Far End.

Sitting at the end of the upper deck SBS bus, it was a norm for me to do that when I have an hour ride. With an iPad, the only position comfortable was to place my knees against the seat in front, and blasting music through my iPhone while constantly checking Google Maps for the stop to alight.

As the bus stopped outside Junction 8, it was a longer wait than other stops as more people got off the bus, while a handful boarded during the period of time just after lunch. Among the few passengers that came up to the upper deck was a young couple in their teens walking towards where I slouched on. They saw that I had taken the best seat, and took the adjacent (front, left) seat from me, only a row away. The girl wore a standard white spaghetti top with a black latex looking skater skirt, and the guy was in a fashionable shirt and jeans. He sat down with the girl on the outside and the rising skirt exposed much of her fair white legs.

The bus started moving after a while, and the guy helped her removed her cardigan, letting her thin shoulders suffer in the coldness. The shuffling of their bags got a little messy, but it was done to cover his lap with her pullover. There was no doubt to what they were attempting to do, and from where I sat, it was also unlikely I could catch any action too. But boy oh boy, I was partly wrong. The guy placed his right arm across her chest, letting her hug it like a bolster against the boobs which I could not see. Then, her skirt slowly raised higher up her legs, revealing part of her butt. Damn, tt was just so close to see what colour she wore under.

Her back slowly sank down the seat and her face was glued to the guy’s bicep, fairly obvious that his fingers were busy between her legs. I could see her arm stretched towards his lap as well, and making jerks while they tried to hush each other quiet. I have to say it was very distracting for me whenever I tried to get the number of points before the countdown ended for Candy Crush. My ears were also going into ‘DareDevil’ mode after I removed the unneeded music, picking up their breathing and whispering at random occasions.

A short while later, the guy lifted his bag up again, placing it on the floor and the girl was whispering something to him with an unsure look. His hand then lovingly went behind her head, and nudged her to ‘lie’ on his lap for a ‘rest’. I smiled and shook my head, looking out of the window in the usual emo style. Right then, I realised the reflection was clear under the overcast sky and could see what they were up to. Her head was on his groin, and her butt shifted out of the seat, and that was in front of my eyes, not the reflection.

Finally, I saw the pink under her skirt, and the guy just leaned his head on the window to enjoy the blowjob – in a public bus. What a ride I got onto huh? They were so daring and, not caring. She stopped after a few minutes and her head came back into sight, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as though she just finished a meal. Her outer hand (right) once again reached for his exposed dick, that was emitting an unmistakable stench. That salty, salivary smell. A few times he brought her hand to his mouth, and lowered his head, to give her something we all know to work with – his own saliva as lubricant.

Her arm movements soon got very big and obvious, while he was covering his own mouth and looking everywhere in front. Suddenly, the exciting action stopped, and his arm raised to go around her shoulders. Another short whisper later, her head disappeared in front of the seat again, and her cute looking panties showed themselves. That bit of her ponytail went up and down a few times, before his hands went over her hair and held her down.

She appeared after a few seconds with her cheeks puffed, and a zip sound was heard. Fearful of looking around for staring eyes, she focused searching in her bag for minute, and drank huge mouthful of water out of the bottle she retrieved, in a manner similar to swallowing medicine.

Seeing that the show had ended, my eyes returned to my iPad and the girl readjusted her skirt to cover up the exposed part of her thighs. The rest of the journey was pretty quiet, as she laid her head on him to rest. I assume everyone gets a little tired after a meal right?

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