Morning PT

Perline: ‘I need to draw my bunk keys.’

Me: ‘Just write your particulars and sign here.’

As I took the keys from the press, I couldn’t help but glance through her wide PT collar, which allowed some view of her black sports bra to escape. She smiled sweetly and thanked me before leaving the office. I was one of the two guys on duty, Jim taking his time to catch some sleep from the late night of soccer last night. Perline was the only female in this cohort, 24 (from her NRIC 1987), medium sized lady whose body wasn’t scarily toned from the training of the army. Having such great governance, it was the place to sign a contract with. Safe, secure and virtually no risks of a war, still if the times call for them, they would at least fight to survive. Long hair to her back, slender sharp face, bright charismatic features, definitely helped her to get to where she was now.

She appeared within a few minutes and the sweet voice placed my thoughts on hold.

Perline: ‘Umm.. The air-con doesn’t seem to be working.’

I followed her back to her room to take a look since the central air-conditioning unit displayed all to be working fine. Due to the fact that there were so few females enlisting, no rooms were specially built, so they had to make do with a spare room amongst the offices, with the luxury of air conditioning – that’s if they even have the time to enjoy it.

Me: ‘I think the vents are blocked, the flaps aren’t coming down. I’ll go grab a chair, hold on.’

She followed me around, breaking the ice with my length of service left and some non-sensitive topics. Since I wasn’t really tall, a bit of struggling helped to finished the job. By the time I was leaving, she was seated on her bed, asking me to take a sit. No girls would even take up anyone’s time if there wasn’t any intention to do anything. The clock ticking at 2am showed me enough time for anything to happen then.

Perline: ‘So.. are you attached?’

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Hoping it would help me NOT to be tempted. Hmm.. But no.

Perline: ‘Good.’

I doubted she even bothered with my status after she pulled her shirt off, gluing my eyes to her waist, showing a tad bit of packs. I guess this IS the time the word ‘jaw-dropping’ is used. Her legs weren’t model-slim, but her waist was. And the ratio of hips to thighs width was perfect, as her shorts dropped, my watchful eyes indulged in admiring the curves widening at her hips. My own breathing got warmer as she pulled me up, helping me undo my pants’ button and pulling my green top off.

Perline: ‘Wow.’

Did my newly trimmed bushes really made the ‘tree’ looked taller? She sat on the bed and gave my dick head a little wee-morning shower, with her saliva. She didn’t care about any odour or pre-cum, swiftly pushing her head down on my speed growing member. With just a handful of strokes from her tight pressed lips, my weapon was fully armed and ready. Her expression was a priceless one, half trance mode with rolled back eyes. Perhaps the effects of pre-cum? A few throat depth seconds and she knew we had to advance. If not, her mouth might just really work me off.

Not wasting any more time, she turned over onto her fours and peeled her black briefs down her thighs. The evil me immediately painted her squirming oyster pearl, engulfing me in the freshly showered scent of strawberry body wash. Her juices were clear and thin, easily thirst quenching if she squirted.

*Ahh.. ahh.. *

Lips biting moans and legs shivering turned me on even more, as though an invisible force was sucking me into her. I could assure you that even married men would have problem saying no at this point in time.

Me: ‘I don’t have a rubber.’

Perline: ‘Just put it in already!’

I piston my rod into her, driving it in and out, at a steady pace. Her body was already telling me it was the fastest she was ever pumped, working with the speed and depth, I was lucky her G-spot was shallow. Who says men needed big long guns? My little head nicely scrapped her sensitive spot and pulled back, going back for more after each thrust. Her pussy was perfect, not too tight, just allowing her body to naturally contract and form the a close fit.

Perline: ‘Ohh.. Fuck me faster. I’m cumming.

I hastened and reached my terminal velocity, all that’s left was counting down to ejaculation. I don’t even needed to go for long before the suffocation quickly squeezed the trigger, my mind was going 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4..

Me: ‘Mdm, where do I unload?’

Perline: *Heavy breathing* ‘Inside. And it’s an order.’

3.. 2.. 1..

My volcano erupted hot lava into her and her hips grinded against mine, demanding all of what I had. As her body collapse on the bed, I laid on her back, still inside her, while waiting for it to get soft before sneaking it back out. Our bodies were wet with perspiration, and her sheets too, with overflowing cum and juice. About three minutes passed and I pushed myself up, checking on Perline to see if she was alright.

Perline: ‘Wait. Let me clean you up.’

Her lips went over my dick and sucked it cleaned, giving attention to the base, where prickly studs were growing. Within another few strokes, it was all upright again and her face was in the trance mode again, instinctively forcing her head onto my hips, taking me as deep as she could. Just like masturbation, all that was needed was time, and when my biological timer was up, the second load was emptied into her mouth, which tallied to about the same amount as my first shot inside her.

*Gulp gulp*

Perline swallowed everything and gave my little one a kiss before getting dressed in front of me, somewhat like the opposite of a striptease. Hmm.. dress-tease? I know masturbation is a chargeable offence, but what about sex? ;) My turn to nap while Jim does duty!

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