Negligent Discharge

Desmond: ‘Come on, let’s try it.’
Jaslin: ‘Okay okay, but I do it my pace can?’

She sat with her legs crossed at the top most floor of her flat and her boyfriend of 22 years old stood with his feet at the sides of her thighs, with his pants lowered. His 14 year old girlfriend was too young to have sex with, but definitely old enough to give him a blowjob, so as he thought.

As she opened her mouth, he adjusted his hips closer and placed the tip at her lips. Jaslin kept her teeth as wide as she could and went on to suck him, sealing her lips tightly around his circumference as she moved her head. With the control in her hands, she took her time to tease his dick with her tongue, circling around the tip and began to take him deeper into her mouth. It was such a sight for him to watch his underage girlfriend blowing him in her school uniform working diligently to satisfy him instead of having sex.

After a while, Desmond could not feel anymore excitement with her mouth as her variation did not differ much. He had other plans instead to do it his own way. Since he had girlfriends who could do better, he knew what he could do to improve the feel.

Desmond: ‘Jas, just keep your mouth open? But try to keep your tongue pressing upwards.’

Why not? She would have an easier job without having to maintain the suction. So she did as he asked, and once her tongue was felt against his skin, he moved his hips forth and back, sliding smoothly in and out without going too deep. He had to take care not to make her fear sucking him, cause he would need it a lot too. Slowly, his eyes closed as the pleasure began building up and he unknowingly went faster. Jaslin was ecstatic to see how well she was doing to pleasure him.

Going in this monotonous motion, his urge to cum took its time and he knew it wasn’t going to be intense enough to give him a strong orgasm. He went for a while more, and pulled out of her after she was told.

Jaslin: ‘Are you going to cum?’
Desmond: ‘Not yet. Something doesn’t feel right.’
Jaslin: ‘Huh? What you want me to do with my tongue?’

He reached out his hand and got her on her feet. He faced her towards the wall and made her stuck her butt out.

Jaslin: ‘No sex k!’
Desmond: ‘I know I know. I’m not going to put it inside, just under.’
Jaslin: ‘Under? How?’

He lifted her decent length skirt up and removed her FBTs with her underwear. Her underwear smelled so heavenly as he took a quick sniff. Still holding onto her Care Bear designed panties, he placed her legs close together and spat some saliva over his own dick.

Arching himself backwards, he stuffed his dick between her thighs under her pussy and went in and out. Jaslin was about to burst out laughing from the tickling sensation, but as he kept going, the tip of his penis would brush across her clit and turned her on. He was so close to her pussy, but it felt great. Jaslin knew it was as close to sex as she would allow. She squeezed her thighs together harder and Desmond kept thrusting.

Desmond was also monitoring her body response, which she had been pushing her hips backwards so he would ram her hard. Her moans echoed around the small corner and he knew she was really high from the non-penetrating sex. His hands peeled open her ass and he was glad her butt looked so smooth and clean. It was even emitting a feminine scent.

Desmond: ‘Can try putting it inside?’

Unable to think straight, she agreed and he did not asked again. He knew her pussy was wet and so he pulled slightly out and directed it into her slit. As it separated her folds of delicate skin, her feet widened but her boyfriend kept them not wider than shoulder-width. He began by dipping his head in and out at the entrance and with each dip, he went in a little more.

It did not take long before half his length was inside, and Jaslin’s body was yearning for more. Going deeper, he soon reached into the deepest soft spot of her insides and was going faster and faster. It definitely felt good to deflower someone so young and owned her for this moment. Jaslin wasn’t aware as well, but her body was screaming silently in pleasure.

As they transited into full fledged sex, he was grabbing her waist so tightly and banging her hard. Her pussy was feeling every area of his shaft, grinding the uneven surface along her vaginal walls. About three minutes later, her knees gave way and she stumbled onto the floor, with Desmond still inside her. Her first sexual orgasm greeted her and it simply felt too much beyond words can describe. Her palms stayed glued to the ground as weakness overwhelmed her young body.

Her arms could barely support her body and she lowered her elbows to the floor as well. Desmond knew she had reached her limit and going further might not be a good idea. So, very carefully, he pulled out of her to savour the last few seconds of being inside, but stopped right at the entrance as she stretched her arm backwards towards him.

