See What You Say?

Frederick was under his block, talking on the phone with his girlfriend when he heard loud chatter coming. As his eyes kept watch around the neighbourhood, a pair of girls in their teens appeared and had tattoos over their exposed skin. His eyes fixated on them as he continued talking, and they too, returned glances at him until he was out of sight. After a while, they appeared again and Frederick quickly ended the call before they walked up to him.

The girls came up to him and one of them grabbed his hair and her other hand slapped on his cheeks.

Girl (shouting): ‘See what see? Never see ah lian before ah? You want me to call my boyfriend down?’

He shook his head and apologised profusely, knowing he was no match for them if they did call for help. She slammed his head onto the stone table and he quickly gathered his keys and phone.

Girl: ‘Come. Follow us.’

They pulled him to another corner under a block of flats and they placed him in a corner.

Girl: ‘You can call me bitch and her, asshole. Fucker, you’re not going to get away with this.’

Yes, their level of English was there. But definitely not their maturity. They spat at him and kicked randomly, though he blocked away most of it. Bitch then removed her bra under her dress and threw it at him, demanding that he took a whiff. Frederick wasn’t weak nor smaller than them, but the girls were fierce, and he never thought of hurting women. So since he wasn’t in pain, he did what they asked and hoped it would end.

Asshole was in a spag top and tiny skirt, and she removed her bra as well without concern about curious eyes and asked him to smell it the same. The bras did in fact smell great, as they had wore it for the whole day. His dick was growing reluctantly, with thoughts of their nipples just a thin fabric away. After she removed her bra, she took a quick peek around and took her panties from under her skirt too, pushing it up against his nose.

His dick was soon standing in his pants with all the teasing and the girls noticed it as well. They awkwardly tugged at his pants until it lowered to his thighs, exposing his dick to the strangers. At first, they were prepared to laugh at his size no matter how big it was, but when they saw it with their own eyes.. they were instead ashamed of their boyfriends.

Bitch: ‘Wah.. so hard ah? Did we turn you on?’

He stood up and one of the girls pointed her phone’s camera at him. Frederick had been playing along well, even with the camera pointing. Bitch who was wearing a dress, rolled it up as high as she could and proceeded to remove her panties.

Bitch: ‘Come, don’t be shy and put it on.’

Frederick couldn’t be more pleased to do that. He slipped it on and a tearing sound could be heard as it went pass his knees. The soft material was sticking very closely to him, hurting his erection. The two girls continued laughing while slapping and pushing him into the corner. Believing he could never raise a finger against them, they flipped up their clothes to expose their pussies to him, baring their chests as well.

Asshole: ‘How? You still dare to diao or not? Busybody.’

That was about it he guessed. Or was it just a beginning?

With both hands bearing a strong grasp, he held the two girls by their hair and shoved their heads together. Resulting in a loud fall to the ground and screams in pain. He picked up Asshole’s phone which was still recording and aimed it at them. Still holding Bitch’s hair, her pussy was exposed as she sat on the floor.

Frederick: ‘You girls wanted to play right?’

He placed the phone on a nearby metal bench angled at them and went back to the girls. He took their undergarments and ripped them easily into pieces. He tore their clothes up too, but not to an extend they had to go home naked. Still grinning with confidence, he held Bitch up by her hair and pushed his dick against her face.

Frederick: ‘You know what to do? Open up!’

He spoke into her ears and she did in fear. Her head was forced towards his dick and he was thrusting in and out of her, disregarding any pain or tears. As she began choking after a while, he was figured she had enough and flung her into a corner. He went over to the crying Asshole and lifted her up. He raised her dress to her chest and pushed her chest forward, till she was about 45 degrees, with her ass sticking out for him.

Without warning, he rammed his dry dick into her pussy and the size almost knocked her out. He made sure to go as deep as he could and began pumping as soon as he was in. At the start, it was extra hot and dry with the friction, but as he went on, her pussy complied and juices made their unprotected sex more comfortable. Bitch could only watched in fear as her best friend was fucked mindless. As much as she wanted to rescue her, the fact that she was moaning without restrain confused Bitch.

Frederick: ‘You want to run away now? Or wait for your turn?’

No way she would leave her friend, so she gathered whatever clothes she could get. And that exact moment she tried to make a dash for the phone, he presented her with a hard slap and held onto her hair again, this time forcing her to face her friend’s butt getting pounded. With a shove of his hip, he got Asshole away from his dick and brought Bitch to her feet. He hugged her from the front and raised her two legs over his arms like playing with a rag doll.

