Twist of Fate

Sarah went out of her house to replenish some groceries for tomorrow and she went out in her usual home wear of a simple spaghetti top and maxi skirt. Since she had some time to kill, she went to the highest floor of her flat to the corridor to enjoy the view of her neighbourhood, soothing her stress from work. As she breathed in the fresh air, a man in his 30s came out of his unit topless and went to the staircase, disappearing towards the roof access. He was muscular for his age and his abs just looked so tempting for her. Although she had some bad experiences, her husband had been in the dark all along (or so she thought), slowly letting her heal from the scars.

She picked up her courage and went through the door to the stairs, going up the flight of stairs to see the man eye to eye. He got up gentlemanly and apologised for being topless, and asked her what can he help with. Sarah shook her head and took out a slip of paper and pen, handing it to him for he-knows-what. He smiled and explained he wasn’t that kind of man and would not write anything down for her.

He returned her pen and crushed the piece of paper, only to watch her turn away in disappointment. But Sarah wasn’t going anywhere. Was she that determined? Maybe so. She pointed at his phone and he handed it to her, somehow thinking she might go away after giving him her number. She tapped away on the apps and returned it to him, in camera mode. She then took a step back and began removing her clothes, pausing after she pulled her shoulder straps down her shoulders.

It was an open invite to him, to indulge in some fun which would satisfy her impulsive hormones. Looking at her sorrowful puppy eyes, he got up and aimed the phone at her, tapping on the shutter button that would spur her on with the click sound. Piece by piece her clothes come off, from her top and the long skirt.

She then knelt down obediently, as though he was giving her silent commands, but it was actually the routine her husband had trained her for, to serve men as her masters. As an unstoppable force guided her, she found her own hands reaching between her legs into her panties and playing with her engorged clit. Dews formed and her rubbing got more vigorous, sending her to her knees and lost in the process of masturbating herself. For him, it was a performance, to watch this unknown lady execute her intimate personal moment before him. Her voice felt so sweet and unbelievable, in fact, no man would not question a lady’s intention if she was so straight with you.

Sarah was finding it harder and harder to resist begging him to do her right there and then, but it might scare him off, so she controlled with all her mental strength. She got up on her feet and went to the railings, before removing her panties, much to his gleeful eyes.

She stopped at his feet and got up to lower his pants, which he gladly stepped out of. She then took a whiff of his flaccid dick before taking it whole into her mouth, thrusting her head back and forth to help him ‘up’. Her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and stroked it in sync with her blowjob, while her other hand toyed with his hardening balls. Given her oral skills, the man could not maintain his balance and slowly moved down to sit on the wide steps, giving her more comfort at the lower height.

As she worked her mouth on his tool, the camera kept clicking and she was even more turned on by imagining how he would use the pictures to get more out of her. She was dying for some emotional dependence. After five minutes, he could not let her meet his shy sperms and lifted her head away, thanking and apologising for the lack of self-control.

Sarah: ‘It’s me who should be ashamed of my self-control. Let me make it up to you.’

With that said, she pushed him to lie against the metal protectors at the edge of the steps behind him and climbed on top, sliding her hips against his abs down over his rod which she held in place from behind. He did not stop her but let her pussy take his full length and felt more lost when she began grinding her, bouncing with life over him.

Her hands pressed onto his chest while she rocked away, sending the orgasmic thrills up both his and her brains. In no time, the man felt her orgasm from the extra hard contraction and grew worried about how he might just cum in her. He held her waist firmly onto himself after she grew weak from the climax and lifted her up against a wall, with him still inside. Pressing his sweaty body close to her, his hips began moving forward and back, ramming into her small pussy that was drooling non-stop.

The camera was left neglected on the steps and her arms were holding onto him around his neck for support while letting him throw her body up and down. There was no way she would end this no matter what. It felt so refreshing to have a decent guy pounding into her and driving her wild. In her mind, it was her husband fucking her, but she knew it was different. With their unrelated personal life, there was no way they would know each other if not for this.

Her mind went blank with another orgasm sucking the life out of her and he slowed down at her tightness, understanding his own body well that he might be cumming any time soon. There was no protection to help either. He gently placed Sarah down and let her catch her breath while he supported her by hugging her. She realised after some time, that he wasn’t going to cum in her, or worse, not cum with her around.

Sarah got off the uneven steps and went over to her clothes, and placed her back on the wall. It was part two of her surprise for her. And the photos would do the talking for now.

Sarah: ‘Would you let me finish it for you please?’

He was again, lost. What would she stop at? Until he was dry? Or achieved some form of collateral so she could blackmail him? But the videos and photos? Who was.. There was just too many thoughts running through him, but looking at the thin lady with A cup breasts, she was a girl men would pay high prices for. Is she just a whore who enjoyed her job too much?

He went to her, and handled her waist roughly, pulling her hips further out towards him. He then blindly rammed his dick at her and it got in after a miss, splitting her recovering slit and stretching it all the way at the deepest point to fit his length. He finally gave in to himself and resumed the dirty sex he stumbled upon.

Man (whispering): ‘I don’t know you that well, but you are sure a slut! Take all of my dick, whore.’

He increased his speed of fucking and she was also immersed in the glory. With the thrill of neighbouring block staring, her body surrendered to him and allowed the endless waves of orgasms flood her, closing her pussy for the last time on the stranger’s dick. With a time bomb ready to go off, he just kept pounding into her small body and grabbed her boobs to pinch and squeeze, until they were both bruised and sore.

Her mind just fell deeper into a trance and was almost out when he finally came, pumping her pussy full of his load with every thrust, that made him feel even better with the extra sensitivity that had accumulated at the tip of his penis. One finally ram and his milky way was planted deep into her galaxy. He pulled his cock out to admire his juicy dick that was dripping with her juices that was so clear and thick, unlike anything he came across.

He sat back on the stairs and lighted another cigarette, letting her in on her first puff after she gave up a decade ago. Tired as she was, Sarah sat at where she was and let him have this time to enjoy her body. He pointed the phone at her again and she bent over to look at her own slit, well beaten up by his hungry huge cock. At the same time, she was posing for the photos too.

As far as he could go, he just weren’t able to figure how to work with her strapless bra and ended up just pulling her top over and skirt under her firm ass. She leaned her head on the railings to rest for a few minutes before picking the bra and panties from the floor.

She got the bra on in a few seconds and used the panties to clean between her legs, spreading so wide he could see how beautiful her pussy was. After cleaning, she tucked her panties into his pockets and gave it a few pats. Reaching for his dick, she peeled the foreskin back and stroked it like patting a cat, with only two fingers. It was a powdery coat once she did that, the same she knew wherever her juices were.

Sarah: ‘Self-cleaning.’

She walked down a few steps of the stairs and turned around to give him a playful :P expression before exiting the door. Still a little bewildered, he could only smile at the unusual encounter he came across.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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