Baby Room

Lenna: ‘Dear, I need to use the baby room, I think Joel is hungry again, and I need to change his diapers.’
Colin: ‘Come, I’ll help you.’

They entered one of the baby rooms at City Square Mall and Lenna got busy changing the diapers of their baby. Colin reached into the bag with the clean diapers and milk bottles were, and clicked on the remote control of the vibrator that was wirelessly linked to her.

Lenna: ‘Can’t you wait?’
Colin: ‘Can. Just to get you ready in time.’

They changed the diapers out of the crying boy and prepared the bottle of milk. Finally feeding it to him, he stopped crying and smiled as he held the bottle in his tiny hands and sucked away on the milk. Although they had their own child, sex between them was still very active, and the slightly possessive nature of Colin was perfect for the submissive Lenna who adored such domination.

While she packed the bag, he went behind her and lifted her dress up, and unlocked the chastity belt’s lock behind. The metallic restraint came off and she opened her legs wide to let him remove it. With the vibrator still buzzing inside, her juices streamed down her slim legs and her garter soaked it right up. Splitting her legs even wider, Colin could not wait any longer and pushed his dick into her pussy, which was still as tight as a virgin even after birth.

As the slapping of their bodies echoed around the room, Lenna’s packing got more sluggish and she left the mess and rested her body on the small table. His dick was completely filling her up, reaching the deepest spot of her pussy and stimulating the G-spot like a pro. Lenna gave off her first gasp as the orgasm reached and a thicker liquid flowed out of her pussy, covering over his balls.

Right after, he turned her around and made her squat, before forcing the dripping shaft into her mouth and rammed viciously into her, which after much training, she could take him deep down her throat without any gagging and just the faint slurping sounds were heard. Both her mouth and pussy felt great to Colin, his body could not get enough of his lovely obedient wife and day and night, all he could think of was fucking her.

With his dick in her mouth, the couple was enjoying their little quickie sex in the private space, all the more sexy with Lenna touching herself while sucking him off. Suddenly, another pair of couple whom obviously was not married but in their teens quickly ruffled into the room without noticing. Only after the girl turned around to see what was happening, she quickly turned her boyfriend around and they were leaving in embarrassment.

Colin: ‘Wait wait. Don’t go.’

Lenna’s eyes opened wide as she could not understand what was happening. Why was he stopping them from leaving?

Colin: ‘We can share the room. But remember to lock it.’

He turned back to the squatting Lenna and continued forcing her head on his dick, which she did not reject. After a while, he lifted her onto the table and opened her bent legs before dipping his dick into her pussy in sitting missionary. Her hands hugged him tightly as his dick satisfied her completely, she had eye contact with the confused couple.

The orgasmic look on her face turned the guy on and he quickly put his stuff down before his girlfriend could say anything. Pushing her against the wall, he pulled her shirt off and tugged her short skirt down, leaving her in panties and bra. Shyly, she stopped him from unhooking her bra but helped him to remove his pants too, before frenching fiercely like a crazy woman. It seemed that the two of them had been infected with the overwhelming lust in the little room.

Raising one of her legs, the guy clumsily pushed her panties to the side and stuck it up her. It was smooth, wet and slippery. His hips did not stop moving as the heat intensified. Colin could see what was happening through the mirror in front of the baby table. It was time to move the sex one level higher.

Colin lifted Lenna off the table once again, and placed her in standing doggie, but this time, his butt was against the table and she faced the couple before them. He did not spend too much time getting into position but placed his dick back into her as soon as he could. The girl eyes was on Lenna and Colin, who were smiling and winking at her.

Girl: ‘Let’s change position too.’

Her boyfriend turned around and saw what they were doing, and switched to the same stance as well. But he did not lean against the wall like Colin, bringing his girl closer to Lenna instead.The two girls held each others’ hands as their body kept shaking in response to the deep thrusts. Up to one point, their bodies were so close they began to touch each other, and started to kiss. Nothing could turn them on more than watching their girls kiss so passionately.

Colin and the guy had a unspoken plan in mind and they brought their girls to the table, fucking them from the back. Like a marathon, they kept up with their stamina and did not give the ladies even a moment to catch their breaths. Lenna’s dress was finally pulled away and they were in bras, with the exception of Lenna who had no panties. The guy beside him took a moment to remove his girl’s panties too and threw it on the table. Now, they’re on par.

At that moment, the two guys’ eyes met and nodded. With one push, they exited from their respective pussies and changed places. A quick glance showed that they had similar dick sizes and their girls who had their chests on the table did not notice. The next simultaneous entry made them lift themselves up in shock to see their partners had swapped in the mirror. In no position to resist, their bodies knocked against the table as their dicks went slurping into their pussies.

With a different tightness, Colin’s mind was blown away by the rawness and freshness of the young girl. The guy was enjoying his wife’s trained and mature pussy as well, which she did not disappoint with the frequent Kegel exercises. The men continued their fucking frenzy until they were about to cum, almost at the same time too.

Colin: ‘I’m going to shoot!’
Guy: ‘Me too!’

They quickly pulled themselves out of their partners and Lenna turned around quickly, sitting on the chair by the side while taking Colin’s dick in his mouth, letting him throat fuck her until his cum filled her up her mouth, and they paused for a moment to let her work her mouth to clean suck him clean.

Girl: ‘You know I can’t do that right? I’m sorry.’

Colin did not spend too much time with his dick in his wife’s mouth, and forcefully held the guy’s shoulder and brought him in front of his wife. Knowing what to do, she placed her cum filled mouth at his dick and sucked him off, till he blew his load in her skilled mouth as well, enjoying the clean up that followed.

Colin by then had went back to the girl, and stuck two fingers into her loosened pussy and moved so vigorously she climaxed at the same time as her boyfriend, squirting a gush of juices onto the floor. Her body trembled weakly as the orgasm took almost all of her energy. Colin and the guy let the girls cleaned themselves up with the baby wipes and touched on their make up. The girls then came over to clean their own guys up with the wipes and accidentally turned them on again.

Colin: ‘Let’s leave that for our own private time.’

The guy pulled his pants up and thanked Colin for the crazy swap, and knuckle knocked with their bro-fist. The uninvited couple watched in surprise as Lenna put on the chastity belt and letting her husband replace the lock on it. The vibrator was back in its place, and they were ready to leave. Packing the empty bottle Joel’s hands, he picked the sleeping baby and left with a heartfelt satisfaction.

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