Jovin needed one more person to be eligible for a S$45 trip to Bintan, and I needed a cheap getaway since my number of leave days weren’t unlimited. We arrived in the morning and since it was like those group-purchase discounted offers, we hardly had a clue about the accommodation plans, which meals did we have to pay on our own and what can we do if we decide not to follow the group. One of the staff brought us to our room and the two beds looked awesomely soft to jump onto.

Jovin: ‘I want the window view!’

Being the gentleman, I took the one nearer to the door and unpacked my chargers, since there weren’t too many pieces of clothes brought along. Having no plans till the evening time, Jovin stripped her sun dress to her cute lacy pink undies and strolled naturally into the bathroom, which boasts a tub big enough for two.  Under my blankets, blood was stirring into my dragon, waiting to be unleashed – if there was even such a chance.

After tapping away on my phone to update my location, the music blasting in the showers stopped and the door slid ajar. Her head then popped out, almost revealing her naked self.

Jovin: ‘Can pass me my clothes?’

I went over to her bed and took the stack topped with a yellow bra and thongs of matching colours to her.

Me: ‘Need help?’
Jovin: ‘Go to hell lah!’

After a few moments, she came back out in just her top and thongs, probably with bra on too. As  I was waiting for close to 30 minutes for her to be done, I was close to falling asleep. Suddenly, she pulled my blanket off the bed and jumped on me, landing perfecting with her butt over my mountain.

Jovin: ‘Wah lau! You are so horny ah?’
Me: ‘Uhh.. sorry?’
Jovin: ‘Say sorry for what? Hehe. I was quite glad that you could make it here with me. I was sort of getting wetter than what the bath made me.’

With that, she tugged my shorts off and stared blankly at my wide monster.

Jovin: ‘It’s so big.. and it’s moving on its own.’
Me: ‘Yeah. Pretty girl looking at it mah.’

She slid down my thighs and rested her head on the bolster beside my hips, watching it carefully while gently teasing it by poking and drawing strokes with her fingertips. She carefully held my foreskin with two fingers and pulled it down, to expose the surprisingly clean head (even I was surprised).

Jovin: ‘Even my boyfriend’s one isn’t as clean and nice as yours.’
Me: ‘Nice?’

Her small mouth then went over my little head and held it for a moment, to allow the salivating to moisten the trip downwards. Jovin was a freelance model, working part time in various high paying events like I.T. Show and cosmetics advertisements. Not your conventional tall, beautiful girl, but a petite, cute one that works best for game shows and events with children’s involvement. Her lips was of perfect thickness, brushing up against the mild veins and vessels pumping my dick full of blood. Her tongue was skilfully stroking the underside of my shaft, putting in extra attention to the groove where the shaft and head connects.

After five minutes of her heavenly fellatio, her soft small hands took over and we changed position. Her pillow supported her hips while I took her position, kneeling Japanese style between her arched legs. The height was perfect for appetiser. I worked my tongue all over her pussy, reaching as deep into her pussy as I could, flicking up and down the whole length of her slit. Finally, when she started to moan louder and taps started work to lubricate herself for penetration, I focused on her clit, sucking and rolling both my lips over it, pressing tight on to it before pulling my mouth away.

Jovin: ‘Come come, don’t lick anymore. I want you inside me now.’

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I prepared myself outside her entrance. Pulling herself up, we hugged tightly as I savoured the moment her pussy was split open by my dragon. The penetration was disrupted once I entered close to 75% of my full length, something was pushing against me very tightly, and it felt foreign.

Me: ‘Jovin, is this the maximum you can take me?’
Jovin: ‘I don’t know. It stops there every time.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. Okay. I’ll try pushing it deeper k?’

Her legs wrapped tightly around me and I pressed harder onto her freshly showered body, forcing the unexplored area open for my entry. Her head swung backwards as I kept my position to keep her open. Body started convulsing and I started pumping her. Everything was happening very wildly and I had to calm her down by pausing for many times, in case I lose control. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes passed without changing position, and my mind trying desperately not to cum to make this trip last a little longer.

Finally, as I tried pulling my dick out due to over-sensitivity, her calves pulled me back into the tightened walls and squeezed the trigger to my 6 – 7 rounds of sperms, loading into her like pressing on those squirt-type shampoo bottles. Jovin’s body arched backwards as her pussy went into a few rounds of orgasms. As her body trashed around a mildly, I went on to empty my remaining rounds by continuing to pump her, slurping my dick in and out of her wetness, going for the second round of clearing. Within the ten minutes I lasted for round two, her body was at its limit, tightness to a point my body screamed warning signs at me not to push in or pull out, for it may just explode again.

To beat that would means to cum, which I needed so I can let her rest and get some for myself too. My dick was about halfway out before I creamed into her, like a can of whip cream filling her to the brim, for that few drops to trickle down her pussy onto the sheets.

After a long pause, her motionless body went into slumber and I cleaned most of the mess up, giving her a simple wipe down and dressing her in the casual clothes. She slept till dinner time and I was there watching over her the whole while. She might be a little rebellious, but her happy and cute nature would make guys fall involuntarily in love with her, same to girls with an open and jovial character.

Jovin: ‘Did you help me put on my clothes? And you didn’t sleep?’
Me: ‘Yeah. So you won’t feel used? Haha. I’m not tired anyway.’

Dinner buffet ended with a few guys in their teens trying to hook up with Jovin, but they soon got turned off when she stayed close to me. We left as everyone did and went back to our room for the non-stop action we had in mind unanimously. Her pussy was still well lubricated with my cum when we started our night activities.

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She work as a freelance model.. cars.. Ir shows.. etc..haha not nice saying her full name out though… but.. did u wrote this? Omg.. had a great fun huh?! Hahas.. 22years old I think she is hahas

Haha. Yeah. I’ve did a few shoots in the past. Yupp. I am the one who wrote it.

Omg.. I mean.. in actualy fact u did it and not an imaginary write up? Haha envy much bro! All the best for more!

Oh. Haha. That one will be up to your imagination if its real or not le. Hehe. Won’t tell.

Haha I know… to remain discreet.. but.. haha.. I think its true.. haha. Jia yous more stories in!! Theme “sisters” one? Haha

Can give it a try. But won’t be so easy ba. Haha. Girl on girl usually seen in porn only.

I mean sibling..? Sister and brother? Haha incest but.. yea quite cool haha

Oh. That. Haha. Got a few lined up already. Just gotta hang on for a while before it gets published.

Haha damm! Great! Sisters fbt.. aroused brother.. so etc etc.. somethig liddat … haha ! Jia yous.. gogo!

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