Thomas reported for work at the office at Raffles as usual, and the area was quieter than usual, but nothing that he had no seen before. Firing up his iPad and checking the company-issued email address, he clicked on the only unread mail he received.

From: Hitomi
Subject: Assistance for an Investment Policy
Message: Hi, I am Shiri, from a neighbouring country but residing in Singapore. I am interested to buy a policy from you and would love to hear from you as soon as possible. I will be furnishing you with details as soon as we meet up at a place of your convenience. 9327XXX

He did not waste anymore time and quickly called the number. A mature woman’s voice answered after a long thirty seconds and they planned to meet somewhere around her area. He hurried to that appointment, the smile he had on his face did not go away even in the taxi.

Hitomi: ‘Hi. You must be Thomas. I got your email from a representative from your company. So I contacted you.’

The formalities wore off and they discussed the details. The lady had been very receptive on one of the higher commission policies he offered, and when the part of the amount to be invested came about, he got a shock.

Thomas: ‘2.5 million. You are very sure?’

Hitomi: ‘Yes. If the deal is put through, you will get a separate share as well.’

The separate share wasn’t his concern, since he knew he would not accept that due to bribery risk, but the amount was simply too huge to be true. They made their way to a printing shop and they sealed the contract. Of course, the two of them ran around quite a lot to quickly put the contract through and with Thomas’ good relations with one of the approver, he skipped the queue and the amount was transferred to a legal account. No one questioned too much about the money, since it was business, and no matter how well to do someone was, more money were always welcomed.

A formal contract was issued and the evening was spent over a dinner at one of the hotel’s fine dining restaurant.

Hitomi: ‘You know, the sum of money that I left with your company, is actually what I was paid to do. To put the money into somewhere safe. And since you are the person whom I will be contacting, with regards to the policy, it makes us partners in some way. My boss, had paid me an additional half a million in remuneration to keep a close watch on the money, and now, you are the person I have to rely on to do that.’

Thomas: ‘I understand. I will keep in touch with you.’

Hitomi: ‘Hehe. I am glad to hear that. I would love to get in touch with you too – all the time.’

She quoted ‘in touch’ with a gesture on her fingers. And presented a key to one of the rooms in that very hotel. He was a little shocked, but he knew his job would put him in such situations, which would then be up to him to practice goodwill and after-sales service. He took the key from her hand and gobbled the meal up quickly.

Hitomi was in fact very good looking. She was only 28, but had knowledge about financing usually reserved for investors and banking professionals. In short, she was hired to manage that specific amount of money and had residential room in the hotel.

Hitomi: ‘It’s getting late. Shall we?’

She paid for dinner and held her arms under his as they made their way up to the room.

Hitomi (whispering): ‘There will be larger sums of money coming in, and I will need all your help. Can you just be focusing on me?’

In his mind, he was thinking why not? Since the commission he was drawing would sustain him, and more businesses would mean he would be dependent on her for his living too.

Once inside the room, she let the straps of her flowing dress drop and he was presented with a body of a 20 year old, in better shape than his female peers to be exact. Knowing what he was required to do, he stripped to nothing as well and climbed into bed with her. Like a pro, she placed him on the bed and took a mouthful of the Vodka sitting by the bed. She went down on him and immediately he gasped in pleasure. Her mouth was warm, and cold, thanks to the high alcohol content.

With a sense of hardworking-ness, she sucked him at a steady pace and circled her tongue around the length of his dick, slowly, the drink went down her throat and a slippery blowjob took over. Feeling like a king, he relaxed himself as the girl older than him by four years, kept going. At the corner of his droopy eye lids, he watched her hand glide down her chest and tummy, until she began moaning while working on him, fingering herself.

Thomas: ‘Can I watch you masturbate?’

She smiled shyly as it was the first time she heard such a request, and removed her mouth, leaning backwards on bed. Her legs opened and he was treated to a view as good as the F1 race, focusing his attention on her fingers which were going in and out of her pussy, with such pinkness and freshness.

Hitomi: ‘You know, I only had sex once.’

That turned him on even more and a twitch flicked his dick. She drove herself to an orgasm that showed him a small wave of juices which flowed over her fingers onto the bedsheets. He got what he wished and it was his turn to enjoy. He traded places with her, but she lay on the pillow instead. Aiming his dick at her opening, he raised her legs to his shoulders and pushed his way in, greeted warmly from the tightness and contentment. He was feeling so fortunate to be providing this sort of services while doing his job, and this lady in front of him was no slut.

As his hips began to plunge towards her ass, his dick was being choked. Hitomi moaned louder as his dick went fiercely into her, forcing the second orgasm of the night into her and while the juices were flowing, he kept going, resulting in more orgasms. As he showed no signs of tiredness, she begged for him to stop but he continued, knowing she did not mean what she said.

With that sense of eagerness, he did not last longer than he usually did and pulled out. He propped himself up on his knees and Hitomi crawled quickly to him and sucked him while in doggie.

Hitomi: ‘You can use my mouth. Hurry.’

He rammed his dick into her mouth and she remained as still as she could. It was somewhat like sex in doggie, just that she was in a reverse position. In no time, her suction made him weak and moaned as the strong spray of cum hit her throat. His lower body collapsed and he fell on his butt, out of her mouth and the remaining waves of cum dribbled out onto the sheets.

She went down with him, and thoroughly licked him clean and even sucked his meat tube of the cum that might not be good for his body too. Thomas shivered cutely as the sensitivity fought with the clean up. Finally, she was done and wiped her mouth.

Hitomi: ‘Finger licking good.’

They smiled together and cuddled for a while, before she went to shower. How lucky can he get? That night, she told him that she would be sticking with him, and would be happy to meet him anytime he needed, or wanted. Since her job was done, entrusting the money to him, he was basically her new boss. Without saying, she exhausted him out in just two hours of sex and he snored loudly beside her.

*Phone ringing..*

Man: ‘Hello? Hitomi?’

Hitomi: ‘Yes boss. I did what you told me to. His name is Thomas with XXX company, and I will be following him from now on. Thank you for taking care of me.’

Following that, money continued to flow in seemingly from a legitimate source and he carried on helping her to put the money to use. Enjoying her services that was delivered to him whenever he asked. What a way to keep tabs, but I guess that was possible, given the more important underlying tasks she had.

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