Lifelong Job

Note: This is an incest entry between a mother and her son. Please do not proceed if such contents offend you.

Ever since John passed away, it had been Ally that brought up their only son, Michael. He was fatherless since he was 2 and had survived in a single parent environment for as long as he remembered. Ally was just 18 when she gave birth to him and a year later, lost her husband in a car accident.

One night, after she tucked Michael into bed, she went to the living room and played a video tape that had been sitting in the TV cupboard for a long time. It was one of his crazy idea to record their first sexual intercourse and it was also the fondest memory of him. She then had his slightly fat body, lying on top of him, and the moment he slowly put his dick into her was remembered very vividly. As she watched the tape, she was turned on as well, letting her own hands roam to her shorts and disappeared into it.

She opened her raw labia as the video played on, with her late husband’s hip closing in between her legs. Her fingers then slipped into the dry lips and started fingering as he gained speed on TV, groaning as she moaned louder and louder, fingers darting in and out faster and faster. Michael, who was woken up by his mother’s voice, woke up and went into the living room, quietly watching the TV screen as his father continued to fuck his mother, getting all sweaty and worked up. He could not understand what was on screen, he wasn’t angry or mad, but the expression on his father’s face was happy, despite the groans he gave off.

Ally’s eyes had shut and one of her hands had gone to her breasts and was grabbing them, squeezing and massaging as she fantasised the scene her husband was around. Her shorts had slowly went down her thighs and her fingers were making slurping sounds. Soon, John was about to cum and he pulled out of her, the camera was picked up as well, and aimed at his own dick.

His hand fiercely jerked himself off until the stream of thick white substance shot out of the pee hole and into Ally’s mouth. She too, had stuffed her own juicy fingers into her mouth as she remembered how she sucked him weak.

Michael’s pyjamas had been brought down to his ankle and was moving his hand up and down his own dick too. Though he did not know what was he feeling, he knew it felt soothing and safe. Ally composed herself after the tape ended and turned to check on Michael, which made her scream the moment she saw what he was doing – masturbating.

She ran over to him and pulled his hand away, carrying him in her arms and hugged him tightly on the sofa, while sobbing away. His dick was still in the open, and was hard too.

Michael: ‘Mummy, what was daddy doing? It felt good.’

She lifted the eight years old child at one arm’s length and saw his dick was dripping pre-cum. She was totally lost and did not know what to do. She was caught at her weakest moment and he even picked up something off the tape. Indeed like father like son, turning horny as early as he could be. Looking at him silently, Michael appeared to look like his father even more and she swore silently to protect and take care of him till the day she died.

Michael: ‘Mummy, can you help me like how you helped daddy?’

She looked at his dick and placed him lying on the sofa. Sitting at his bent legs, her hands went between his legs and took the small birdie in between three fingers, and jerked him. His face had a smile throughout the whole thing and suddenly turned into a confused expression just as he was about to cum.

Michael: ‘Mummy! I’m going to pee!’

She continued stroking and lowered her head over his dick, and caught the spoonful of cum his body had released, before swallowing and giving him a smile. He was tired beyond his limit and she let him sleep on the sofa that night. She stayed by him too.

The next day, he woke up before her and he put his hand into her shorts, which she had forgotten to tighten with the draw strings. His fingers touched her clit and he felt around her privates, fondling the slippery folds of skin and even putting a finger inside her. She woke up that instant and pulled away his hand by instinct, what was he trying to do! Realising what she had done, she hugged him again, and cried. How could he be doing this to his own mum, torturing her mentally and physically, reminding her of John?

As she heard the clock strike six, they still had an hour before the school bus came. So, she removed her shorts and opened her legs in front of Michael. She was hairless, having her pubic hair permanently removed upon John’s request when he was still around. Michael immediately went to explore her private part and made her even wetter.

Ally: ‘Put your finger inside.’

He did and she could feel the tiny finger wriggling around. His cute face had tons of question marks around but he did not know what to ask. She took his hand out, putting two fingers up and pushed it inside her again. She still could not feel enough. Again, she took his hand and made him show ‘5’ with the fingers together. She opened her legs wider and pushed his hand in, after rubbing her juices all over his fingers.

His hand did managed to enter after a while, and Ally could not hold back her moans. His fingers naturally roamed around and tried to push further, which made her even crazier. Holding his forearm, she sat up slightly and began fisting herself with her son’s hand, in and out it went, and more juices leaked. Michael was still lost but he was happy that mummy was happy. His hand almost popped out when she orgasmed, but he made sure to remain inside of her, and continued moving his arm on his own, fisting her for a good fifteen minutes.

Ally: ‘Boy boy, lick the juice up, it’s good for you.’

She was expecting him to pull his hand out to lick, but he understood wrongly and went straight for her pussy, licking and slurping whatever he could get. Sure enough, Ally was fighting against her own mind to fuck her own son, since his dick was too small to get any pleasure out of it anyway.

The two of them continued the fisting, exchanging his hands after a while. Her pussy was sore from the penetration as his wrist was too wide for any dicks, but it still went into her. She got her third orgasm and removed his hand, which was stained with her juices.

She got to her feet, and sat on the floor in front of the couch he was on. Pulling his pyjamas down, she saw the dried cum that she missed and could not think of anything but to suck on it again. She went down on him for the second blowjob of his life and taking her time, she made sure he was hard before she went faster, sucking and circling his dick with her tongue.

The overwhelming sensitivity made Michael hold onto her head and hugging her as his hips shivered his ejaculation out, which was even lesser compared to the first one. Again, she swallowed and cleaned him up this time. Feeling energetic, he went for his shower as Ally remained seated on the floor, with her head on her arms on the couch. She had no idea what was coming.

Since that day, Michael had been allowed three blowjobs a day, and as long as she got him off, he would fist her till she had three orgasms. It was a daily routine until he went to secondary school. Her pussy could still take his fist, but it would probably hurt her. So, as a upgrade, she shamefully took his virginity and let him fuck her, three times a day. And since his sexual training had started young, his cum control was good and in return for unloading three times a day, he would give her around nine orgasms. On top of that, he unconsciously made his own mum his personal cum dump.

Up to this date, Ally had been giving her son blowjobs as and when he requested, and after he was all rock hard, he would then pleasure her, anywhere in her house she wanted. Ally is 40 now, and Michael, 23. He knew what he was doing was incest, but she was all he needed, and he understood how important he was to her too. Despite the society’s extreme view about incestuous relations, their love for each other was stronger than any families’.

Never once he came in her although they did not use a condom, for she would always be ready to take his load down her throat. Until one day, she found herself pregnant with a baby girl. I wonder what would their family tree look like.

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