Turning Sexy

Baby was a girl who had insecurities wearing skirts or dresses, though she claimed she felt better wearing dresses than short skirts. So, I went to Etsy and ordered boy shorts for her, along with a skirt that was made of a nice cotton and spandex material. Last week, she tried the shorts and it felt comfortable, intimately close but not too tight like panties, and more versatile than FBTs since it was not that thick and wide at the thighs.

We met yesterday and she wore both the shorts and skirt, with a cute monster print black t-shirt. Since she doesn’t have heels, she came in her usual pink slippers. It was quite a sight to behold, she felt natural in it without any awkwardness and I felt different from satisfied. I was far from satisfied, according to the tightness in my jeans.

Me: ‘I’m horny.’

I whispered into her ears outside Mos Burger of AMK Hub. She cheekily looked at me and grinned.

Me: ‘Let’s go for a walk before going to my place.’

I led her hand-in-hand to the upper floors where the cinemas were. Going past the capsule vending machines, I was looking forward to the door which movie-goers would exit from. Within just three minutes of waiting, the door flung open and the few audience walked out. Quickly stopping the door before it closed, I pulled her in and went down a flight of stairs, away from the window pane in the door below and even further away from the exit of the theater, so we could hear if anyone is coming our way.

There wasn’t much to do on her side, just bending over and awaiting the docking procedure. I was in a more troubled position, requiring me to undo my jeans and underwear. Braving the risk of invading privacy, I took off my shoes and jeans in record time, and put on a PT shorts and slippers I was carrying in my flight bag (which contained dirty laundry since I was heading home after book out). Putting the tight waist band below my five incher, I lifted her skirt up and lowered her shorts with my other hand.

With her hands free, baby used one to guide my sausage between her two slices of bread. As the self-producing ‘butter’ lubricated our abrasion, I increased my tempo with it, bearing in mind that her body gets wet slower and usually doesn’t produce juices. This time, however, her juices was dripping onto my slippers between her legs and we were reaching terminal velocity, ramming in and out of her without the elastic hindrance of her panties. I wasn’t keen in changing position as this (standing doggie) was her favourite and generally quickest to recover from if we were seen.

The rear humping lasted a short five minutes and I slowed to a controllable speed, just in case I lose the wheel and cause any accidents.

Baby: ‘Are you shooting?’

Me: ‘Yeah. You’re squeezing me so tightly.’

Baby: ‘Hehe.’

This little girl learnt to push her muscles together to make it extremely stimulating to force her tunnel open and squeezing me outwards so I have to thrust with a bit more effort. She gently pushed me out of her and turned around, kissing me passionately while she adjusted her shorts and skirt. Baby then squatted with her legs open to show me the moist part of the satin shorts material. Her mouth went around my pinky and sucked hard, slurping in and out as deep as possible, working her tongue in circles around my little head. I was caught tip-toeing in ecstasy while she increased her speed to send me shivering and sending warm whipped yoghurt into her mouth. Sealing tightly around the head, she tickled my pee hole lightly and took everything in her mouth.

Baby: ‘Hmm!’

I gave my baby girl a kiss and she spat the nutritional man essence in the middle of the steps. Licking her lips deliciously, we frenched for a while longer before going to clean ourselves up. Well, the bus ride home was quite uneventful, baby was discretely rubbing herself through the shorts beneath the skirt till we reached my room for another few wild rounds with just her skirt on.

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