Deserving It

Ian walked out of the toilet after masturbating with her girlfriend’s sister, Queenie’s, panties. He had stuffed it hurriedly into his shorts pockets after he cummed into it after she knocked on the door of the only bathroom in the three room flat. She watched him walked out of the kitchen and caught the sight of her underwear sticking out of his pants. Being just 17, she was totally lost, as that was the only clean underwear she had and the rest were in the washing machine. She would have to go pantyless with a guy in her house.

After she finished her business in the toilet, she went back to the living room and turned down the volume on the TV. As the TV set was right in front of the walls of her sister’s room, their activities in her bedroom could be heard clearly, and Queenie was listening to them go at it.

The horny sounds from the room quietened after a while, and her sister, Quelyn, came out sweaty headed for a shower. Seeing Ian was alone in the room, she walked to him and demanded her panties back, or she would tell her sister. Feeling ashamed, he took out the panties from the shorts laying on the floor and gave it to her.

Her sister was known to take a long time inside the shower, giving Queenie ample time to tease Ian. With a lustful mind, she pulled her shorts with fading colours down and slipped the panties on before she climbed onto her bed which was opposite where Ian was resting on. His eyes had caught the whole show and made a few empty swallows. The blanket that was over his dick slowly rose and she knew he was aroused. As she was braless in her own house, she lifted her shirt enough to show her tiny twin peaks and began to grab her own boobs, kneading them like watery dough.

Ian knew he needed a plan fast, and a good reason to have the door opened so he could hear his own girlfriend coming. He walked over to the door in his undies, and opened it wide. Before climbing back onto the bed and removed his underwear below the blankets. He lazily crawled over to Queenie’s bed and held her legs opened, without much force. His mouth then dived in for supper and she moaned at her first cunt licking. His tongue went up and down very quickly along her slit, until her body finally gave in and trembled. Her legs closed instinctively but his hands had held them apart firmly.

Her turn came and she laid flat on her back, placing her head over the edge of the bed. As both their beds were low, Ian had to bend his legs slightly till her mouth could reach his dick and she reached for it, taking it in her mouth and giving it a hard suck before pulling him closer to the bed. He moved half a step closer so his dick down be down her straightened gullet to commence on a mouth fuck.

Knowing she would not be able to move much, Ian bent his body forward over her and grabbed her nipples to give them a hard pinch before beginning to move his hips, pushing all the way into her throat which surprisingly did not gag at it. His legs opened wider over her head and continued ramming, fast and deep. The gulping sounds was not loud, but he was losing control with the hot sister at his disposal.

His hand managed to reach her pussy and he slipped right into the panties he shot his cum in earlier, and fingered her quickly so she would suck harder. True enough, her mouth felt better and his hips moved automatically. With his hands busy and eyes closed, he did not detect his girlfriend who was standing at the door.

Angrily, she stomped into the room and stood behind Ian, before hugging him and moving her hips with him, making Queenie choked at the hard thrust that hit his groin against her teeth. Ian was shocked and wanted to pull out, but Quelyn did not allow.

Quelyn: ‘Don’t you dare pull out. Keep moving!’

He froze and the position kept her sister from getting up as well. Quelyn climbed over her sister body and laid on top of her, with a double dildo in her hand. After Ian resumed his movements, she got off her and placed one end of the dildo into her sister, and the other into herself. The sister on top then began fucking herself and Queenie with the dildo, moving her hips like a guy would.

Queenie could not managed the double penetration on top of the slight asphyxiation, she orgasmed and her legs immediately went around her sister, pulling her deeper and Ian continued his deep throat. After a few moments, the poor girl in between them had her third orgasm and Ian proceeded to empty his second load down her throat, without giving her a chance to taste nor swallow.

Quelyn: ‘Come here!’

He listened to her and placed himself over her sister, which then his own girlfriend pushed his hips so hard his dick deflowered the unsuspecting little girl, and the cum which was still all over his dick helped to penetrate into her smoothly.

As Quelyn gave him the command to start fucking, she placed the tip of the dildo at his ass and pushed it in mercilessly, immobilising Ian in shock and pain. With one end of the dildo in Quelyn’s pussy, she moved in a fucking action behind Ian that made him move his hips as well, shoving himself deep into Queenie who was confused about what was happening in front of her.

The human sandwich between Ian did not rest and in fact, Quelyn was beginning to enjoy this triple threat. Her body finally fell tiredly to the side after the last orgasm shot through her, and the dildo was still in Ian.

Of course he was mad. He pulled out of Queenie who was the victim in this mess and crawled over to his girlfriend. She had denied him her virginity for the longest time, and everything was to end that night. He adjusted her position better to place on of her legs in a 90 degrees position and he made sure there was enough space between her ass cheeks for some revenge.

He stood up a little and took the end which was formerly in Quelyn’s pussy and shoved it right up her ass without lubrication. Sure, some of her juices made their way between her ass, but it was barely enough. The pain woke her up and she struggled sluggishly, clearly drained of energy from the orgasms.

Ian: ‘Could you hold it in for us?’

He looked at Queenie as she nodded. Holding the two ends of the dildo near their anuses. Ian then made some awkward transition to missionary, which he took his girlfriend’s virginity without regret. With his dick inside her fresh pussy, the dildo was giving them extra stimulation. Queenie too a while to adjust the positions of the toy, so it looked like the couple had a tail that was connected to each other.

Ian took no chances and began fucking her, pounding her swollen pussy so hard she was groaning and begging him to stop. Her ass was in pain from the rough entry and the dildo was moving a little in and out of her, which was happening to Ian too. Finally, his third ejaculation came and he held his dick deep in her, while the biggest load exited and the pulses kept forcing more out of his dick. Until it was dry, he finally pulled out of him and lay opposite her, still connected via the dildo.

He pulled his end out in disgust and a moan that he cannot help, and lay in a position he could ass fuck her comfortably. By then, Queenie had washed her face and was sitting on her sister’s unoccupied bed stinking of sweat and cum from their first round of intense masturbation session.

Silent laughters were seen on her face and he kept eye contact at her as his hand went on to shove the dildo in and out of her sorry ass. Occasional fart filled the room but the opened doors quickly dispersed the ‘aroma’. Suddenly, Quelyn went into convulsion and Ian quickly thrust the dildo harder, which made her shoot a stream of juices onto the bed and her hands which tried to block the jet made things worse by splashing some of the liquid onto Ian too.

He gave a lick and smiled. It was sweet. Her body went into a fit and calmed down after a few minutes. And as Ian extracted the dirtied toy out of her, Quelyn would scream for him to pause and gave a slight shiver, probably due to her sensitive anus. The toy was out at last and Queenie was kind enough to take it from him for a wash in the toilet.

Angry, sad, confused, in pain, weak. That was how Quelyn felt after the pussy, ass rape. She lost her virginity in such a situation, along with her sister’s just because she was mad. Now, both girls had lost the one thing most important to them – at the same time too. Ian carried her to her bed and helped Queenie to change her bedsheets to drier ones.

When the time came to sleep, Ian was snoring long before the lights were out but the two sisters were wide awake. Queenie who would be sleeping alone on her bed, went to turn off the lights but was stopped when her sister asked.

Quelyn: ‘Mei, you want to sleep with us tonight?’

Her head drooped and the lights went out. A foreign pillow and a set of blanket landed on Quelyn’s bed and she snuggled into Ian’s arm. He was lying down, facing the top with his arms open, so the two girls slept with each other, for the first time after they reached their teenage lives. Ian on the other hand, had a lot of work to do when the two sisters woke up, and gave him double blowjob with two pussies for his use.

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