Cousin Bonding

Jing (whispering): ‘Just don’t tell my parents k?’

She got up from the bed and began removing her cardigan, exposing her fair complexion that our families possessed. The dark, brown hair flung around as her grey tank top came off as well, followed by her skirt she dropped to her feet. Never did I imagined to have my cousin appearing at one of my ‘massage’ session, let alone coming this far with her. While my mind was battling the righteousness of it all, ..

Jing: ‘Up!’

On my feet I went and she did the same for my shirt and jeans, folding them into a neat pile before laying them on the dressing table. Her bra unhooked from the front and two, very perky boobs bounced free from the cups. Her panties disappeared with a wriggle of her ass, and my underwear was yanked to the ground as she bent over.

Me: ‘Shower?’
Jing: ‘Yupp.’

Getting into the shower was the weirdest experience ever, flashing back to the times during my primary school days when we took a shower together. The toddler back then has became a swan, albeit going on a different path from other girls her age.

Jing: ‘Stand still k?’

Her foam covered palms ran down my neck to my chest, going around my ribs to lather my back as well. There was no shyness when her nipples brushed across mine, even sliding her body against me as she squatted down to my legs.

Jing: ‘Open your legs.’

Like a random search at the airport, her fingers ran up my inner thighs before she reached my balls. Those tiny fingers started fondling them, drenching my cock in a slippery soap to help her wrapping fingers move up and down.

Me: ‘Wait wait. Stand up first.’
Jing: ‘Why?’
Me: ‘I need to wash you too.’

I collected some soap from my erection and aimed for her pussy straight, sliding down her navel to her slit, where my middle finger quickly located her sensitive clit. The faster I ‘scrubbed’ her, the faster she would jerk me. The shy little cousin became more relaxed that instant, moaning while hugging closer to me.

Jing (whispering): ‘Let’s wash up and go outside can?’

I handed her the showerhead and the foam was flushed into the drains. We patted each other dry with either ends of the towel and went naked into the bedroom, where it was dimmed when we headed into the toilet.

Me: ‘Lie down first.’

I stood outside the toilet as she sat between the pillows, watching me watch her with much curiosity. Right after she stopped moving, I fell face first into the mattress, stopped right at her knees. I slowly pried her legs open and she obeyed, allowing me to leopard crawl to her groin. With that much teasing, my mouth dived into her crotch and flicked her clit continuously, making her squirm right in front of me.

Jing (moaning): ‘Biao ge (first cousin)! Not so fast!’

Her fingers ran into my scalp trying to hold me still but my tongue was the organ doing all the work. I used my lips to pinch her clit, and went on to suck her clit really hard. The loud gasp followed by a stream of juices into my mouth couldn’t be wrong. Jing was cumming hard without restraint, shoving my face into her pussy as her legs shivered violently.

The moment I felt her increasing the strength of pressing my head down, I knew it was all over. Well, at least for the pussy-licking part.

Jing: ‘Stop stop.. I can’t take it anymore.’

She stood up and walked over my resting body, rolled me over and spread my legs wide to sit between. She laid down on her boobs after I perched my back up with the pillows, and started to lick the sides of my shaft. The love-bite pain brought my erection to new heights, pecking lips covering every area beneath my little head.

The moment of relief came when her mouth went over the tip, and I watched her eager mouth slide over my cock. Her elbows bent to raise her head, performing a slow and sensual blowjob that spun my head in circles. How could that innocent, pink lips be so deadly? And more importantly..

Me: ‘Jing, how long have you been doing this?’

Her head abruptly popped up and a different person possessed her. With a grin, she turned around and backed up on my genital. While I could not exactly see her facial expression, the lowering ass over my cock distracted me from a possibly guilty thought. She held my cock and directed it downwards, going right for her smooth pussy that has no prickly studs at all.

As soon as my dick was in, her spread eagle ass jutted at me, driving my cock into her own pussy. She tucked her legs in front of her and remained in a squatting position, all the while hopping up and down on my rod. Besides my unmanly groaning, she was moaning words of encouragement.

