Red Tide

WARNING! The story below contains depiction of blood (menses). Please proceed with caution.

Christel: ‘Kor, wake up.’
Me: ‘Yes? It’s just.. 4am and it’s a Sunday.’
Christel: ‘I’m having my menses.’
Me: ‘Then?’
Christel: ‘Just come.’

I followed my sister behind closely into the toilet and she removed her soiled panties. I wasn’t even sure what she wanted me to do, since it was her period. Nonetheless, her cleaning up was making me a little horny, but the blood was getting into the way of my thoughts. After she placed her soiled bottoms into the laundry basket, she removed her pink nightie and hanged it on the wall.

Me: ‘Christel, what am I here for?’
Christel: ‘Kor, help me wash up.’

She lifted my shirt and I obliged, stripping down to nothing and rinsing her body with warm water. It took a little more effort to clean her up, still, she was my sister and I couldn’t leave her mess to herself. After we were done, a single stream of blood was still flowing down her legs.

Christel: ‘My stomach. Ouch! Let’s wait for a while for it to stop so I can put on a pad.’

My 14 years old little sister was standing in front of me, while I scrubbed her back. And now, she bent down in front of me to reach for her pussy, washing the blood away as it came. Both of us knew it would take some time.

Me: ‘Christel, stay where you are.’

I stroked my semi-interested penis to hardness and the slight contact with her opening was preparing her mentally for what’s about to come. With patience, she waited whilst I achieved maximum density. Then her sweet voice came into the squishing sound of the body soap I used to start my rod.

Christel: ‘Ahhh.. ahh.. ‘
Me: ‘What are you moaning for?’
Christel: ‘To help you get hard faster? It’s not just blood below now.’

She tilted forward and thin strands of her cum was dripping onto the floor, pinkish in colour. True enough, little sister was getting hornier as the waiting got longer. I quicken my pace and it was big enough to do the job.

I pulled her hips closer to me and pierced into her glory hole. Wasting no time, I pumped her as fast as I could, since there was no one except my older sister, who was sound asleep from the drinking she had. *piak piak piak* Echoed through the tiny shower in our house, my dick was covered in blood, but that was where the superb lubrication came into play. Christel was high, more than usual, her juice was busy diluting the bloody mess but that was the least of our concerns. This time felt different from any other, she was tight – damn tight.

The cramps she had was painful but as a brother, I was doing my job to ease the pain, using pleasure. Sad to say, the tightness was causing me unbearable ecstasy and the whole scene was soon to come to an end.

Christel: ‘Kor! Are you cumming soon? I can feel it. Slow down, slow down.’

I did as she asked and went into the controlled pace, with me spending more time ‘inside’ her than pounding. 4am was a time that if my body was horny, it would want to get the deed done with and over. But my sister wasn’t so easily satisfied, because as long as her menses continued, her sex drive would be higher too. This was just the opening ceremony.

She climbed onto the toilet cover and opened her legs wide, massaging her clit as her pussy gasped for a rest. My dick was still twitching from the over-excitement, but left alone. After a minute or so, Christel took me by my hand and guided my dick back where it belonged. I hammered the life out of her and barely five minutes, she felt the thrusters working and I was more than ready to cum.

Me: ‘Inside?’

She squeezed her pussy tighter for my answer and as I passed the point-of-no-return, warm thick sperms creamed into her, like how a can of whipped cream would, in pulses, with much harder force. For the sensitivity was over-bearing, I stayed in her as my dick twitched lifelessly.

Pulling myself out was quite a pity and a relieve. With pre-cum mix of blood and juice, the remains splattered onto the floor. Of course, the same blend inside her pussy was also oozing out, flowing from the seat onto the ceramics of the toilet. We washed ourselves up again and her bleeding had stopped by then, allowing her to put on the one of many pads she will be using.

Tucking cosily into my chest, Christel fell asleep soon and the scent from her was making me feel all safe and secure. Who wouldn’t give his sister his everything? Incest? I know, wrong. But just like when guys cum, there is a moment when doing anything would not stop the ejaculation. Since we’ve past that moment, why not ride on the sensitivity and pleasure till the end? There will be another point in time when it has to end.

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