Sweet Pink Lips

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Those lovely morning and night messages from Chris had smitten Nicole and another arrangement was made to meet up after their previous. As this time, they had planned to have breakfast together at McDonald’s under a block not too near to their place. Throughout the whole meal, they had been chatting and laughing so heartily that no one would suspect that they were not a couple, it was after all Chris that made her felt so comfortable with him.

A second cup of Ice Milo was bagged from the counter and they left the restaurant after an hour, making their way to the newly painted old estates that were nearby. They had went up and down a few blocks of flat but it was only deeper into the neighbourhood that they found a quiet spot behind a door to the stairwell. He placed his bag and cup down, helped Nicole to get her bag and hair tied up as well. She sat beside him and let him continue his story.

It was a bright and warm day outside, and Nicole was a little sleepy as well. For this meet up, she wore a tank top with a black cardigan over it, and a pair of tight denim shorts. Chris was at first a little disappointed at her restrictive bottoms, but figured she could still remove them if she wanted, and so he did not talk about it at all.

Nicole moved her seat a step lower, and reached for the button on his pants, pulling down the zip after it was undone. Chris had stopped telling his recount by then, unsure of her initiative that was what he wanted.

Chris: ‘Nicole, you don’t have to you know?’
Nicole: ‘I know. Today, I want to make you feel like a king.’
Chris: ‘Only if you are really sure.’

He helped her pull his shorts down to his ankles and laid back while she started with a slow up down motion. He was looking Nicole closely, mesmerised by her attention she gave to his expression and dick. Using the pre-cum that was oozing over the top, she had also dropped a little of her saliva, to aid the stroking that was controlled by his face.

After a while of increasing speed, she gripped his dick harder and stayed at the top and bottom for a longer while with every pump, forcing the blood to turn his dick into a glowing red rod. Somehow, that warmer-than-usual piece of meat did not felt painful, but just heated up. Then, her mouth went above it, and her tongue stuck out of her lips to give the tip a tickle.

Chris gasped a small breath and she knew he was about to die of anticipation. So, she pressed her lips from the top, and very slowly pushed her mouth downwards, going at such a slow pace he felt his dick was exceptionally long. Nicole was not that great in giving head, but she kept going at a pace that was comfortable to her, making for her lack of skills by focusing on the area under the little head. It was where all the veins converge and the texture felt special on her tongue.

Her head continued bouncing over his lap, and she had to take a break whenever she choked from his size. Many times Chris had told her to stop and it was more than what he’d expect from her, she just pushed his hands away, and kept going. Nicole wanted to please someone for once, and would not stop until she got what she wanted. That very thought was strong in her.

After a painful ten minutes, her throat was beginning to get used to his length, and the gagging was going away. Her mouth could go all the way down and even stay for a few seconds before she had to lift her head away. With the newly acquired ability, she picked up her pace and pushed Chris over the edge, making him moan and struggle like a little girl.

He had not let anyone did this for him before, since he knew how impossible deep throat can get. But he just could not get enough of Nicole’s mouth fuck. Lying against the stairs, the corners of the steps no longer caused any discomfort, for his mind was fading out white with her awesome hardworking spirit.

While she kept going, he was feeling his cum loading onto his balls as well. He felt as high as fuck with her mouth slamming against his groin as deep as she could take. In a random move, Nicole placed her fingers around his balls to have a feel of it and it almost made Chris cum that instant.

Chris: ‘Nicole, I’m cumming.’

She took a pause and opened her mouth wide before he watched his sword come out of her sheath.

Nicole: ‘You dare to drink your own cum?’
Chris: ‘Yeah. I mean, you girls have been doing it for guys.’

Her mouth then went back and moved even faster, gagging her saliva all over his pelvis while his hands reached for her cold ears and lightly held onto them as his balls imploded and forced all his cum out into her mouth. Like a slug, his dick kept creating those little waves along the length while Nicole felt her mouth get filled up.

He was done in a minute and gently lifted her head away, humming as the little suction in her mouth drew out the remains from his shaft. Nicole climbed to his face and sat on his lap before pulling his face in for a kiss, that was so wet and slimy, from the precious life-creating liquid. She slowly passed Chris his cum in that kiss, sucking at the same time as she was pushing it out of her mouth.

The two minutes felt like a lifetime to Chris as he had never needed to taste himself over such a length of time, but she did it. His face did not flinch as she heard him swallowing the load. There was nothing more assuring than to know that at least this guy knew how cum tasted, and swallowing it felt like. They continued making out after he was satisfied and they found themselves closer than before.

As the day ended, they decided to head their separate ways. Nicole’s mind was telling her something different though. It was perhaps the lack of love, that there was so much respect. Somehow, I had to agreed with it after consideration.

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

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