Does it turn you on when a girl comes out into the corridor in just an oversized t-shirt and seemingly nothing below? After wearing the boy shorts I bought for her a few times, she was pretty happy with the comfort and had something to confess a few things to me.

Baby: ‘There was one day I woke up and had to buy something downstairs. So I just went out after taking my wallet. It was only at the mama shop when I realised I looked like I wasn’t wearing any bottom. The shop uncle was staring at my legs while giving me my change – which was more than what I gave him. Anyway, I just took the money and left.’

Since it was ten in the morning when she went downstairs, too many eyes were on her and it made her uncomfortable, so she quickly scrambled back home to settle her hungry stomach. Nonetheless, she claimed it made her felt a little naughty and she was so tempted to keep teasing those lustful eyes. She did however went down again in the black skirt I gave her, pulling it higher to reveal more of her thighs.

Making her way to the bus stop sure gathered more lustful eyes onto her. She was a sex magnet, making hard ons point at her. The bus came a lot later and she boarded the bus, noticing the driver’s eyes between her legs as she climbed the steps. That lucky guy’s bus was those older ones, with a higher steps. Not too lucky though, since she was just wearing boy shorts below, darkened enough to keep the suspense ongoing. The bus had vertical seats behind the driver, which baby took her place on and needless to say, the two guys opposite her was giving the awkward faces as they struggled to keep their eyes off her skirt. For the trip, she didn’t cross her legs no matter how insecure she felt. The little triangular of mystery seemed so unbearable for the guys who boarded the bus whom had their eyes glued to her slender long legs, and those who stood and sat in front of her. ‘If only..’

As it reached Ang Mo Kio Interchange, she stood up and got off the bus to meet me in front of Mos Burger. Waiting there for about ten minutes, she didn’t realised her legs weren’t closed until I told her about it, giving the public going down the escalator a feast for their eyes. For the whole day, it was merely the darkness that made minds went wild. Not the colour or absence of panties, but the fun and thrill.

We went home I had to start pulling her boy shorts off in the lift, which she gave in to quickly, since she couldn’t resist the surprise attack. Once the door slammed behind us in my room, dickie escaped into pussy and her attempt to mute herself turned me on too much. I shall leave it to your imagination about the rest of the time we spent together.

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Imagination keeps one’s mind alive and fantasy builds the rest..

Nice one with yr partner.

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