It was 3am when Rinnie was home from studying, the burden of college life was hardly giving her any time off to play. Since it was a Saturday, there was no hurry to get home early. To reach her block, she will have to cut through a series of blocks and cross some eerie multi-storey carparks. About 30 metres  away was her letterbox, which she had to check everyday for bills.

*footsteps  shuffling behind her*

She turned around and found no one. Singapore was very safe, too scary for anyone to be committing any crimes, unless they were desperate, usually for money, or angry. Maybe she might get robbed, but she was just steps away from her lifts. After discarding the unwanted flyers, she passed a wall behind a flight of stairs and got pulled by her hair, and covered with a cloth reeking of Chloroform. Being in D&T in secondary school, she knew the side effects of direct inhaling. Her limbs felt weak and the pain from the pulling of her hair was making her eyes swell with tears.

Placing her at the lower end of a flight of stairs, her eyes could only see ‘3’ but not mutter any words. Reluctantly, she closed her eyes and gave in to the ordeal. Though she was close to fainting, the fumes from the solution didn’t knock her out, making her feel every bit of the disgusting rape she was going through.

Her small shorts were pulled down and off from her thin legs, and shirt lifted up to forcefully tug her tube bra to her waist. The man then angled her knees up and fondled her B cups like he haven’t touched a woman before (maybe he really never had one before) while going down on her, sucking and nibbling on her clit so hard that Rinnie couldn’t help but wet herself. Her pee sprayed hard into a distance and the assailant carried her from the back, holding both her legs wide open as the splashing sounds of her pee further shamed her. He then carried her to the next floor above and continued his clit attack, forcing her to orgasm against her mind. Streams of clear thick juice oozed and he knew she was ready, but unwilling.

Unzipping his pants, Rinnie turned her head away and bit her lips as he placed his rod at her entrance. Slowly pushing into her soft wet muscles, his dick was throbbing harder than before. The both of them had something in common, pleasure deprived for over a week. Her pussy was at her tightest from the fear and humiliation, and he was at his biggest from the thrill and excitement. As he continuously sunk his rod into the honey dip, the heavenly feeling clouded his mind, sending his hips into autonomous movement. She couldn’t feel any worse, to be abused, or to be enjoying the rape against her body’s wishes.

The longest twenty minutes of hell passed and the man was pumping her at a faster pace, making her drips of juice splatter onto the floor. He had then lifted her legs above his shoulders in missionary, meat slapping her violently. Groans, moans, and the first words were heard from him.

Man: ‘I’m cumming!’

Whispering a soft ‘No’, the rapist hardly heard her but he had no intention of leaving even more DNA behind. He pushed himself off after a few strong thrusts and emptied his balls on her breasts, stomach and legs. He then zipped up and smoked a joint before leaving, staining her body with the smell of tobacco.

Rinnie recovered in an hour’s time and made her way home, still in a dilemma to tell someone about what happened to her.

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