Uni Dorm

It had been close to a year since Bruce met Rin and since networking would determine his amount of sales, he contacted her after reaching ‘R’ list of names on his phone. She was a friend of his since before NS days and their relationship was almost hidden from everyone else. Not that they were attached, but they were flings in the past and it certainly revived the old ‘spark’ they had in the past. Now, Rin is studying in a local university with a dormitory which was shared with her friend. But since her roommate seldom spent her time there, she had most of the room to herself, along with the longer nights of privacy to herself.

Bruce soon knew of her private room and was tempted to meet her, so, they arranged a day, which she would be free and he would be extra horny. They finally met after two weeks of hectic schedule and she walked a distance ahead of him so as not to attract unnecessary attention to her ‘innocent and naive’ impressions her friends from other rooms had.

Bruce (SMS): ‘Be ready to be raped the door is closed.’

Rin looked at her iPhone and showed no expression, but under her long shirt, her pussy was salivating with excitement. Would this be how a long drought between her legs end? The dams would be opened and the flood would destroy the nice smelling skinscape around her thighs! She quickened her pace to the second last door along the corridor and stopped to open the door. Bruce slowed down and reached the door at the same time she disappeared into it.

Right as the door creaked shut, Bruce dropped his bag and grabbed Rin’s breasts from the back, feeling extra soft under her old t-shirt. She was pinned to the thin walls near the door and her body was pressed against it closely. There was no way to turn around, and her hands did not fight back knowing her body wanted it all. His right thigh pushed against her butt at the wall, with such force he would lift her up if she was any lighter.

Bruce (whispering): ‘I know the walls are thin. So we have to be very quiet. And look.. who is the naughty one without bra and panties?’

His leg pinning her ass had lifted up her shirt quite a distance and she was panty-less. She was in fact shocked by her own courage knowing her shirt barely reached beneath her pussy, and a random breeze would expose her naked bottom. Bruce continued kneading her pair of succulent breasts and slowly moved to focus on her nipples, which were hard even before they entered the room.

Bruce (whispering): ‘Good. Moan louder, so your friends next door could hear you.’

Rin’s sensual moans stopped abruptly after she realised she was making sounds without knowing. He held her by the neck and threw her towards her bed, which she then quickly pulled her blankets over herself, aware that it would not do anything to reduce her attractiveness. Bruce went back to his bag in the dark corner and appeared with a wooden spatula, one cooks used to stir soup with.

He pulled the sheets away from her in one move and he jumped on her, before a swift swoosh sound was heard and a loud thud landed on her fair butt. He had hit her without warning and it was painful enough to drive her to tears. Nonetheless, that was the only one he gave her before he adjusted his position on bed to sit upright.

Bruce: ‘Remove my clothes. Or do you need another smack on your butt?’

He looked at her direction and watched her swollen eyelids. Rin began moving slowly towards him and that was when the second red patch was made on a new area of her ass cheek.

Bruce: ‘Too slow!’

He was almost loud enough for her neighbours to know what was happening. She got on her knees behind him and unbuttoned his work shirt, before reaching to his waist to remove his belt and held on his pants and underwear, while he stood up for her to pull it down. Once he was naked, he turned around and placed his hand on the sore marks and gently rubbed it.

Bruce: ‘See? Good girl.’

He flipped around the pockets of his pants and took out a condom, and while Rin was looking at him unwrapping the rubber protector, her eyes caught the tall dildo that was standing at the corner of her study table. He must have left it there when he took the spatula to me. He rolled a little of the condom over the dildo’s dick and brought it to the bed.

Digging his hand into her hair near the scalp, he held her down against her pillow and raised one knee onto the bed. His dick head went twice along her lips before she opened her mouth and took it in. After that, his hand left her head and let her suck him, without anymore painful spanks. He climbed her head and let his position ram his cock down her throat, before leaning forward into 69, except he was the one on top.

Bruce: ‘Don’t you dare stop.’

There wasn’t much space for Rin to move, so she worked her tongue around his shaft, up and down as best as she could. He was bending over her stomach and his hands pried her legs wider. He then pushed the tip of the dildo with the condom into her, going in and out slowly while unrolling the condom over the rubber toy. It took less than five strokes for her wet pussy to get the job done and Bruce went on to ram the toy into her, going so fast she was struggling to breath.