Using the flawlessly painted walls for support, he managed to enter her pussy after a few tries and Bitch moaned the instant he was inside. The sheer size had breached her limits and it felt better than her own guy, pushing out whatever spaces in her pussy. Her head rested on his shoulders in weakness while he pounded away, filling her up one stroke at a time.

Frederick knew Bitch was way tighter than Asshole, and it would not take him long to cum. After a spat of vigorous thrusts, he pushed her off him and she landed on her butt against the floor. She couldn’t resist and only cringed in pain with Asshole by her side. They crawled to each other and hugged as Frederick went to take the phone. Still in recording mode, he held the phone in one hand and took Asshole’s mouth to use.

Frederick: ‘This time, you move. Don’t think of getting away with this.’

She got on her knees quickly and sucked him off. Bitch did not leave her friend in the lurch and joined in as well, massaging his balls and stroking along the length her best friend’s mouth could not reach. They managed to take a shift each and Bitch put all her knowledge of giving a blowjob to use. Minutes later, he nudged them away and stroked himself until the enraged pool of semen attacked. Their faces, clothes, exposed breasts, legs were covered in his amazing load and he was finally done.

Frederick (panting): ‘Now, do you have anything to say to your boyfriends? Say it in front of the camera.’

Bitch cried harder and apologised, begging him to let them go and she would never tell this to anyone. Asshole on the other hand, was sobbing throughout her chance to speak. Frederick’s contented expression wore off and sympathy kicked in. He stopped the video and went to the table to dress up. Picking up all his belongings, he then went back to them and patted their shoulders.

The two girls stopped crying after he was out of sight and quickly recovered before making a run for their houses. Asshole had lost her phone, and luckily for them, no one spotted their tattered state. But it did not take long before a video reached Bitch’s phone, reminding them that he had something on them.

Fucked by their own foolish act, they had no choice but to agree with every demand of him. To date, the three of them were still meeting, and deep down inside, they were secretly enjoying his larger-than-average manhood despite the misery.

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nice ond Frederick… was hoping he would fuck the bitch in her pussy and asshole in … hehehe her ass…

I personally haven’t tried anal. So I try to keep away from describing how it felt like. Yeah. Although I’m not a female but write many female POV stories. :D

i won’t call myself an anal connoisseur, but i do enjoy giving it, not that i’m perverse or anything but i do find that if anal sex is done properly, it can be so differently sexually satisfying. and i’m the sort that loves to give and enjoys watching the girl have a good time soaking the sheets. for me, that’s more than half of my sexual satisfaction knowing that i’ve made her feel good that day ;)

and with the fragile veil of the internet… i will admit that there have been times when i do enjoy a good fingering and toy insertion from part time lovers – not in SG, but overseas. it sounds “gay” but trust me… when you have a small toy or finger in your ass being played by a chick while you’re banging her partner… ITS A MIND BLOWING ORGASM!! but that’s another story.

back on track here…

one of the most important things is of course for your partner to be very comfortable with you sexually… and endless foreplay never hurts.

lick her… finger her (gently) and get her gushing wet.
once she is absolutely lubed up… after cleaning her throughly, do not be afraid to lick her ass… physiologically the human body has a lot of nerve endings at the anus and a good licking and ass-reaming is actually a turn on. so lick her good in the butt hole and after she is comfortable with your tongue there… NO NOT THE FINGER YET!!! gently poke your tongue into her butt… if this is her first time, she may feel a little weirded out as her anus stretches a little from the wrong side. but go slow and gently… if done right, she will still stay turned on and her love juices will continue flowing, continue poking her back door with your tongue.

you could use toys, but i’ve never had toys before and i personally feel that with your fingers, it’s a “closer” feeling. only make sure that your nails and skin around your fingers are trimmed and do not cause her pain.

as you feel her easing up, slowly finger her vagina to continue getting her juices flowing as well as to lubricate your finger. depending on your position if your partner is laying on her back or doggy or which ever way, if possible, it is always good to first, with a very lubricated little finger to start very slow insertion into her asshole.

