Short Time

Baby was having her menses, and so I had no way to release my pent up load from the downloading and viewing of the few JAV porn I recently got. But I wasn’t going to let it rest, at least that was how strongly I felt then.

I was naked under the blanket, but she was not. Her menses had made her very careful about turning sideways so I had to improvise. Perhaps a blowjob for a start?

Me: ‘Baby, don’t touch me anymore. It might make me go wild and hurt you.’
Baby: ‘It’s okay ah. Hehe. I know my baby always horny de.’

Her fingers on my fat tummy continued tickling me, and it was the last straw. I got up on my knees and went to the pillow her head was on. I grabbed her head and turned it towards me, careful not to tangle her hair cause it could be a mood-ruiner when a girl’s hair is pulled.

Placing my dick at her mouth, she refused to open and I had no choice but to pinch her nose, lightly so I wouldn’t hurt her. Baby could not hold her breath for long, so she finally opened her mouth and I let go off my fingers on her nose. I shoved my dick in and she sucked on it dutifully. Still holding onto her head, I did not want her to move in the awkward sideways position and so I thrust my hips, to let my dick go in and out.

All along, Baby did not managed to grasp the art of giving blowjobs, so it was considered foreplay whenever she did it for me. But this time, it felt different. She did not do much with her mouth, only placing her tongue against the side of my dick. I kept thrusting shallowly not wanting to choke her. It was perhaps the best blowjob I’ve got. Maybe it was time to rename it to a mouth-fuck.

I could not control myself despite her hatred for cum to get in her mouth, it felt as good as being inside her, the wetness, tightness and suction was right. My senses were no longer working, just my animalistic instincts were.

I continued to work my dick in and out of her, giving an occasional deep thrust so she had to push me away to breath. It was a delay move for me. She wanted a longer break, but I could not wait. So, I placed it back in her and went at the same angle.

Me: ‘Baby! I’m shooting!’
Baby: ‘Mmm.. Mmm.. Mmm!’

I pressed her head even harder onto pillow and I sprayed my load onto her tongue and mouth. Given how hard I was holding her head down, she could not move and I did not move too. My hand gained control after I recovered, but was battling another kind of sensation. She knew my dick head would be super sensitive after ejaculation, so her plan was to drive me overboard till I let her go and she could spit it out.

I struggled to keep still and went to pinch her nose. Her hands could not break herself free from me, and she finally opened her mouth wider to take in a little air, before swallowing the semen down her throat. I watched in horror as the situation would get more serious after she was done.

Alas, I had to let go and she gave me a strong push. I stumbled on the floor but managed not to fall after hitting the trolly which my brother and I used to put things. She took the bottle of cold water nearby and drank her biggest mouthful, gargling and gulping it down.

Me: ‘I’m sorry baby. I lost control.’

She took a while to reply me after looking at my regretful face.

Baby: ‘Can don’t be so fierce?’

I nodded. What shit did I get myself into?

Baby: ‘Next time don’t press on my hair can?’

Next time? Oh.. Did it meant that she did not mind how dominant I could get? What about swallowing? She hated that a lot.

Me: ‘You want to go to the toilet to wash up?’
Baby: ‘Wash what? Also swallow already.’
Me: ‘Sorry.’
Baby: ‘Baby, from today onwards, you can shoot in my mouth, but I might not swallow. K?’

We hugged each other tightly after that and she explained that it would be better not to waste the sperms in a condom. I must still keep the condom on whenever we had sex, but allowed to remove it before cumming, that’s if I could control and not shoot into the condom inside her.

A new challenge awaits.

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