Wet Pebbles

Once I sank my butt into the sofa with the TV on, Pebbles came to the coffee table in her shirt and shorts, the standard home wear for a stay-in girlfriend.

‘Hands up!’, I commanded in a slightly jovial tone while bringing the two of the three bottles of lubricant on the table. As she raised her arms, I pulled her shirt off to expose the perky little tits with rare pink nipples, followed by her shorts that was hiding her trimmed patch of lawn above her tiny slit.

She automatically sat on the table with her legs spread, while I slid my way lazily down to the rattan stool in front of my feet. Squeezing a blob of banana and apple flavoured lube into my fingertip, I smeared them around her pussy paying extra attention to her clit. ‘Ahh.. it’s sensitive there’, she was wet before I laid a finger on her and the shower foam she used was floating fresh in her groin. The moment I got her all wet and seasoned, it was time to feast.

I arched my back down into her legs and let my tongue searched for her clit, easily found from the erection of a willing lady. Beginning with the letter ‘A’, my mouth got to work besides her moan, licking and pinching her clit with my lips as I moved to the next alphabet. Gradually, her body started shaking with my progress, till I reached ‘K’, that her legs suddenly shut over my ears and a deep groan emitted with more trembling.

‘I just came. Slow down k?’, she whispered in a sexy, hoarse tone after the long groan, but I kept repeating ‘L’ to lengthen her orgasm. The bold girl dug her fingers into my head as I continued feasting on her abalone, going non-stop till I reached ‘W’. The multi-stroke letter drove her into a state of screams from the built up of horniness, unleashing yet another wave of thirst-quenching juices into my mouth.

There was no way I would let that go to waste, promptly catching them with my tongue scooping. Her body shook violently all the way to ‘Z’ before she fell flat onto the table. Loud panting sounds, involuntary shivers, uncontrollable moans plagued her recovery for the next minute plus.

Seeing her satisfied face, this was the girl who loved receiving oral sex, and also being equally good in returning that particular favour too. It was my turn to sit on the sofa next, while she took the stool under her ass. The big bottle of Durex strawberry lube was for her, applying it both to her own pussy as well as my dick once I got into position.

‘Ready?’, the rhetorical question went unanswered as my cock disappeared between her lips, throwing me off my upright position to a sloth-like paralysis on the sofa. Her squeezed lips pushed their way down tight, going all the way to my base before she took a gasp of air to chill my red, hot missile down. The abrupt introduction of cold air mixed into my warm stick and created a shield, which highlighted wherever her slippery tongue touched next. She let her relaxed tongue glide under my shaft and began to bob her head back and forth, negating the slight discomfort when she bent my cock down. In no time, my legs were shaking as she swirled around my cock head at every upward stroke, till I let off a groan and then she would go back down my shaft with a grin.

Slowly, her lips began squeezing from my base up, forcing all the blood to accumulate in the thick veins surrounding my manhood. After five minutes of the torturous blowjob, both of us had an unspoken surprise upon seeing my dangerously red cock.

How else was I supposed to use a God sent baby-making organ? ‘Get on your fours on the table’, a stern phrase got her up on her feet and she climbed over the table quick. I got out of the sofa and held her high-rise ass in my hands, ready to plunge my dick deep into her pussy.

‘Ah fuck! You are tearing me apart!’, that sentence was drowned in a series of hard slaps made by my groin, slamming mercilessly into the girl who got me so worked up. While most visitors find our coffee table a little too high for daily use, we bought the coffee table based on the height where my dick was (from the ground) and her legs while bent on the table. So don’t mistaken our purchase as ‘just a funiture’, it had certainly more use than that.

Pebbles had no way to straighten her arms as the forceful pounding ensued, jerking her boobs around while I savoured the enclosing vagina. The scent of strawberry, banana and apple filled our living room up with the heat from our autonomous sex, throwing her bit by bit towards the sea of wetness. ‘Oh gooood.. ‘, she exclaimed as she reached for the edge of the table in front of her. I rammed my cock faster as her body froze, receiving the full wrath of my vigour that was thrusting into her stiffened cunt.

Less than a minute later, her legs began sliding from the sweat on her knees, but my quick reaction to close them with my calves kicked in. Now, her knees were touching while my sausage got stuffed between her fruit buns. In this pose, there was no shortage of her screams as orgasms translate into a flowing stream down her legs.

‘You’re hitting my sensitive spot! I’m going crazy!’, her last words meant a lot to me since I was getting closer to my own climax. I was, going crazy too. At her maximum tightness, it was still manageable for me to unleash my secret stash of energy, fucking it all out into her slim figure.

I gave her a slap on her bubbly butt to signal my ejaculation, which she had gotten used to as a sign in case we were too engrossed. Like clockwork, I pulled out of her before the point-of-no-return and fell back onto the couch. Instead of a cum-in-mouth I expected, she hopped over my lap and sat over my rod. Using my neck as support and feet placed near my butt, her groin slammed down hard on me, using the existing tightness to drive me frantic.

‘Shit! I’m gonna shoot!’, my last breath of air was used for the fearful phrase before my cum exited orderly into her pussy, embedded deep into the muscles milking my rod for everything. The little hops she made sucked every bit out of the exhausted me, giggling between gasps of moans as she felt it fill her up.

We did not disconnect after the deed was done, simply hugging in that same position while we recovered our energy. My dick shrunk its way out of her and at last, it was time for a quick shower before bed. As a pleaser, I couldn’t miss out licking her in the showers and on the bed, giving her a well-deserved energy discharge before the recharge (sleep).

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