Cum In

*knock knock*

At 10pm, it was the prime time for James to be gaming and he had to receive a visitor at this time. He got up grudgingly from his comfortable office chair he had in his room and opened the door, to be greeted by a girl in her 20s, wearing a red t-shirt from her telecommunication company.

Girl: ‘Hi Sir, I am Sally from S***t**l, and am doing a house visit to check if you would like to upgrade your Mio plans.’

James remembered his plan had long expired but it did not incur any extra fees that alerted him. His eyes scanned up and down this sweet looking girl, wearing a short black skirt under the shirt. He opened the gates and led her into his well-furnished home, sitting her on his Italian leather couch. He went straight to the kitchen to pour her some wine and placed it in her hand, insisting she take a break while telling him about what she had to offer.

After ten minutes of struggling with her presentation, he realised he had more knowledge about such renewal plans and the conversation broke into a warm one. They laughed and giggled way past 11pm and he had already planned to upgrade his plan to the most expensive one, which would give him a Macbook for free too. It was after all, his dad who would pay for it, who was also, working overseas as an oil rig architect earning big bucks.

James: ‘If I don’t want the Macbook, can I exchange for something else?’
Sally: ‘Sir, it’s not possible to change it for anything else, it’s all they offer now.’

He pointed at the dining table with the highest end of Macbook and also the full series of Apple products that were charging on it. There was no need for the additional laptop, only causing a hassle if he had to go out of his way to sell it.

James: ‘Okay, let’s put it this way, will you be able to offer anything if I took the laptop and gave it to you? It’s a gift from me to you, but I hope you can do something in exchange.’

Sally took a minute to sip on her glass of wine and as an idea struck her, she poured the rest of the drink down her throat and counter proposed. It was a suggestion he could not reject and there was the whole night for the both of them to settle the agreement. He handed her the information needed and the upgrade was confirmed after a long while of data entry.

A call to her manager and she was allowed to leave work from where she was, since she hit the target for her month. The main door locked itself after the digital timer went off and the lights dimmed itself automatically at 2330hrs. He took his iPad Mini and launched the wireless media control, allowing soft music to flood the room.

She got up to her feet and went in front of him, letting her hair down and began swaying her body in rhythm. Her top was removed in tempo, letting him watch how her stomach revealed itself, to her pair of boobs in the lacy red and black bra, till her shirt was finally out of the way. She tucked her thumbs into the sides of her skirt and wriggled like a snake, to pull her skirt down till it fell on its own to her feet. She picked it up and laid it with her shirt on the sofa and turned around to continue the solo dance.

With her back facing James, he saw how she reached backwards for her bra and unhooked it in an instant, letting her shoulder straps run along her arms till it was in a pile with the rest of her clothes. Sally did not turn back to look at him while she removed her panties, nor did it land on the couch. She did a catapult to launch it at him and James took it up for a deep breath of her sexy scent.

Doing a catwalk to him, she pulled his belt to guide him onto his feet, before unbuckling and removing all the clothes on him, with a passion unlike how she stripped, it was fast, rough and desperate. With the both of them naked, it was time to play.

James fell back onto his seat and pulled her to stand over him, feasting on her pussy after it was right above his face. Her hips grounded itself in sync with his tongue flicking, until they felt her body shiver for a few seconds before she got off the sofa.

Sally: ‘I just came. And I must say you are good with your tongue!’

After her orgasm, it was time to give James’ his. She sat on the beanbag between his legs and went down on him without hesitation. As soon as her mouth took the whole dick in, he squirmed at her wetness and tongue, that stroked him inside her mouth, right below his little head that was extra sensitive. He could not do anything except to lie back and admire her puppy eyes while she went down on him, sucking lightly, but thrashing her head down quickly.

Sally knew how to make a man cum with her mouth, she had a horny boyfriend after all, making herself almost too much to handle for him, let alone James. With the clock ticking towards midnight, her suction increased and her pace decreased, sending his dick into full automatic mode, ready to fire his cream-filled bullets. He had enough of her blowjob then and brought her up to his hips, spreading her legs at the same time.

She was wet and he was hard. Perfect for the sex they would be having. He held his dick upright while she lowered her body carefully, until he was inching towards her end of the love hole. A few deep sighs from her indicated the slight pain she experienced, but there was no delay. Once he was in, she began moving her thighs up and down, letting her pussy do the work. His dick was growing by the minute from her tightness and the occasional contraction her muscles gave.

Sally was nearing her end to another orgasm when he decided to go for a change in position. Perfect timing for the most intense orgasm? Or just a bad move? He pulled the beanbag onto the couch and laid it beside them. She climbed over it and rested her body over it, with her legs closed for the best ride he might ever had. James had never tried doing doggie with the girl’s legs closed before and it was new to him too.

He plugged into her hole in a swift move and let his small head pry her vagina apart, until he could not go any deeper. With a few deep breaths, he began ramming his dick hard into her pussy, flicking juices out onto his body and down her legs. Sally wasn’t prepared for this as his size were almost too huge to fit with her legs closed, but it simply felt too good for James. He did not care if he came fast, the devil in her was milking him mad too.

The loud slapping sounds and the ecstatic shrieks filled up his house while they perspired profusely over each other. With his dick struggling for air and a break, her pussy was also overheating from the intense speed. The sudden increase in speed shocked Sally’s body into the hardest orgasm and she felt her sperms flush into her pussy at the same time, there was no energy left at all to push him away. The meat pump was topping her slippery hole with hot cream until it brimmed at the opening, close to overflowing.

James gave himself some time to rest before letting his dick slowly slip out of her. Sally was breathless and exhausted to a point she could not move at all, partly due to the alcohol and the crazy orgasm he gave. She could only move slowly to reach to her pussy to scoop the unintended creampie, which he helped pointlessly by giving her a few pieces of tissue.

After she woke up from a short nap, he handed her the shirt and skirt, telling her that her lingerie was his to keep. With no options left, she wore her clothes back and left the house. A few weeks later, James’ number appeared on her phone while she was out with her boyfriend.

James: ‘Sally, I still received the laptop even though I told you you could have it. Please come and collect it. Dress appropriately too, I might want to add a special.’

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