Last Dance

Ever since Irene got married and had two kids of her own, she had dedicated her life to taking care of the household and enjoyed the loving marriage that would make most couples jealous. She had given up on dancing, and took up a gym membership instead to maintain her weight, and partly for her husband who deserved her to look best. Every weekend, she would send the children to her mother’s place to sleepover and she could enjoy the intimate moments with her man, but recently, he was posted overseas for a short assignment, and that particular weekend felt lonely without any plans.

Since it had been almost six years since she last danced, she decided to go to a club, to see what had became of the place she frequented during her teens. She no longer had the figure before birth, but she was on the side of a great looking mature woman, who was faithful in every manner. The evening came and she searched her wardrobe for the toga dress she bought a long time ago, but had no chance to wear after she got pregnant shortly after.

A few dabs of make up and curling of her hair with the iron, she pulled the small dress over herself and was glad to see it fit her better, highlighting her curves. Putting her important belongings into a clutch, she made her way to a familiar club and found a seat by the bar to relax. A few guys did chat her up, but once they saw the ring on her finger, they did not bother to advance and moved on to the many other girls who were single and younger.

The trance-like sensation kicked in after a few shot of drinks and she joined a table of girls who were friendly, also there to just chill and not that wild into pick ups. The group kept drinking and chatting as she placed her clutch in the care of one of the ladies and went to the dance floor. Just in time, the lights went out and the flashing lasers and spotlights came on, flooding her visual with blurring lights.

Almost as soon as Irene walked deeper into the crowd, she felt a hand slid onto her bum and squeezed, she turned around but could not make out who it was among the jumping crowd. A few more hands ‘accidentally’ groped her and one pair even held her breasts for a long second and jiggle them before darting away.

Her drunk state did not bother much with the molestation and started her dance. Deciding to go a little crazier, she spotted an average clubber and went to him, before doing a lap dance in front of him, and grinded her hips onto his groin. She felt his dick hardened and it felt good to know she still had the charm and appeal to turn younger guys on.

The guy then grabbed her hand and pulled her to a side, before forcing his face onto hers and kissed madly, hands roaming behind her and grabbing her butt. The strong but respectful squeeze turned Irene on even more and she responded by grabbing his bulge that was hidden between them. Taking it one step further, she unzipped his pants and fumbled her way in, stroking his enlarged member and making him moan helplessly.

Guy: ‘You’re married?’

Obviously, he felt the ring on her stroking hand and she whispered a yes. He twitched a few times and she gasped as it grew even larger in his pants, to a point she was worried if the zip would still close.

Guy: ‘You want to go to my car?’

That question brought her husband back to her mind and she felt his fingers move up her dress onto her panties. His fingertips then vibrated on her clit and the juices flowed naturally. ‘But no sex’, she requested. The guy pulled his hand out and placed it on her boobs, fondling them as he gave his counter statement, ‘If you can resist’.

She went back to the table and took her clutch, before meeting him at the door, and held his hands as they made their way to his 7 seater. He started the car and turned on the air conditioning, before joining Irene who was smoking outside the car. It was the first stick in years too, being a social smoker meant she had no dependancy on the cigarettes.

The guy then snatched the stick away and stomped it on the ground, shocking Irene. It was a major turn of for her, to be treated this rudely. She was almost going to walk away when she watched him pull out a stick of cigarette from his box and offered it to her.

Guy: ‘Smoke mine.’

He winked and lighted as soon as she placed it on her lips. A deep puff and her mind was clouded with a white screen, her legs went wobbly and she immediately opened the door to take a seat in the car. She quickly sucked away the self-rolled cigarette and pulled him in after she made space for him. There was a little narcotic drug in the roll of cigarette that made her high the instant she took a puff, since her body had no tolerance to the new introduction of the drug.

Without waiting for him, she unbuckled his belt and unzipped him again, tearing a little of his underwear as her body grew needy. Her mouth went straight down for it and she sucked him skilfully, like how she always did it for her husband. The guy was surprised at her skills, and had to quickly grab onto the handle on top of the window for support. She kept sucking and using her tongue to stimulate the whole of his shaft, before finally stopping right under his little mushroom.

The guy knew it was his move next, and he grabbed the headrest on the passenger seat before thrusting his hips upwards, shoving his dick down her throat, which she took the full force and depth with no problem. Unknown to the guy, her panties had soaked up enough liquid more than it could hold and was dripping juices onto his car seat.

Guy: ‘Can I fuck you? Please?’

Guys always have to kill the mood with desperation. Her mouth left his dick and she sat back onto her space, wondering what to do next. The guy did not just let awkwardness fill the car, and grabbed her waist and pulled it towards him, placing her back on the seat and head on the window. He knelt on the floor in an uncomfortable position and pushed his fingers into her pussy, fingering her at the same time while sucking her nipples.

She let him remove the stained underwear and moaned while he did not give up continuing to convince her of the free fuck right before his eyes.

Irene: ‘Do you have a condom?’

The guy reached for the compartment under the front passenger seat and tore the wrapper like a hungry animal, rolling it down his activated missile. He was ready to penetrate her in missionary before she held him still, and changed position with him. The guy excitedly lay down and watched the sex starved woman climb over him, and sat over his dick.