Seeing that this position would choke her, he lay on one of her thighs and she turned her body sideways with his dick still in her mouth. With a more comfortable position, Rin could move her head and she did so, blowing Bruce to seventh heavens. Her mouth had the familiar perfect suction and the amount of saliva was just right. It felt as good as he was inside her the last time.

This time, sex was not part of his plan, since they had not met for a long time, it wasn’t sex that they needed. It was only Rin who needed some disciplinary actions. He could remember giving her at least three orgasms, which her pussy would tighten so much the toy could not move, and then her body would just eject the toy out, but Bruce would just stuff it back right in.

Her mouth had stopped sucking from the brain numbing pleasure and she looked as though she was sleeping. Bruce had not had his fun yet.

Bruce (whispering): ‘Masturbate yourself with this.’

Her hands tiredly reached down her body and between her legs, taking over the toy to continue fucking herself, and Bruce left her alone for a moment. After a while, Rin felt his hands on her head and a kiss that followed, it was a kiss that she could not break away from as her hands moved the dildo faster. As she was still facing the side, he did not change her position and brought his dick to her mouth again.

Like usual, she sucked on it, with a little front-back action but was clearly immersed in her self-pleasure. So, Bruce had to take over. He took the spatula and smacked her hips near her butt and the red sore appeared immediately. The next thing she knew was getting her head securely pressed onto the pillows and his dick going into her mouth. The pain was making her cry in a mix of pleasure and pain. Her hands with the toy responded by going faster to quickly redirect the pain away and replacing it with some other emotions.

There was no more tender-loving-care (TLC), it had literally turned into table-ladder-chair. His hips thrust deep and hard into her mouth, reaching as far as her throat and there wasn’t even enough space for her to choke. Her own hands kept going faster as Bruce’s speed changed, going as fast as the last time she felt him inside in doggie.

With the memories from the past coming back all at an instant, her body went into shock as the first G-spot orgasm kicked in, her body did remember all the good sensations he gave her in the past. As her mouth attempted to handle his large manhood, one of her hands had moved to rub her clit and the other fucking the toy.

In mere minutes, Bruce had to pulled out of her throat and paused at her lips to let his warm ejaculate flowing like a small leaking tap coat her lips, before she opened her mouth to take his dick, and sucked all the goodness out of the masculine meat stick. Once he was done, he changed his position to her rear and placed the thin handle at her pussy opening. He gently nudged it into her pussy and took it out after a few dives.

Putting the tip of the handle at her ass, he pushed an inch into her anus, stopping at one of the grooves carved into the handle.

Bruce: ‘Shall I?’
Rin: ‘No-om.’

Her mouth was still filled with the generous amount of precious cum. She never had anything enter her ass. The thin tip wasn’t painful, but it was nonetheless foreign.

Bruce: ‘I don’t get what you’re saying.’

He pushed the handle in about a hand’s length and Rin swallowed in fear. The cum had been cleared out of her throat and she was fighting against putting anything up her ass.


His palm delivered a shocking pain through her body and her fight left her. The rod was going in and out of her ass and it was surprisingly well lubricated. Bruce handed her the dildo that had slipped out of her and she impatiently stuffed it back into her love hole. It was the only way to take away the shame and weird sensation in her anus.

As she masturbated herself with the toy, the pleasure of having both her holes getting filled was a new feeling. The first orgasm that followed did not even take a minute and while her own hands stopped the moving the toy while she convulsed, the rod that was still moving had lengthened the duration of the climax.

With one hand, she peeled opened one side of her ass to let the handle go in easier and the other hand on the toy. Suddenly, Bruce took over the dildo and doubly penetrated her and dashed with the highest speed he could handle, bringing Rin to another climax so intense she felt her energy left her instantaneously, rendering her limbs all weakened.

Bruce had been watching her every response and finally, he took out both the objects. Bringing a bottle of water to the windows, he washed the toys thoroughly and went to his bag to keep them. He wasn’t all that heartless either.

Going back to the bed, he got under the sheets with Rin and kissed her while stroking her head, calming her down from the earlier planned assault. She wasn’t mad or sad, it had been some time since she felt so wild and crazy, with the exams draining most of her focus, he came at the right time to de-stress her. Hugging Bruce closely, she understood why a long distance relationship with her ex-boyfriend never made it, cause she needed someone like Bruce, who dared to breach his own comfort zone to drive her to the next level, one she might not find anywhere else again.

I guessed he set a new standard for her, and in his mind, he was already planning for someone wilder, if not, more sensual than anything Rin ever felt.

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