Samantha is just 18, but standing at 176, she was more than just single by choice. Not many guys can match her height, and on top of the lack of love, she was also getting frustrated without being able to experience sexual intimacy girls her age were going through. Finally, one day, a usual request on Meet Me caught her at the most vulnerable in terms of horniness and she decided to just go for it.

Mike was nowhere near her height, but something in his pants were longer than it should be. He could not stop looking at her the moment she walked in from the glass door of the shopping mall, in her heels and yellow flare skirt, a simple spaghetti top with a sling bag for her stuff. She smiled at the short guy and they walked straight for the cinemas, zooming pass the queueing crowd since he ordered their tickets online. She got a large salted popcorn and two drinks, making her way into the theatre after.

As the movie started, he placed his hand on her legs and roamed up her legs. Although it was expected, she played dumb and pushed his hand away, continuing on her popcorns that were depleting fast. It did not take long for him to watch her put away the empty box under the seat and slurp up the drink like a vacuum, thanks to the saltiness. Seeing her legs in the open, Mike placed his hand on her knees again and advanced, only to receive a harder push and storming away out of the theatre in the darkness.

The shocked him quickly got up and went after her, exiting just before the door closed and felt himself being pulled to the small area behind the door, facing a railing down the stairs. She leaned over him and kissed on his lips, hastily removing his belt. Mike managed to catch up after stunning for a few moments and reached beneath her skirt, tugging the knots off her panties, letting them fall onto her hands before keeping them away. His hands then reached up her spag top and squeezed her breasts so hard it almost gave her an orgasm. She had never someone treating her so well and it was satisfying her lust meter perfectly.

While he massaged her boobs, Samantha was wondering all the time what positions she wanted to try. Given her legs length, it was somewhat tricky. She had an idea and placed him against the rails, she went to the opposite wall and bent her back all the way 90 degrees, spreading her legs wide open on the floor for his dick. Although it was the same doggie style, it was a totally different concept.

He did not wait any longer and guided his dick towards her pussy, that was leaking juices onto the floor. His slab of meat went straight in and reached right into her weakest spot, almost sending her into a split onto the ground. He held her waist firmly and started pounding her hard and deep, giving her the first penetrative orgasm in her life. It was barely manageable for her and she had to cover her mouth to prevent any moans from escaping. As he kept moving, juices just leaked faster into almost a puddle between her legs.

Not giving up, he went super fast on her and really fucked the brains out, groaning softly in response to her tightening pussy and the freshly juiced slit. The session out in the open lasted for about ten minutes, the echoes of their bodies slapping against each other quietened down and he slowly let go of her as she fumbled onto the floor. He had not unloaded his soldiers yet and so he stood in front of her, jerking himself off ready to pour it out into the puddle she created.

Reaching feebly for her bag, she took out her panties and handed it to him, asking him to shoot into it so she could see. After a few minutes, he knelt on the floor before her and shot his warm juicy cum into her soft, pink panties, coating the whole of the narrow part in his juice. With the other parts clean, he wiped himself on it and returned it to Samantha. As he wore his pants back, she took it near her nose and took a whiff, before sticking her tongue out for a taste, and then slurped up most of the wobbly blob with a duck-lips.

She smiled and got up on her feet, carefully placing her panties between her legs before tying both the knots at her hips. It was hard to imagine she was so wild to actually use a soiled panties and wearing it back. The wetness of it turned her on almost immediately and by walking, her pussy was constantly rubbing the soft moist material of her underwear and driving her wild. As much as she wanted to masturbate in public, she had another thing to worry about.

The juices that was leaking out of her pussy, that the panties could not absorb, trickled down her long legs and a few guys definitely saw it. Her heels were sticky after a while and she could only wait till she hopped onto an empty bus home before she touched herself again, masturbating to at least two more orgasms before she went home – for more.

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