Confusion in Office

Sarah don’t even know why was she feeling this way. The guy she barely knew, standing behind her, plunging his rod deep into her, sending waves of pleasure into her unwilling body, clearly enjoying the freshness and leeching on her desire to be filled. Did the unconscious act of ‘trying to push him out’ created a tightness that the bizarre sex so satisfying? Her fingers that were below massaging her clit to relax wasn’t helping, instead, turning her on even more. The pain came from the depth, the pleasure came from the speed, every powerful thrust was sufficient to knock her out, but the quick pulling out was keeping her awake. As much as a slut she was, she didn’t like how dirty it made her feel.

The ‘unfortunate’ incident happened when she thought it was safe to change in her cubicle at work. It wasn’t the first time Sarah did it, but it was just one of the few rare occasions when she was invited to club at events like friend’s birthday. And the guy she barely knew was in another department, the I.T. side. Despite the different level allocated, the Sales and I.T. side do have some relation, especially when equipments break down. A bunch of the guys had girls they fantasize about in the Sales side, so they installed spy cameras which was easily viewable at their desks since the cables run everywhere.

Sarah was changing from her usual blouse and pants into a satin wrap skirt and a purple off-shoulder top. Larry, who was working overtime, saw her braless and pantyless and couldn’t control himself any longer. She had a habit of not wearing panties since people could tell through her tight skirt. Going commando was her style, but no one knew – until Larry came along. He dashed with Olympic timing to where her cubicle was and sneaked behind her. Disregarding any thoughts of sanity, he grabbed her the moment she stood up after wearing her 4-inch heels. Sarah screamed, but there was no one around to even hear her, let alone save her. Never once she thought such things would happen to her, since she always goes to club with friends, and they were just about to arrive to pick her up. If only she arranged to meet earlier.

Larry ripped the off-shoulder to her waist and allowed her breasts to bounce obscenely free, his strong arms had already pinned her to the table to restrict her arms movement. He then pulled her skirt and watched it dropping to the ground in his favour.

Larry: ‘Slut.’

He lifted one of her legs to a side onto the rolling office chair and took a moment to free his bird. It didn’t matter if she was wet enough, his pre-cum was already forming on his tip. He forced himself into her and found a slight wetness inside, which made the rest of the work easier. He was slamming into her, enjoying the service of this young commando slut, sadly blessed with a body everybody wants to fuck. Sarah was moaning before she even realised it. Her body had given in to his mindless pounding, admitting that this was exactly what she wanted by dressing up that way.

Her body wanted attention, no. Her pussy wanted attention. Her nipples were the ones waving, and her slit was waiting for a french kiss by a strong penis. His member was long, thick and hot unlike her boyfriend’s. It was like a key, going it and out of a lock, made to fit, the one and only. Just that it was six inches long. Juices was already being squeezed out of her pussy, and her breasts were sore from the pressure. But she knew it has to be over one way or another.

With her fingers massaging between her legs, the sudden tightness sucked the life out of Larry and she thrust her hips backwards, throwing him off his balance onto the floor and letting his thick cum spray wastefully onto the carpet.

Sarah: ‘You should die fucker!’

She ended his father’s day by stepping on his flaccid dick while he was trying to get up. You guys can imagine which part of the heels she used right? Sarah pulled up her skirt and put on the top she wore for work with a pair of panties she carried in her bag. Somehow, there was more tears than blood from Larry.

Fortunately, the cameras were discovered and taken down, with Larry and friends thrown into jail. Sure, there are some girls who seemed to be asking to get raped. But sadly, the word ‘seemed’ is the reason to keep thoughts and fantasies in heads.

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