Jaslin: ‘Don’t stop. Keep going no matter what. I want to help you shoot.’

A grateful smile appeared on his face, although she could not see. He held her waist lightly this time, and began doggying her. The sounds of their bodies hitting against each other could be heard behind her soft, purr-like moans. The whole feel of the intercourse had changed from a impromptu one to a sensual one, with him filling her up with each thrust. She had never felt so light before, with all her stress disappearing.

The building eagerness to a climax was going at a same rate for both of them. And right after Jaslin received her second orgasm, she immediately felt Desmond’s tiredness.

Jaslin: ‘Can I try being on top of you?’
Desmond: ‘How you want to do it?’
Jaslin: ‘Come.’

Their bodies separated and he sat at the top most step of the stairs. She climbed over him and sat over his rod, with some trouble as her skirt was in the way. Now, she was on top, and she hugged her dear boy with arms around his neck. Their hips resumed grinding and his dick was going as deep as the doggie style, but she was squeezing her privates this time. His hands automatically reached under her shirt and massaged her boobs as she did the work.

Desmond: ‘Keep going. I’m going to cum soon.’

Not sure if she heard it, but she was going at her own pace coupled with the self-taught squeezing, he was going to reach a climax with her. They kept going intensely, but it wasn’t at a crazy speed. Their genitals were making the full trips connected to each other.

Suddenly, he hugged her tighter and she began bouncing, negating the pain on his thighs with the climax coming. He held her waist down as he felt her pussy tightened stronger than the previous ones and his cum went uncontrolled upwards into her pussy, while Jaslin was still driven to keep bouncing. The minute movements triggered her body for a climax while he was still shooting and she bit into his shoulders to prevent the screams from escaping.

The warm liquid pumped into her and her pussy drooled juices as hot as it could get out of her pussy and onto the floor. The two of them took a moment to recover but they did not detach.

Jaslin: ‘I love you.’

Somehow, that three words hurt him as he knew he did something that no amount of regret could undo. He had sex with an underage girl. He held her and did not say a word. After a long while, she placed her head on his shoulders and began moving her vaginal muscles, trying to replicate a handjob while he was still inside.

Unexplainably, Desmond’s dick grew again and he decided to go for another round since there was no turning back. Going to the flatter grounds, he got her into doggie style and began banging her from behind again, somewhat glad her face was not visible. The guilt just would not go away.

Inside, he was angry at himself, since their age was close to 8 years apart. He transferred his rage into energy and really pounded hard at her pussy, till she came over and over again. His body would require a longer time to fire the second round, and her pussy simply felt too good. It was tight and raw. Never before he felt so close to another body.

As he kept going, Jaslin was really drained and she was just letting him use her in his own ways. He did not stop but went on to give her a chain of orgasms. Nonetheless, the countdown started after a tiring fifteen minutes and he pulled out abruptly. He used one hand to stroke himself, and the other to help her up. Sitting with her legs crossed like the first time, he forced his dick into her mouth and rammed it emotionless, totally ignoring if she choked.

Jaslin did not mind though, her heart was with him when he ‘entered’ her. She tried her best to maintain a vacuum and her tongue was all over the place with his dick going in and out. Desmond groaned, and the second serving shot a taste of saltiness with a eggy texture onto her tongue. Her eyes widened as the sperms kept pouring, and collected at her lower jaw.

After he was done, he sat beside her and pinched her cheeks, which she then opened her mouth to show what she gathered.

Desmond: ‘Swallow it?’

It wasn’t really a question. So Jaslin took a second to breath and swallow. They hugged again after she was done and as he wore his pants back, she did not wear her panties nor shorts, but opened her legs in front of him and rubbed her sore clit.

Jaslin: ‘Boyfie.. I’m still horny.’

Needless to say, his pants did not stay on for long. And of course, she grew addicted to sex and wore her boyfriend out on every date, be it doing it in public or his place, she was always ready for sex. Until one day, she told him her period was late for three months. As a guy, he did not shrink from the responsibility, and what happened was up to him.

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