Webcam Hack

Note: This is a non-sexual intercourse entry. Someone had wrote a web camera application that allowed him to activate another laptop’s webcam.

Mike was bored when he decided to chat with Joey, a girl he knew on Habbo a long time ago, but did not engage in any dirty chats as she was under 16 then. Now, it had been almost two years they had each other on MSN without much conversations, so he wanted to find out how she was. The casual chat led to one thing after another, and she sent him a recent picture of herself and it really made him hard instantly. The photo showed her in a evening dress, that had a plunging neckline. Her chest was not big, but it was almost perfect in the picture. A few of her sisters were beside her and he made up his mind to get her one way or another.

They chatted late into the night, and found out her family had went to bed from their casual conversations. He sent a zip file to her, saying that it contained a few of his photos, but had secretly embedded a small script, to auto run the moment she unzipped the file and he would gain control of her webcam. As planned, she fell into the trap, and he ended the chat soon, to let her have her own time to wash up and head to bed.

Mike activated the remote camera program and it broadcast her room to his screen. Her laptop had been positioned on the side of the bed, which her high end HD webcam with a wide angle lens to capture the bathroom as well. Although he could see what she was doing, he wished he had written the code for microphone function as well.

Within moments, she stepped out of her bathroom in a small nightie that revealed her slim waist, and had a pair of panties on. Lucky for him, Joey was used to sleeping with a night light on and it was all that was needed since the webcam had an equivalent top grade sensor in it, with adjustable ISO settings.

Mike quickly removed his underwear and began stroking himself. Joey sat on the end of the bed, setting her alarm clock and then played something on her TV mounted on the wall. A pair of figure appeared and they began stripping. Mike gave himself a silly grin in front of his monitor and watched as she crawled backwards to the center of the bed, before lying on the two pillows on top of each other so she could watch the video playing. Her legs opened and her hands went between to began some rubbing motion.

Damn! Mike thought to himself as he searched for the Visual Basic software, and wrote an update to the remote camera application. He pushed the update over to her laptop, and finally, the microphone was activated after a long wait. He could not make out the sounds from the TV, but could hear the sweet voice of the girl moaning. It wasn’t loud, nor could he enhance the voices any higher.

Just then, the TV screen went off, and she removed one of the pillow, turning sideways towards her laptop. One of her legs was straightened on the bed, but the other one was bent. She reached for the drawers under the laptop table and took out a small double dildo. It had penis shaped tip on both ends, and she held the ‘snake’ to enter her pussy that was ready.

After that scene, all that Mike could hear clearly were her moans, and a loud slurping sounds with occasional popping sounds from her body. Joey went faster and faster, and Mike reacted accordingly to her pace, stroking himself to a high speed. He then began speaking to himself, saying futile words like ‘faster’, ‘oh yeah’, ‘keep going’, and etc. Joey’s voice got louder at one point in time, and she screamed out the similar words he spoke, along with stronger terms like ‘fucking hell’, ‘fucker’, ‘I’m a slut!’

Wait, what? Mike try to recall her words as she continued fucking the dildo. ‘Fucking hell yes!’ ‘Fuck me harder fucker’ ‘I’m your slut’. Deep down inside, he knew he strike something big. Joey’s hips raised and she struggled to push in another few inches of the dildo. She collapsed hard on the bed and she opened her eyes as she pulled out the dildo from inside her pussy. The length she pulled out was never ending in Mike’s wide eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes looked at her laptop and noticed something, probably the indication lights that her webcam was on. She ran to the bed, and after hearing a few quick key taps, his program cut the connection and his fun ended right there.

The gob of sticky cum had covered over his shaft and some got on his floor. He went to wash up before heading back to his computer, restarting the remote camera application on her laptop again. The room was still and quiet, with her long legs exposed under the blankets.

Mike then brought his iPad to his bed, turning on the screen sharing program so he could keep watch on her. Now, all he needed to do was to plan his next step – very carefully.

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