One Job

Paul (SMS): ‘Hey babe. Your boss still around?’

Hannah (SMS): ‘Yeah. But come over! I know of another secret spot.’

He texted her after a few minutes, since he was already under her block of offices. Taking the lift up to the highest floor, he stood outside the common bathrooms and waited for her to appear. Hannah took a while to break away from her work, citing lunch as the excuse and met her boyfriend.

Hannah (whispering): ‘Follow me.’

She walked into the emergency exit, which linked the flight stairs together, and went to the last flight of steps, meaninglessly constructed since the roof access was only accessible through the storage area that was locked.

Paul was delighted at the privacy and the cleanliness. It would be a common fuck spot for other hungry staff too. She quickly removed her panties under her floral knee length dress and placed it into his sling bag. At the same time, he was also undoing his pants, but only removing enough for the quickie.

Following their usual procedures, she squatted down and he took his place against the wall. Helping her to hold her waist length hair in place, she worked on his dick with a blowjob for appetiser. Hannah kept her mouth opened and kept her tongue at the bottom jaws. He held her head and guided himself in, and pulled her mouth towards himself, letting the momentum generate a feel as good as sex. She had been used to the deep throating and that was why she could do her job well.

Paul’s mind was engaged in the right mood after he finished using her mouth, and turned her around to lean against his body. They moved towards a horizontal rail and he lifted one of her legs onto it. Sliding his hand under her dress, his fingers attacked her dry spot and fondled her clit till she was slightly wetter. He then took a taste of her precious liquid and then replaced his fingers at her pussy, better lubricated with his saliva.

Hannah threw her head backwards onto his shoulders the moment his fingertips entered and she breathed faster from the fast and deep fingering. In no time, droplets were hitting the floor and he knew it was time.

She stood in front of the railing with her hands on it, and opened her legs a little wider. She waited for him, who was putting on the rubber protection to be done. Out of nowhere, his hand stretched to her and held a tiny black bottle.

Paul: ‘Take a breath.’

She opened the bottle and took one like he said. Almost instantaneously, her heart beat increased in its pace and a rush of heat pumped through her. With the bottle still in front of her, she felt a sense of relaxation in her vagina and the drops of clear juices went faster into the floor. The sounds of the plastic wrapper came and she knew he was done. He took it from her and she waited impatiently, as the hot sensation slowly went away. But still, her pussy remained hot.

His dick pierced into her delicate twin slices and it went all the way without stopping. That was something he did not do, because she would feel a little pain, not this time though. He took a few deep breaths from the same bottle, before replacing the cap.

His hands then went onto her waist below her dress and he began moving. In and out he went, flooding her senses with a bombardment of emotions and pleasure. It felt more intense than before, but they were actually doing what they always had been doing. It must be the magic from the bottle. She pushed her vaginal walls towards his dick and it made him went even faster. The loud slapping noises of their bodies were echoing around but the stairs were quiet. As he kept going, Hannah kept cumming. It took less time for her to climax and she preferred it that way.

Moans escaped her mouth from his extended sex-ssion and he was groaning as well, never before he did that. The tightness returned after the effects wore off and it felt crazy for the both of them. Her body was hitting against the railings and he just kept going. The bottle appeared again and she took it from him, knowing that she needed it. As she breathed, he exited her and removed the condom.

Hannah: ‘You’re done?’

Paul: ‘Nope!’

He smiled and she turned away from him. She knew he would never put it inside her if there was no protection, but no matter what, she did not mind masturbating herself after smelling it. After she was done with the bottle, she returned it and was ready to finger herself. But Paul did not allowed that.

She felt him holding her butt cheeks apart and a warm glob of saliva hit her anus. He then aimed his dick at the opening and pushed hard. She had told him countless times she hated it, partially due to the pain and the weirdness of the smell, instead, this time, her mind was too clouded to think proper. His entry was in fact painless, and she found herself relaxing despite the discomfort.

It took longer than normal for him to get in, but it felt differently good. She could feel him better too, without the annoying piece of rubber no one enjoyed except for the worry. She pushed herself backwards onto him as he picked up speed, and he was actually stopping more often from the rush to cum. The two of them were struggling to cope with the new methods and time was running out.

Hannah: ‘I’m.. going.. to be.. late.’

He resumed his pounding after the final pause and kept going. The bottle remained in her hands and against her nose to negate the pain if she did not have it. Finally, he reached his top speed that was even faster when he was in her pussy, and she grabbed the railings tighter, while trying to figure out the new orgasm she expected. With one final thrust, his full length pushed deep into the untouched tunnel and her hands slipped.

Spasm shot through her body and her fingers were paralysed. He managed to hold her up and as the cum poured into her ass, her body was jerking uncontrollably. They fell onto the floor with him still inside and he gave her a few more thrusts to savour their first anal sex in public. Her body kept going with the strokes and she fell to the side after he pulled out. He took the panties from his bag and put it on for her, giving her a break.

He wrapped a piece of wet tissue around his flaccid dick and wore his pants back, ready to wash up properly in the toilet. She lay exhausted on the floor while the cum was seeping out of her ass and onto the cotton underwear. Hannah picked herself up and left the stairs, walking with her feet wider until she had to appear normal back in the lift landing. Her boyfriend disappeared into the toilet and she went back to the office.

Her pussy had continued to leak juices during her work and her mind was fixated on the extraordinary anal orgasms. Looks like Paul will be enjoying a brand new hole, without the need for condom, and the safety of not getting his girlfriend pregnant.

Would it be addictive to you too?

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