Written by J. On behalf of a friend, a girl.

I was in front of my computer, watching a video sent from a friend ‘x-art_carlie_leila_intimo_hd.wmv’. It’s kind of weird for me to be watching this since I don’t get tempted that easily. Two girls making out, eating each other. There wasn’t any need to hold back this awesome night anyway. Willing, I let my mind do what it wants – to anywhere on me. My left hand ran downwards between my legs, which was already wide apart. Sitting on an office chair sure didn’t give me too much space to cross my legs.

I felt naked. Yes I was in my over-sized white boyfriend shirt and one of the huge collection of ‘standard’ panties – spandex, cotton, thin, comfy. I still felt naked. My fingers slid between the seams of the underwear and pass the smooth hairless skin, stopping on my slit right above the clit. As the girl in the video starts to press into her own pussy, I did the same as well. The music with the video was great, relaxing, high definition. I had no worry being on my headphones at all. I was simply doing what the girl was doing in the video.

Moans started escaping my mouth and I got a little breathless as well, it was after all, exercise. The one spot I focused on managed to get the whole of my system heated up and lubricated. I needed more, something to fill me up. Maybe the new borosilicate glass toy I’ve bought a long time ago but dare not use? Which size was a little scary, since I was about 15 when I bought it online. Now, legal meant wide enough, and some other perks for more fun. I retrived it from my shoebox at the bottom of my brimming wardrobe. The newspaper doing little to protect was ripped off and given a quick rinse under some warm water.

Once ready, I slipped it through one of the openings at my thighs, gliding it up and down, making sure it’s well coated with my own fluid. A few minutes later and I couldn’t take it anymore, the glass dildo is making its way in itself. I could feel the ball head pushing my pussy open, and separating the passage for more of it to enter. The cold, wet, transparent toy is going to fill me up. Half of it.. all of it, fifteen seconds. As the coldness leaves the glass, I knew it was heating up, to my body. My hand pulled the toy out, and the little suction prevented it from being pushed out so easily. This pull and push action was like fucking a dick, but just that it doesn’t get any warmer than this.

As I went on, my hand pushed the toy deeper and harder, it was something so pleasant and high that made me do that, the intense but short electrifying shock sent to my mind. Felt totally relaxing and addictive that my body was moving on its own, making sure every ounce of phenylethylamine gets out, pumping dopamine right to the pleasure reception on the brain. I was really high, I could tell that this was barely better than sex. The little bumps on the toy helped a lot I guess. I could tell it was coming soon, but my desires and lust doesn’t slow down to let me enjoy of this.

My hand gave the last dips into my contractions and as it stays plugged inside, a stream of clear smooth warm liquid flowed, along whatever was sticking out and onto the chair. My mind was totally drained, according to books and researches, a girl during the masturbation part feels what the guys feel when they ejaculate. Meaning I’ve been enjoying a whole three or four minutes of what guys enjoy in let’s say, ten seconds? Wow. Now, a little clean up to do. (:

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