Rachel woke up from an unexpected wet dream and it just wasn’t enough for her, not even close. Her FBTs she slept in was wet, but she didn’t get any orgasms. It was a rainy cold morning, and she had nothing on on her last minute off day given by her boss. She worked for a company that well.. deals with classified data on the net. So it was possible to work from home anyway. 

Picking her least worn skirt, a pink pleated cotton skirt, a short spagetti top and a sheer scarf she would often wrap herself with, she placed her selection on the bed and went for her usual hour long bath. Rachel knew how to enjoy life, her fair slender body was hard earned from the daily workout she planned. And her fairess was from the spam of Dove milk bath. 

She already had her clean undies prepared on the hangars of the bathroom. 


Her home phone rang and quickly, she ran out in a short pink Hello Kitty towel, to answer her mother’s morning call. 

Rachel: ‘Yes mum, I’m awake already. Am bathing now.’

Rachel: ‘Love you too. See you tonight.’

Her mum didn’t know Rachel had an off day, but she wouldn’t be home either, so it won’t make any difference if her mum knew. She pulled the curtains close and paused in front of her bed. 

*Bra? Yes. Panties? No.*

Her mind was made. She slipped her padless bra on and slipped the spag top over, snaking her low skirt up her legs and rests nicely on her hips. Finally, drapping the scarf over her shoulders. It wasn’t the first time she went panty-less, but it wasn’t many times she did it either. Cooling, airy, naked, insecure. That’s what makes it thrilling right? Still, she had no plans on where to go.

Rachel then fired up her Domo garskinned iPhone and clicked on the bus information to the National Library. It would be a ride long enough for her to wander her mind, but not long enough to give her a butt cramp.

‘3 mins, 8 mins’. She’ll make it for the eight minutes’ bus. Picking up her ‘getaway’ bag, Rachel slinged it over her shoulders and made sure her boobs did not get in the way. Jumping into her pair of white low heels, she left home.

The new lift stopping at every floor wasn’t her path, she likes taking stairs. As she walked down, she felt the first ‘awkwardness’. The fast pacing was inviting wind under her skirt, it felt cooling, but at the same time dangerous – what if someone looked up? She got off the last flight of stairs and gave her letterbox a peek, bending over enough for the guy beside to stare at the shortening tempt. 

Rachel didn’t give a hoot to him though. She went to the bus stop and sat down, her hands in her bag struggling with her iPod classic and headphones. Just right then, a bus drove up fast and lifted her skirt enough to reveal a flash. Some guys stared at her, not her face, but her skirt, hoping a rewind would happen and they would pay more attention.

Rachel was sure at least one saw, but acted blur scrolling through her songs. ‘Kalafina – I have a dream’, a rhythmic track to drown out the noisy ambient. She kept her bag on her thighs until the bus was in sight, she then stood up and waited sweetly for the bus to stop.

The distance between the steps and ground was a little higher on the older buses, and the step she took was being eyed by the driver and the passenger sitting behind. Her waxed pussy lips parted and caught the light breeze blowing. 

Rachel knew she will be in for some ‘willing disadvantage’, but the thought of turning guys on excited her. Looking at this pretty slut who could dress and daring enough to go panty-less, yet lack the ability to do anything to her. Frustration? Raging (angry) hormones? Either way, she won’t be able to do anything for any guy.

She sat at the exit, where the doors opened and you could look right in. Her skirt was so short you could see much of her fair thighs, and get you even more surprised if you can give them a squeeze, firmness, yet tenderness. No one would be able to imagine.

The ride was made short by her music and thoughts of her plan to start an art gallery. A short doze completed her journey, ending just at the right stop. She hopped off the last step but there was nothing that you missed. 

Rachel knew what danger she was in, and well had in her mind how much she was going to show off. The glass elevator of the library was surely the last peek any lucky studious guy had. She didn’t close nor opened her legs. A little less than shoulder width apart, paired with a skirt just about two palms’ width of length. 

Which guy wouldn’t pretend there was no other seats except hers? Two failed hook ups, one failed pervert trying to catch her upskirt. Rachel wasn’t an easy girl to get, but she is easy to please. Food, interesting outings, massages and she’s all heels over head. At least her knees will be over the shoulders if she did manage to meet someone who could match her intellectually. 

Trip home was less happening though, lack of lighting and tiredness, sleep proved more desired than the unwanted perks from her upskirt flashing. 

Home, dinner, then a little visual excitement and an orgasmic entry to sleep.

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