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The previous week had been a hectic one for Nicole with her rushing orders from her blogshop, selling handmade charms. Although she had met up with someone new for her out-of-her-norm masturbating dare, she had not contacted him for the past couple of days and neither did he, in respect for her.

With the slight laxation of cash, she went onto her favourite online sex toys store and browsed through the pages of products, reading for the umpteen times of the description on one of the toys she had wanted to buy for a long time. It was a long black vibrator, that would double as a vibrator, as well as a thinner dildo whenever she needed to fill her lust with something deep. The checkout process was a usual quick one, and being a local online store, her item arrived via registered mail in just two days and she unwrapped it immediately to give it a rinse.

Since it was just around noon when it was delivered, she spent some time having lunch with her parents, before going back to her room to change to a simple outfit so she could masturbate out of her home in peace. It was a decision made in a way she could moan as loud as she wanted and be gone for a longer duration as well.

Flipping through her closet, she found a casual mini dress that was a lighter at the hems, and it ended at her mid thighs. Conscious of how bare her legs looked, she rolled a pair of stockings up her legs that was slightly translucent and it reached nicely just at her upper thighs. Tucking the new toy into the edges of the stockings, she carried only her cellphone and left the house for another block, where she knew it would be a perfect spot to give the vibrator a try.

Along the way, the few construction workers at the lifts stared at her while she walked past, seeming to notice the lack of panties and bra, which she had wore a tube bra instead of ones with straps across her shoulders.

Once she found the ideal steps she could hide herself from the upper and lower floors, the toy was taken out and given a quick coat of saliva. Her panty-less pussy appeared with her spreading legs and it started out by giving her clit a tease. She held the end of the stick and kept the tip moving around her clit, while the vibration was turning her on and juices were released from her pussy.

Slowly, she moved the tip from her clit, down her pussy lips and pushed a little into the entrance. It was not as width nor rough like Chris’ fingers, but the length of it was incomparable. The urge to begin moving the toy inwards had taken over her hand and bit by bit, the toy disappeared into her pussy, giving her a jolt as it stroked past her G-spot and hitting the end of her meat tunnel. Just like how she fingered herself, the toy was slippery enough by then and the thrusting continued.

Nicole leaned against the steps as she kept one of her hands shoving the toy in and out between her legs. Moaning like a cat’s purr, her other hand rubbed her on her clit and the first orgasm came without much effort. The tip worked like a wand and sent a series of extended trembles across her body as she continued her tease on her clit while pushing the toy deeper. Although the toy was no longer moving, her clit was prolonging the climax and the usual intense orgasm just exploded her mind.

Contented with how good her purchase was, it had given her its virgin orgasm and she was even more desperate to get more out of it. As she took a break to recover from the exhaustive shivers, her hand went under her dress and reached into her bra, giving those nipples a roll between her fingers. As soon as her energy returned, the toy was held again and went on to thrust into her, directed at different angles that felt better than in just one direction.

The hour went by with her continuous masturbation and slowly, she was even more tempted to try out at a more exposed location. She took the toy and adjusted her dress, before moving to the flight of stairs that residents might actually use. For those who live in a HDB flat, you would be able to see the steps while you waited for the lift, and there was where she sat at. Discreetly, she faced the opening of the wall facing the opposite block and placed the toy back in, resuming her masturbation that was in a risky area.

The orgasms were even easier to achieve with the thrill and constant self-scare that footsteps and door opening that made her look around but not stop moving the toy. Nicole’s mind were making progress to being more open and adventurous, allowing her natural emotions to assist in reaching climaxes.

With her draining energy level, the speed of the toy was slowing down, and the subtle convulsions were lasting longer as well, from the sensitivity of her swollen clit. Having one last orgasm from her last burst of energy, she lost control of her breathing and felt an even better sensation with the lack of air but non-stop fucking of the toy.

She could not continue on anymore and placed the toy back into her stocking, before sitting where she was for a while to rest and catch her breath. A sense of content had her smiling and it did make her felt a little more confident. Finally, she gathered her strength and went home, where she fell into deep sleep after stripping down to her tube bra and stockings.

I guess she would never discover her dad walking into her room while she was in that attire, neither would he tell her. She was after all his daughter that was growing up to be a fine woman. How would you react if you saw her in that tube bra and stockings? Perhaps an uncontrollable urge to just have her on the spot?

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

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