Lacy Satin

Me: ‘Let’s try this block. The flats here are very old.’

Adel: ‘Umm. Anything?’

The HDBs around Jurong West were newly painted, but the structure used the old designs, with fully concealed stairwell. Perfect location for the adventurous outdoors. Adel and I met up at Jurong Point to pick up her passport sized photos, and we made our way back to her house. Of course, her  family was home, so we took off to the stone table and stools nearby.

Upon entering the lift, I angled her chin upwards and received the shyest kiss ever. Her angelic soft lips were like warm marshmallows, tantalising right to the core. Having twelve floors to go, so my tongue came forth to wet her lips, which she slightly opened hers to feel my tongue pushing through. Well, how long can a lift take right? We reached and had to pause. As expected, the stairs were very well hidden with a window above which allowed the cool breeze to come through.

The two of us sat quietly on the steps for a few minutes before I tilted her head again, continuing to kiss her. Adel was unusually quiet and motionless, probably due to her shyness. My hands were sliding up her thighs, going between her legs and massaging through her shorts. Before diving in, her breasts were calling out for attention and I had to give them some.

Adel has such firm boobs under her baggy shirt, and centimetre long nipples hiding in her bra, which I couldn’t resist rolling them with a pinch till her breathing was audible. Teaser was over in a while and it became easier to help her undo her pants, since she was almost lying down on the steps. Button off and zipper down. My hands struggled a little into her soft satin blue panties with laces at the edges.

A tight small slit met my fingers and the journey south was filled with excitement as moisture gathered. Pushing my hands deep into her pants, I managed to find her tiny clit and attacked with quick flicking. Short, soft moans were felt down my neck and shivering legs could not hide her ecstasy. A little lower and I slipped my index finger into her pleading hole. It has been close to six months since anything pleasurable came close.

After a few moments, the angle my hand was in got the tiredness out of me. Just as I pulled my hand out, a quick pace walked to the lift landing at the floor above our flight of stairs. Adel got up to adjust her shorts in a hurry. The stranger arrived and left soon. I stood up and accompanied her against a wall, hugging and kissing her once more. This time, her soft, wet tongue greeted and experienced a friendly tongue fight.

Me: ‘Want to put it in? Help me take it out.’

With our lips joined, her right hand came and assisted mine to undo my jeans, freeing the sword from the rocks. Adel used the pipes as support and bent over, as I attempted to pierce into her. After a few tries, another set of footsteps came and left, leaving us seated on the steps in cold sweat.

That little scare was more than enough to weaken me, but of course, it was kinetic charging. I led Adel’s hand to it and she did her magic, restoring life into it. Not taking another chance for someone to come by, I helped her up and bent her over the steps, before waving my tool into her – raw.

Damn she was tight, I thought it was my fingers that got tired, but it’s the extraordinary enclosement inside that required more energy out of my digits. I thrust into her, and that person who coined the phrase ‘good things don’t last’ was right. The foreplay, my horny-ness, her tightness, her sexily adorable moans, made me lose control in no time. Shame on me, I could even count how many times I pumped. Maybe if you knew how good I felt, you could forgive me.

Me: ‘Where do I shoot? Inside?’

*Adel shaking her head.*

Me: ‘Outside?’

*Adel nodded.*

A few unwilling strokes and I pulled out, creaming onto the floor while I swapped my fingers in, dipping in and out so quickly I could feel her squeezing. About three minutes later, I finished my graffiti on the concrete floor  and got seated after clean up. Tired I sure was, but her body was an orgasmic ride that will take a long time to get over. We kissed, we rested.

Like how all good things end, we went our separate ways so we can find each other again.

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