding his girlfriend and he was groaning too. Perhaps he had missed the pleasure of fucking a young body. It showed how faithful he was and never cheated outside.

Dad was still grabbing her waist tightly in his hands, and shoving his dick into her pussy. The duration created a little pain for her, but it was nothing compared to how good she felt. He then flipped her to the side and raised one of her legs to his chest, while continued to fuck her. One leg in the air, one leg under his body. Her moans got louder until an extended hum came about and the guys knew she had her orgasm.

Dad then got off her and went to the side of the bed as well, using her mouth as a replacement and pushed in and out, but much shallower than how he did with his wife. Sherlyn’s tongue twirled around whatever meat that was inside and in no time, he froze his movements and gave her one last thrust. Gagging sounds came from her throat but she did not immediately push him away.

He spilled his cum along her throat while he pulled out slowly. Her mouth caught most of the creamy mess and she swallowed without opening her eyes. Dad used her mouth to clean up as well, and finally got dressed and exited.

On the couch was his son, on the brainless midnight news channel. They smiled and chatted throughout the latest Batman film. It had been a long time since they talked about a topic they were masters in – sex.

Mike: ‘You know.. Sherlyn had never swallowed for me.’
Dad: ‘Your mum too! But I think your girl will be doing it from you in future.’
Mike: ‘I bet mum will do it for you too.’

Mike had a better idea about what he meant, but he gave his dad a huge clue too. Whatever clues or hints, they knew what they meant and breakfast came before they could get any sleep. But mysteriously, they just had enough energy to enjoy a few rounds of sex after they got home.

What a secret to keep. Or did the girls knew what really happened but chose to keep mum?

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oh yeah… keeping it in the family!
i am anticipating a family orgy very soon ;)

wonder if they will invite their buddies too

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