(cont.) Transformed Personality

Part 1

Adeline was no longer the same. A sense of disgust, disrespect and the word ‘cum-dump’ was always in her mind. A huge change happened and she no longer dresses sluttish, nor her mission to tease exist anymore.

But there was one thing that triggered her, and it was this thing that would either make her wild, or afraid. Something in her wants the well-crafted pipe with the beautiful carvings of grooves and bumps, the smooth rough surface of the slab of meat, to run through her again. Being a very hands on girl, she knew how a key worked, and she was the hole, and out there, every guy was the key. She knew some would not fit, she knew some would not even be long enough, but there was a huge craving to find that out.

*What’s behind that zip? In that pants? Did he wear underwear? It looked big.*

These uncontrollable thoughts affected her every waking moment. Here is where she’s different. Work, play, and now, the new fun, pleasure, were all different things. Brought up with strict discipline, she was more than grateful for that to make her this perfect.

The fear of this ‘beast’ escaping was right there. And she knew she had to find out what it can do, and how to tame it – by satisfying it.

Adeline made a change. Adjusted skirt to the regulated length, hair dyed to dark black, no more brightly colored obvious bra, lesser make up. Facebook, twitter, foursquare, blogs were out-of-the-way. Her bagful of goodies remained though, and a new Macbook Air was added to it. Among those reductions were some ‘additions’. She no longer wear anything under her lengthen skirt, and if there was PE, nothing beneath that short FBTs. Guys could no longer make out her bra colour as she was no longer wearing one, the removal of her social activities was for her own protection and privacy, no one will be able to know what she did, or link anything to her.

Upskirts, downblouse, came into her world, real temptations, irresistible urges. The unpredictable waves of sudden cravings for a dick would drive her to the guys’ toilet with her blue and red glass dildo, masturbating herself while she listens in to the peeing and chattering of the guys, occasionally hearing how they badly they want to fuck her.

One evening, she stayed back in class to finish her work and the silence and loneliness made her little dildo speak to her.

*I know you want me. There’s no one around. Don’t you badly want someone to come in now anyway?*

Pulling her toy out of the fresh set of PE shirt, she made sure no eyes could catch her having fun even if someone walks in on her out of a sudden. As she was getting off, pumping the long dildo in and out of her, running sounds and panting were heard.

Rick was an athlete, even though he was more of a ‘looker’ he wasn’t all that smart nor stupid.

Rick: ‘Adeline? You’re still here.’

The toy was still inside, but just sitting there warming up, and getting some sugary coating.

Adeline: ‘Yeah. I was doing some work. What are you doing here?’

Rick: ‘I came back to get something. Was so worried that the classroom is locked. Luckily you’re here. Woo. Let me catch my breath first.’

There’s no need to get his breath though, since he’s going to start perspiring again anyway.

Adeline: ‘Hey, could you come over here?’

Her position was the best spot in class, to NOT get spotted being in class from the windows of either sides. Rick went over and sat beside her. Adeline then lifted her skirt up and the clear little toy was slowing sliding out. You guys should have looked at Rick’s face. Failure? Natural? Both.

She took his hand and placed it on the ball-shaped holder.

Adeline: ‘You know what to do?’

His sudden extraction leaves her in an emptiness. And a thrust forced gasp of breath. Rick liked what he saw, and even more of what he felt.

*This is just a warm up. That toy is not going to be enough for her.*

He gave her a few more strokes, and with the last one, he left it motionless in her. It’s time to give some attention to the stirring in his pants. Adeline adjusted her seat, and seductively cranked his zipper down. Her hand disappeared between the teeth of the zip and went across to free the little boy.

The ‘little’ was just a thought. A monster appeared out of the opening in his pants. It was in disguise of ‘little’ under that bulge.

Holding it in her hand, she could feel the warmth of it, full of power and pent up vigor. Rick was definitely a virgin in this. His body, mind was simply blank, overwhelmed with the new-found pleasure of a pretty girl’s hand on his neglected rod.

Adeline got off the chair and pushed it back far enough some space for some slurping actions to follow. Wetting her lips with her perfect pink tongue, she tied her hair up in a simple ponytail.

Adeline: ‘You’re going to remember this for life. And.. I like yours. It’s big.’

A slight smile and a twitch responded in excitement.

She went down and sealed his pee hole with a kissing lip, a short tickle and she pressed her lips together and his dick feels her mouth going down the shaft. Long, but not intimidating and quite manageable. The saliva gathering in her mouth helped made the whole piece of meat more enjoyable, immersing it in a sauce that only she can produce.

It wasn’t just Rick enjoying himself, Adeline’s other hand it between her legs, playing with the trusty pleasure stick. Guiding it in and out of her as she went up and down on him.

A short but fastening blow left him totally yearning for more, and fully armed, erected, prepared. Adeline’s pussy got bored with the lifeless toy, and was involuntarily opening and closing, screaming for the huge erection on Rick.

She stood up, pulled the whole of the skirt upwards. She didn’t want love. She needs some fucking. Missionary felt like making love, doggie sounds like domination. Cowgirl sounds good though, like control.

She climbed over Rick’s lap, and placed his arms around her slim waist.

Adeline: ‘Hold me.’

She spread her pink slit with wet fingers, and placed it right on him. Grinning cheekily, she lowered herself and took his meat whole into her. Fifteen seconds or so, the two bodies overflowing with lust is actually feeling each other. Adeline could totally feel the veiny rough texture, making their marks on her tight soft muscles within.

Rick didn’t just place his hands there to support. As Adeline lifted herself up, he used his strong arms and pulled her down, ramming his sword into her sheath. It was so hard she was sure he’s going to go through whatever she can take. Her body didn’t listened, her body liked it, her lust wants it, her pussy wants more. Her body continued the ‘getting-of-him’ action and he kept her on him, reminding her with every pull, forcing her wet juice out of her tightening hole.

The whole action lasted for as long as he could hold in, which wasn’t long either, after all, she took his virginity. The sex definitely felt better than the rape, she knew what her mind wanted. Pleasure is now in her itinerary, a daily dose, as she predicted.

Rick knew he was going to cum, and a risk is not part of the plan. He helped Adeline off, and seated her on his chair while he stood up, aiming his gun at her. The huge meat was still dripping of her glistening essence.

Adeline wanted to have it, to receive the cum she worked hard for. She opened her jaws and waited, still teasing the head with the tip of her tongue.

Rick: ‘Urgh! I’m cumming!’

Adeline did however give him a surprise, she once again kissed his widening little pee hole and suckled on it, like a baby, juicing his precious load of protein. The sensation of an extremely sensitive after-cum took everything out of him that he stumbled onto the ground, requiring a whole three or so minute to recover.

Which by then Adeline had already swallowed her recommended daily intake, and nicely straightened out her crumpled skirt. A thrilling school fantasy came true for Rick, and a beginning of lust and adventure for Adeline.

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