Missing Link

*Phone ringing*

Andrew (on phone): ‘Hello? Who is this?’

Girl: ‘Hi! I’m Tiffany. From the company you bought your investment plans from.’
Andrew: ‘Why have I not heard of you before? Where’s Julie?’
Tiffany: ‘She had left the company, your policies had been kept by her on her table but I’ll be the one in charge of you now.’
Andrew: ‘Okay. Is there any problem with my policies?’
Tiffany: ‘Yes, there have been some changes since the last time you made a top up to the investment funds. It’s quite urgent and I need to meet you today if possible.’
Andrew: ‘Now?!’

The digital watch just beeped the hour and it was almost ten at night. She had checked his place of residence and since they live fairly close to each other, he decided to meet her for a while. Receiving the text that she reached his void deck, he pulled his fleece jacket on and went down with his cheque book, ready to pay some penalties or sort.

Tiffany got out of the cab and his eyes was fixated on her well-endowed figure, not too plump to his liking, but with the curves at their right places. She was dressed in a tight pink dress that reached her upper thighs, clearly explaining the necessity to dress well to secure deals. Of course, she would have her limits – or so he thought.

They sat at the stone table at his void deck and she clarified the recent deposits that amounted to over 500k, that the company needed to verify the legitimacy of the funds that was transferred. Since the beginning, he had sold his private property and invested all in the policy he bought, upgrading his account to the ‘high net worth clients’ overnight.

As they spoke about his life where the money came from, Tiffany had lowered her guard and was brought into his pace, laughing and sharing her work life too. Slowly, tiredness took over her expression and she had to constantly rub her eyes till they were bloodshot.

Andrew: ‘Are you wearing contacts? I think you better remove them. You can use my bathroom if you want.’

She felt the sting in her eyes and there was not much options except to go with his plan. She made her way to his bedroom and into the toilet, while he went to get busy in the kitchen. Andrew made an egg sandwich for her but she did not appear for some time after he was done.

He went to his room, and found the worn out girl lying on his bed, hair untied and asleep. Turning off the bathroom lights, he switched on the air conditioning and placed a blanket over her. She stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes, which Andrew signalled to her with his finger on her lips to continue sleeping, but only after she adjusted herself better on the bed. Moving just that bit, she was still short of a little to the pillows but he still brought it to her, and let her head rest on it.

He could not move himself away from the bed after she went back to sleep. Her legs were exposed all the way to her dress, which the blanket had missed and only covered her stomach. The bare shoulders also exposed her sexy collarbones that were protruding, as though yearning for attention. He climbed onto the bed beside her and kissed her neck lightly, which was accessible since she faced sideways.

She kept her head still and let him continued kissing his way up, until his mouth reached her ears and clamped onto her lobes with his lips. Her body reacted immediately by raising one of her legs, which exposed the lacy netted panties under. Placing his hand on her raised knee, he glide down her leg and pressed his palm on her pelvic bone. Patiently, he waited for her legs to part even wider and his fingers began rubbing on her clit.

Her hand suddenly held onto his wrist, and pulled it to the blanket over her tummy, and pushed again, downwards. This time, his fingers went into her panties and her hand fell away. He could feel her juices flowing as he continued rubbing her clit, and when she got wet enough, he slid his finger into her pussy and remained inside while he wriggle his tips around.

Tiffany turned her head to him and took his lips away from her ear, swiping her tongue into his mouth and frenched so ever sexily. She reached blindly for his hips and he helped her by moving himself closer. Feeling the tent with the manhood waiting under his shorts, she too slipped her fingers into her shorts and reached straight for his dick, and stroked it in the constrained space.

Andrew did not wait for long before removing his shorts along with his underwear, and let her hand worked him to a solid hardness. Lightly, he made his way between her legs and she opened wide enough for him to do what he wanted. Using the tip of his little one, he pushed her panties to the side and positioned it a little deeper so it would not slip out.

Then, her hands reached for his waist and pulled his undecided body, tickling him with her nails as she invited him ‘in’. Gentlemanly, he made his way in, inches by inches, splitting the closely shut muscles apart. By the time he was fully in, her head had tilted backwards and moans were just waiting to escape. The inner devil in Andrew took over once the pleasure spots were in contact and the speed gained quickly onto them.

His dick began thrusting uncontrollably and her pussy was so tight a squishing sound was heard. The juices had seeped into his bedsheets and was forming a patch. But it did not bother them at all. She feebly held onto the back of her knees and tried to raise them high enough to rest on his shoulders. Andrew immediately understood what she wanted and he placed them over his broad neck muscles. Pushing her upper thighs together, the tightness of her pussy got a little overwhelming for him, which was perfectly what she wanted – to feel every inch of his dick.

Coupled with contracting her vaginal muscles, she did not expect that position to be so overpowering that it made her scream the moment he started pounding, making her lose control and had to reach frantically around for something to hold on to. Cause if she didn’t she might just lose her mind in the process. Her eyelids remained tightly shut and her head was throwing around left and right, trying her best not to black out of this intense pleasure.

Tiffany: ‘I’m cumming again!’

It was the third time she cried out, but Andrew could not feel any difference, since she was already so tight around him. His dick pistoned in and out of her, stimulating the G-spot with every move, until he gave in and gave up holding in.

Andrew: ‘I have to cum this time.’

This time?! Does it mean he had been controlling all these while? Tiffany nodded and let her legs fall off his shoulders. Andrew continued ramming his rod into her overheating tunnel and as his climax approached, he pulled out of her quickly and tried to wade to her face. While he just got his hips over her waist, the shaft disobeyed and shot the powerful get of cream onto her neck, spraying sticky cum over her chin and some onto his blanket which was over her.

Without any more bullets, he got off her body and went to the side of the bed, which Tiffany opened her mouth and he gave her the meat stick as dessert, letting her lick around his shaft before giving his mushroom a hard suck, which fired a projectile, thoroughly emptying the barrel. Along with the remanants Tiff sucked out, was also his last breath of energy and he had to fumble around to get his body back to the bed, on the other side of Tiffany. Panting and heaving, his breath finally caught up with him and he fell asleep naked beside her.

The next morning, Tiffany woke up to an empty house and as she was leaving, a filled form for a new investment plan caught her eyes, and made her day when she saw the 250k cheque lying beside the pile of documents. It wouldn’t be too bad if that was all she had to do to close a deal, right? After all, we’re talking about a 100k commission from the investment policy.

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