Wake Up

Out of a 100 females;

2 will be so easily turned on by slight vibrations.

2 will go panty-less and get turned on by excitement.

2 will be bra-less to experience their inner fetish of being naked beneath.

2 will be fantasizing of being raped wherever they go.

2 will be turned on by glare and stares from dirty old men.

2 will be fantasizing about having sex with someone they came across.

2 will have panties soaked with their juices mixed with cum.

2 will be fucking horny due to the menses.

2 will have their hands in their pockets / purses cycling through the vibration mode of their wireless toys.

2 will be turned on by their own sexy underwear.

2 will be filled with cum still warm in their bottoms.

2 will be touching themselves under their desks through their clothes.

2 will be grinding themselves on railings somewhere to get off.

2 will be receiving a pizza delivery in their oversized tops without anything below.

2 will be wearing clothes made of translucent materials and pretend to be demure and gentle.

2 will be thinking of how to surprise their partners on bed.

2 will be slutty exhibitionists who crosses and uncross their legs to let some ‘light’ escape.

2 will be reading sex stories in their handheld.

2 will be sexting and switching to other screens quickly.

2 will be blushing from the quickie they had during lunch.

2 will be in the toilet masturbating themselves silently listening to their men on the other line.

2 will be rubbing themselves with their shower head while their husbands leave for work.

2 will be getting orgasms after orgasms from the sex they had behind their spouses’ back.

2 will be blowing random men that chatted them up.

2 will be left high and neglected after having sex drunk.

Time to wake up.

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