There was no way I would let her do all the work. In a push, she fell onto her arms and I swapped to a kneeling position, behind her ass.

Me: ‘Give me your hands’

One by one, I grabbed hold of her wrists and hammered into her pussy. All the smoothness and bumps in her vagina became apparent to me, gently closing in on my shaft like filling up a sausage.

Jing: ‘Can you feel it? You’re the first and only person I’m going to have raw sex with.’

My hips went even faster upon hearing that, savouring all the intimacy no blood-related cousins should ever have. After five minutes of rapid thrusts, she broke free from my grip and quietened down.

Jing (panting): ‘Let me watch you fuck me to the end.’

We repositioned ourselves into missionary, with her legs slung over my shoulders. Once she got hold of my dick, I pumped slowly into her, moving inches at a time. Within five strokes, I was fully embedded in her mesmerising pussy and she opened her arms for me.

Jing (whispering): ‘I love you kor.’

My abs tightened as I increased my speed, slamming into her opened groin that was welcoming me in. Our lips touched for the first time, locking in a passionate, tongue-sucking momentum. My body was long in an auto-pilot mode, hammering my dear cousin’s breath away.

Her body began shaking as I went all out, contractions delivering pulsating waves of orgasm.

Jing (shouting): ‘Cum with me kor!’

She left my sweat-covered face to moan her lungs out, accommodating each and every thrusts I drove into her cunt. *Piak piak piak* sounds echoed in surround sound as I neared my climax, face dropping into her boobs she squeezed together for me.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

In short pulses of jerks, the first shot was fired when I pulled away, forcing my dick to repeatedly penetrate her to succumb my dick to the rest of my load. I shoved and I pushed, every drop of semen that was never meant to be hers, deep into her womb that milked me involuntarily throughout her orgasm.

When we were done, we had no more energy to separate ourselves. Her pussy was still shaking uncontrollably, shivers travelling through her limbs while my dick spat the last few drops out.

Jing: ‘Biao ge?’

She sayang me by running her hand down my back, assuring me that I did a great job. I fell away after a minute’s rest, and she turned over to me to give my dick a massage.

Me: ‘What if you get pregnant?’
Jing: ‘I’m on the pill. Don’t worry k?’

Still catching my breaths, she sank below my gaze and placed her mouth over my dick once again, sucking me till I was hard. This time, she did not let me do any work and focused all her attention on the tool in her mouth. The non-stop head bobbing, seductive moans from her fingers in her pussy, randomly slurping tongue, no man could resist her at all.

It took her another ten minutes before my abs hardened, shrinking balls signalling to her with determination.

Me (weakly): ‘I’m shooting.. ‘

She swiped her hair over her head and held them in place, while her other hand stayed at the base of my shaft. Her lips continued sucking till I exploded, puffing up her cheeks with the second load of the day.

Before I finished, she left my lava-dribbling volcano and dropped to my side, opening her mouth just a little to let me peek at the amount I gave her. She laid flat before swallowing everything, surprising me with the biggest twist in my life.

The wide smile she gave next somehow lightened the mood, but I knew it was something that I could never forget. We cuddled after drying our bodies till the phone rang, marking the end of our two hour tryst.

Jing: ‘Don’t tell my parents k?’
Me: ‘Okay. Na. Here.’

She took the four blue notes and returned three of them between my fingers, ignoring my questioning look to keep her earnings.

Jing: ‘You’ll pay for the hotel next time. And I’m not doing this for money.’

We left the hotel and went our separate ways at the door, fully aware of the implications we could get into if we were seen together. For the rest of the day, our phones kept buzzing to the stronger relationship we had, enhanced over a round of unforgettable, sensual sex.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Shall we meet tomorrow?’
Jing (Whatsapp): ‘4pm. Same place.’

And that was our goodnight message to each other.

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