DO NOT move too vigorously!

place it at her entrance, and just wriggle slowly… she will move around too and allow her to slowly work herself onto your finger. as the pinky is small, it should fit in easily and once in, and well lubed from either her love potion from her vagina or your saliva, very slowly move it in and out… the new sensation for her will make her squirm.

once she gets comfortable with something in her back door – you can tell as the lubrication will make her butt hole feel loose and relaxed with your little finger in there… get one more finger lubed with her love juice and repeat the slow wriggling into her butt.

as another finger will feel a little larger… same thing, go slow until you feel her relaxed and eased up on your finger.

this is now where it gets a little tricky.
you want to be able to stretch and relax her anal muscles slightly more so you have to have 2 fingers in her back door. if she does not have enough lubrication, you may need to supplement with your spit or maybe KY.

get your 2 fingers in a twisted position, and DO NOT push in. very slowly, twist your fingers at her anal entrance and gently twist and allow her to ease herself back on to your fingers. it may take more than a couple of minutes, but slowly… very slowly work and twist your fingers in gently. avoid any in and out motions, but twist… twist… twist… and once in fully, ensuring lots of lubrication – her pussy juices, your saliva or KY, continue your gentle and very slow twisting motions to allow her to get used to the stretched feeling. still keeping your fingers in a twisted configuration.

once again you can tell when she is relaxed with enough lube and gentle fingering. NO she is not ready for in and out motion yet, she will still require that little more stretching, so very slowly, get your 2 fingers out of the twist and get them side by side slowly, this way very slowly increasing the width of insertion. as she relaxes, please ensure she is well lubed as the anus is not self lubricating like her vagina.

once you feel her get used to the stretch, very, very, very slowly, once again ensuring enough lube, move in and out slowly, paying close attention to her reaction, in case of pain, if she does hurt at any point, DO NOT suddenly retract, allow her to let you know when she is ready for retraction or further penetration.

once she is fully comfortable with 2 fingers, very slowly while your 2 fingers are in her ass… try to slide a 3rd finger in

with this, you will not be able to penetrate her back door until your knuckles unlike with your pinky alone or 2 fingers, but that’s ok, you do not want to do that, as it will hurt her, you just need 3 finger to stretch her that little bit more…

do ask her to let you know when she does feel good as with 3 fingers, you will not be able to really feel her muscle contractions there unless she is already enjoying herself and pressing herself onto your 3 fingers.

if possible, try not to remove your fingers from her ass while you lube up your penis… get your dick nicely coated with a generous but not over dripping coat of KY, if possible do use a rubber as it is a little more bacteria laced then her sweet pussy. and also, if you decide later to go from anal to vaginal sex, you can just strip off your rubber.

so now you’re armoured and lubed up. get your dick close to her ass with your fingers still in place. place your cock head right at her bung hole entrance with your fingers still there and as you pull your fingers out ONE BY ONE, get your head right at her asshole entrance… DO NOT force yourself in, as she is already a little stretched and lubed, she may feel a little sensitive there especially if it’s her first time.

your dick head is squeezable, so press against her butt hole slowly and let your blood flow back and reduce your head size and allow her anus to wrap around your dick head, once your head is in, just hold still and allow her to get used to your rod knocking at her back door, despite all the stretching earlier, any sudden movements can still cause her pain so let her get used to it first, and ask her to either let you know when she is ready, or to adjust herself slowly.

once she moves herself or you moving in slowly, you may or may not feel a 2nd resistance inside her back door. that would be her rectum, think of it as her cervix if you would.

once you manage to get yourself fully penetrated, it will be a strange feeling for her if she was an anal virgin, so do not move yet, allow her a few minutes to relax her muscles over your girth and once she is ok with your cock in her ass, then you move slowly…

if you are using KY, because it is water based, it may slowly dry up, so do look out for that and don’t just enjoy yourself while causing her ass burn.. hehe.

if taking her in either missionary anal or doggy anal, do remember not to neglect her sweet pussy and probably aching clitoris, give her a good gentle rubbing on her clit while you are analizing her to ensure that she gets the full sensation

once done, depending on how she is feeling, you may either pull out slowly or allow your erection to go down before pulling out.

remove rubber and dispose immediately, you do not want any thing left in your bed… it could also be a good idea to line your bed with a thick towel in case anything unwanted comes out.

if done properly, it really can be very sexually satisfying for the girl as well

once she get’s used to anal sex alone, you may want to consider using a small vibrator / egg in her sweet honey pot right at her g-spot while you love her anally :)

This is indeed a very informative. I personally has tried to finger myself and it does feel good. I have sometimes suggested to try touching the girl’s anus but often met with resistance. I will definitely give this a try, or at best, slip a condom over my pinky and do it?

it does seem odd, but does feel good doesn’t it? haha

for starters you could try tonguing her there…
because it’s not your finger, it may not seem to “intrusive” and yes, a condom on the finger is not a bad idea :)

hope you get what you desire ;)

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