Train Quickie

Lyna was sitting beside me on the train ride to Joo Koon,  where I usually walked to my camp. Wearing a pink floral short dress, guys of all ages were sitting opposite us, feasting their eyes on her no matter how short their ride are. It was fairly packed but since we were not on the reserved seats, tiredness was haunting her, from the studying she did for the last paper for O levels tomorrow.

After we transfer to the west bound train at Jurong East, we stood for a few stops until we reached Boon Lay, were most passengers got off. She pulled me to the couple seats behind the train conductor’s door and covered both our thighs with her hand-knitted shawl. Naughty fingers had undid my zip and sneaked inside to stir the little monster awake. There were a few sleeping passengers, but they were too far away to see what she was up to. Once the cabins emptied themselves at Pioneer station, my jeans button came off and she was giving me a full handjob under the piece of cloth.

As usual, the train paused in the middle of the two stations (Joo Koon and Pioneer) to let the oncoming on to pass. One minute passed and Lyna was getting impatient. She stood up and adjusted my dick out of the boxers I wore, standing in full view of any sharp eyes.

Me: ‘Lyna! Are you sure?’

She lifted her dress above her hips and took her strings off. Coincidentally, the train’s cabins stopped at a curve which hid us from anyone looking in our direction. I moved the the edge of the seat and she sat over my excited rod. We immediately went onto our deed without considering how much time we had, her butt was slamming onto my thighs, stretching her pussy open and inwards, giving her the quickest fuck I could imagine.

After a few minutes, Lyna climbed onto the seats barefooted and lowered herself over me, in cowgirl’s position, and continued whacking my sore thighs (from the swim earlier). Not knowing how much time we had, she tightened her muscles for as long as she could, while enjoying the impaling of my spear. Suddenly, a train in the opposite direct shoot past us and a warm stream of juice flowed over my balls. At her tightest, she increased her pace to get me cumming almost immediately.

Me: ‘Lyna, I’m cumming!’

She hopped off me onto the floor silently and went down on me. A few seconds into her wet pink lips was all I needed to give her the reward she worked so hard for. Lyna was a rare girl who enjoyed the taste of cum and how warm it felt in her stomach. She slurped up whatever was overflowing and helped me got dressed. We were only 2 minutes away from Joo Koon, but it was more than enough for us to get dressed and cleaned up.

I left the train for her to return home on her own. She was still standing at the door pulling her dress sideways innocently to check if she would give herself away, a dark patch of wetness at the hemlines showed her she did. Parting way, pouting lips, she waved goodbye to me as I walked towards the nearest stairs, smiling gleefully as I reached into my bag to feel her wet G-strings.

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