Without doing anything, she began practising her Kegel moves and the guy screamed loudly out of control. He had not expected that at all. Sure enough, his reaction showed Irene he was no match for her husband, who could last a long time in bed despite her killer Kegel moves. She began moving and synchronising her PC muscles as the dick slid in and out of her. Suddenly the guy groaned in anguish and his body fell lifelessly still.

She felt the hot load of napalm spew into the condom and filled it up tight. She remained on top of him as she squeezed her muscles again, forcing the cum out of the rubber hood and onto his underwear. Dismounting off the exhausted cow, she sighed and left him in the car, dirty and tired.

As the door slammed behind her, she was going to take one last peek into the car before a pair of hands pulled her. His hand pressed her face onto his chest and she had no choice but to take in a breath of scent from the unknown man.

It was a familiar smell, one she knew very well. Turning her head upwards, she saw her husband and his smiling face. Tears filled her eyes in record time and she knew explanation had to be done, though it was probably pointless at that time. He kissed her hard and pushed his tongue into her mouth, swirling against her cheeks.

Sam: ‘Lady, would you like to get into my car?’

Irene had no face to look at him but to be led to their family car, also a seven seater, but well furnished with personal TVs at the back of every passenger headrest. He let her enter the last row of seats before getting in from the other side.

Irene: ‘Hubby, I am.. ‘
Sam: ‘Shhh.. It’s okay.’

Bewildered, she could not understand what was happening. His man would actually accept what just happened? He lifted her dress to expose her panties but she had forgotten it in the previous guy’s car. Her shoulder strap was still out of its place and Sam held her in his arms again, but reached into her neckline to undo the strapless bra. He then reached under his dress again to remove it and put her in a more vulnerable situation. She was totally naked underneath.

He laid on the seats and undid his bermudas, removing everything below his waist to show her, her own private missile. She wiped the tears away and went down on him, serving him like the king. Pitting all of her skills for this man who just caught her underwear down with another stranger, it was the least she could do to make up. His weathered hands then dug into her hair and scalp, before forcing her to go as deep as she could, totally like what he would do on bed.

Sam felt heavenly and wished it would never have to end, just like everytime she gave him a blowjob. It was the best relieve no matter how tiring his day was, she would do it for him no matter if he showered, or dirty, or just disinterested. Her mouth was his weakness.

After a while, he had enough and helped his wife up. He put down the middle seat on the second row and asked her to lie on it, right between two seats. Sam then lifted her legs up and together, before ramming his dick into her, this time, more forcefully and heartlessly. It wasn’t revenge or jealousy he felt, it was an indescribable sense of horniness after he saw Irene fucking another guy.

His hips kept moving to make her moan and struggle helplessly, sending the continuous convulsion through her body until she almost fainted. Sam was still far from cumming. The vigorous deep thrust he gave her would not even allow her to use any of her Kegel skills which require preparation and some form of synchronisation.

A good ten minutes of pounding later, he was bored and so he pulled out of her, finally giving her pussy a break. Irene got up with some help and took a quick glance at her own slit, which was sore and sensitive, but still had appetite for more. This time, she got up and straddled herself over him, and sat over his dick. She knew he always loved to be able to look at how worn out he made her and it was a essential sight to keep their relationship strong.

Once she felt his full length inside, she squeezed her killer moves and began rocking the car. Of course, the car was too heavy to move a lot, and the suspensions had legal modifications for the bumpy Malaysia roads. Sam’s head fell onto the back as pleasure took over and flooded his body, which Irene put extra effort to deliver. She was also getting extra stimulation from the tightness she gave, making sure there was no space left untouched on his man’s dick. Other than feeling extra ‘close’, she was applying pressure on random places of his shaft, pushing all the buttons to make him high and shoot.

Before they got married, Sam had secretly learnt how to control his cum by methods of thoughts, visualisation and muscle control at the top secret base, the empty spot between his balls and stick. Seeing Irene got tired and moving slower, he knew she was worn out from the two sessions and he took over the control.

Getting himself off her, he laid her on her back and placed his knees over her head, before bending forward slightly to accommodate his entry into her mouth. She took it in and had a little problem raising her head, but it wasn’t what Sam intended. He moved his hips and made use of her throat, at the same time giving a little pain to himself from the scraping of her teeth.

Without much delay, he placed his dick into her mouth for the last stroke and exited, pressing his dick downwards and shooting his baby-making serum into her mouth. Irene sucked on whatever meat she could reach and drained him off neatly. It was one of the most intense sex they had in a long time. Clearly assisted by the guy earlier to make Sam go this crazy.

The trip back was a more exciting one, with Irene still pantyless and masturbating herself on the journey, even caught by a few passing motorists. She also paid attention to Sam’s exposed dick, which was hardened by her moans from self-pleasuring. Sucking and stroking him throughout the way, they barely made it into the lift where the fucking started right there, broadcasted through the close-circuit camera to the guy at the first level waiting for the lift. I guess it’s a free show for the lonely guy.

Once in the house, the follow up to the car sex initiated and the screams from Irene lasted into the wee hours.

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