My sister, Christel, was slumped at the doorstep after pressing the bell thrice and I had to lug her body in. The smell of alcohol was engulfing her room, but I didn’t care. I just stripped her naked and carried the 43kg body into the bathroom. After I placed her in the tub, I gave her a quick rinse and slipped on a large t-shirt over before putting her on the bed.

A slight fever was running by then and I also decided to stay by her since she might just vomit anytime, ruining the shower I gave her. As the grandfather clock stroke three, I was back in my room, rummaging through the package that arrived today. I ordered the thumb cuffs out of curiosity, but it seemed like a good chance to quickly see if it fitted nicely onto her.

Sitting by the side, I took her hands above the headboard frame and locked them up between the poles. I lifted her shirt to reveal the hardened nipples that looked so delicious no matter what situation she was in. Taking a whiff of her young body, I cupped my warm hands over her breasts and gave them a little massage. Her wide opened legs gathered shiny reflection of moisture, which meant she was ready for more. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time we siblings did it.

Me: ‘Christel?’

Not intending to stop even if she was sober, my left hand went down her naval and reached her legs. Her knees were already up and apart, probably to ease the heat. My middle finger then started rolling around her clit, pressing, pinching, pulling her to ecstasy. Her nipples were getting harder in my mouth and pussy wetter over my fingers.

Sister: ‘Kor, what are you doing?’

Her face was in shock but wasn’t struggling to get out of the situation, since her body was telling me she enjoyed it more than her mind told her not to. Reaching between her thighs, her pussy lips parted before my fingers arrived and was twitching like an oyster meeting lemon juice. I pushed my middle fingers down her slit and into the sea of abyss. I kept up my fingering for a good few minutes before her breath got too quick for her to say anything.

Sister: ‘Kor.. inside.. ‘

Freeing her thumbs from cuffs, I turned her body over into doggie, lying almost flat on the bed, but with her bolster  placed under her hips for a little elevation. Pinning her from the back, I pushed my dick into her and started sliding it in and out, a few almost pushing it into her butt hole by accident. As her bolster get wetter, my dick was covered in her thick cum enough for an anal attempt. Secretly, I opened her ass crack and pushed a little of my dick head in, then inching slowly inside her, still pumping, but slowly a bit at a time. Finally, as my base touched her butt, the tightness was at her maximum and I began speeding up.

Christel suddenly turned over and tried to push me away, but being the stronger one, I kept going and her body slumped onto the bed again, drooling all over her sheets and submitting to my dominance. Her pussy was getting wetter than what our usual fucking made her and her ass was contracting and expanding randomly, adding the sensation of something never felt before.

Another ten minutes passed and the controlling was harder than before in her ass than pussy. As I was close to cumming, I leaned onto her back and whispered.

Me: ‘Mei, I’m cumming!’

With tears in her eyes, she asked if I was still inside her butt. I nodded and she wearily asked, ‘Can you cum inside?’

Pushing myself back up, I rammed hard and deep anally and her pussy tightened along with her ass, sucking my balls dry of cum and keeping my softening dick trapped between sensitivity and vacuum. Giving her my final bit of strength, I endured the overwhelming pleasure and yanked my semi-hard dick out.

Me: ‘Christel, are you okay?’

Sister: ‘Kor, you called me mei earlier.’

Me: ‘Yeah. I did. You okay or not?’

Sister: ‘I felt closer to you after you called me as your sister. Yeah. It felt good, but the tears just came. I don’t know why too.’

I brought her into the shower for another wash up and placed her back onto bed. Staying by her side till I unknowingly fell asleep.

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