Lost Files

At five, just as I was finishing up with my work, Melody came up to my desk with the company issued laptop in her hand. She was well known for wearing the most inappropriate clothes to work, although she was considered to be in the ‘backend’ department – Finance. Wearing a cardigan over a cross-front bralet, her high waist skirt could not fully cover her slim waist and the two inch heels she wore were rumoured to never be seen a second time.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Melody: ‘Umm.. I really need your help this time. I accidentally deleted important data on my com. I must get it back by 7pm.’

Seeing that it was still the rush hour, I took a look at her laptop and proceeded to connect a cross-over cable I secretly wired to access her data. In a few minutes, an automated process to recover files dating back to the first boot of her laptop was in progress. Still, there was lots of work to do as fragmented data needed to be pieced together.

As I squinted my eyes to decipher the random characters in the tiny scroll bar’s window, she was all panicky and excited about seeing familiar data she deleted a long time ago.

Melody: ‘You are really good leh. Now we just need to find the file.’

The chair she grabbed from the next cubicle was wrestled under my desk to sit side by side, and her cleavage was squashed dangerously tight as she looked at my screen.

Me: ‘I’ll write a short program to look for similar letters of that file you lost. Hang on.’

She leaned back and disappeared from my sight as I opened the wordpad, typing and lengthening the codes. As the clock ticked away, the recovered files spanned to the millions and her deadline was just an hour away.

While I was wrecking my brain, I felt her hand going over my thigh, squeezing and stroking as if it would make me faster. Well, harder was not that far from faster right? The clicking of my zipper and belt brought my pants low enough for her to wriggle her hand into my underwear and she did just that, keeping her eyes on me as she fumbled for my erecting cock.

Soon, she was speeding me up with her handjob, but it felt really shallow as a reward for helping her out.

Me: ‘Just jerking me won’t help you know?’
Melody: ‘Then?’
Me: ‘Touch yourself too.’

She kicked her heels off in the dimmed office and overlapped one of her legs on me, moaning as she rubbed herself. The juicy, slurping noises confirmed that she wasn’t just putting up an act for me, and the pleased computer whizz (that’s me), returned to his fast typing.

Melody (moaning): ‘Are you done soon?’
Me: ‘Nope. The software need to finalise all the recovered files first. Then I can run my program. Am still working on it.’

She stopped stroking me after a while and straightened her skirt. Like how a favour needed to be upgraded for efficiency, her body slid off the chair to under my desk and she moved me to the edge of the seat. Devouring my cock in a warming orifice, her saliva lubricated the rhythmic blowjob, tongue skilfully swirling all over to make it a ‘sloppy’ job.

By then, I was done with my codes and was awaiting for the scan to complete. Acting busy, I tapped on the keyboard while moaning to give her a little ‘feedback’. After a good five minutes of heavenly treat, I patted her head to let her know I was done with my program.

Melody: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Just need to scan now.’

She popped out from between the desk and my chair, rolling me a distance back while she looked at the GUI with a ‘Start’ button. At the right position, her ass stuck out at my swollen cock, as if waiting to be pounded. I placed my hands gently on her ass and rolled her skirt up.

Me: ‘Click start.’

The obedient OL listened and did what I told her. Her butt followed my downward push over my cock and she even helped by guiding my cock to her pussy. Along with the countdown to start scanning, I slowly got out of my chair and pierced my sword into her sheath.

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. and in I was, balls to clit of the most desired girl in the office. For the sake of our intimacy, I had hid the results in the log that needed to be expanded. The worried lady simply stared at the progress bar that was moving at a snail’s pace, with unspoken hope.

For my part, I was burying my cock deep into her one stroke at a time. That tiny waist was an honour to hold as I fucked her faster and faster, dipping into that tight, juicy oyster. Melody could not hold back her moans as my balls tapped on her clit, making her extra sensitive as her body kept jerking back and forth.

A sudden grasp of her hand onto mine (on her waist) stopped me in my tracks. The orgasmic shiver grew steadily as she flung her hair back, arms trembling to the pleasure that was shooting through her mind. Once her head dropped back down, I went back to hammering her for more fluids gushing out of her pussy.

Ten minutes into our standing doggie file-recovery position, she has gotten so tight, with drops of cum all over the carpet. I was at my end too, and all it took was a final lap that I needed to warn her about.

Me: ‘Mel, I’m gonna cum. Where do I?’
Melody: ‘If you can find the file, I’ll let you cum inside me.’

I got out of the doggy style and returned to my seat, helping her straddle over my cock boobs to chest. I expanded the log and did a Ctrl+F with the randomised file name. Once it was highlighted, I double clicked on the .xls file. True to my skill, she spun the chair to reach for the mouse and scrolled a few times to find the information she needed.

Melody: ‘You found it.. ‘

I pulled on a lever under the chair to let her feet touched the ground better, and she proceeded to ride me with all the excitement pent up inside of her. The newfound tightness coupled with overflowing juices kept her slamming her groin down on my cock.

Barely two minutes passed when I bear hugged her and she squeezed her pussy, giving me a cute constipated frown. Bouncing till the end, my cum erupted into her without holding back and waves after waves of 100% pure semen sent shivers down the both of us.

Right after I calmed down, she dismounted with a trail of cum dripping over my lap, and quickly wore her panties back.

Melody: ‘You kept your promise, so I kept mine.’

I transferred the file into her laptop and returned it to her, watching her trod away with lighter footsteps towards her department. Now that everything was done, my day ended well even in the crowded bus home.

A few days later, Melody brought a new intern to me, also at an ungodly hour when everyone was heading home.

Melody: ‘I told her about the favour to recover a lost file. She deleted something worse than me.’

The white bloused, black skirted girl was in tears when she approached me. Without saying a word, she stripped her pantyhose while I set up her laptop. Her skirt automatically went up her hips and my pants was undone next.

Me: ‘Hey Joyce. You don’t have to. I have already recovered your file.’

Of course, my program worked off the shelf after Melody’s situation and there was nothing better than to see the new girl smiling, forcing me to receive a handjob out of gratitude. The reciprocation to massage her pussy turned the ‘fee’ into a royal treat to her virgin mouth.

There was no words to described how much cum a real sloppy blowjob managed to get out of me. The new friendship with Joyce slingshot into a job-long office fling, though non-penetrative.

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