Josephine had ended her school and returned to a guy’s home, huge and a quiet mansion. Sounds from his room upstairs shuffled in metal clangs and clinks, until he appeared in front of her in his stocking mask and wrists and ankles individually wrapped with leather.

Josephine: ‘Good, you are learning fast.’

He went into the kitchen and brought her a cup of hot tea, before going to her feet and removed the standard white shoes, and socks. He placed them neatly at his doorsteps and went to a room, coming out with a set of fresh clothes for her. She went with him to that room and he unbuttoned her shirt, removing them along with her white bra that had its buckle between the cups. Wrapping a spandex jacket over her, he zipped up halfway to expose part of her small chest and then knelt on the floor, undoing her skirt, shorts and panties. He helped her got into a pair of tights also made of the same soft, light material before she left the room for the living room.

He went on his knees in front of her and she opened her legs, for him to lick after he tore a hole in the stocking at his mouth area. His tongue dived in for the treat and licked diligently on her clit, until she was wet and moist. As Josephine browsed the channels on his large flat screen TV, her body climaxed and a gush of juices were quickly slurped up by her slave.

As the sofa had a longer side that stretches out towards the TV, she laid over the cushions he placed on her chest and waited for the massage that would follow. With his skilful acupuncture massage, her muscles relaxed and it felt dreamy for her, given that rain had been falling for the whole day. Soon, she hear his clothes drop onto the floor and raised her hips, for him to get behind her and push his dick into her tight shorts, right between her slit and sinking all the way without hesitation.

With her juices lubricated nicely, her slave had no problem and began pumping his hips against her butt, slurping her juices with his thrusts. Josephine was only 14, but this slave of hers had an infatuation with her and willingly commit to being hers for as long as she needed him to be. His dick fitted her from the previous intercourses and now it filled her up nicely, brushing against every corner of her vagina. Josephine moaned with his vigour and was soon going into the orgasm she was waiting for, shocking her into a daze and rendering her weak.

As her pussy gradually shrank, her slave pumped even harder until he was about to cum. Pulling out quickly, he grabbed a disposable cup and shot all his cum into it, before presenting to his mistress to drink it up, in a gulp. Once done, she got up and let him lie on the cushions, facing the ceiling and hips raised to the highest point. She reached for the toy box behind the sofa and took out the strap-on he kept, and slipped it over her shorts, pulling up a side until the other end of the dildo could reach for her pussy.

It was designed in a way that one end of the dick on it would stay inside her and the other part would go into wherever she wanted. Also, the part of the dildo sticking out was covered in loose rubber, allowing every stroke forward to push part of the flexible rubber tube inside back towards her pussy, fucking her as she thrust. It was a brilliant design and was a costly toy too.

Josephine leaned against him and let him lubed up the dildo, with some KY jelly. Once the lubricant was applied and dripping onto the cushions, she poked the tip into his anus and moaned as she moved her hips forward, going deeper into him but also herself at the same time. Her delicate hands held his dick and jerked him as she pumped, fucking herself mad.

This was the best part for him as he got to enjoy her handjob, and to be able to watch her pleasuring herself at the same time. She had total control all the time and the whole house was flooded with his manly groans and her cutesy moans. Within minutes, Josephine had to pause as her pussy squeezed with all its might, to manage the orgasm from the rubber tip that had reached deep into her. She continued ramming his poor ass after she recovered and finally, he was cumming and she placed her mouth over his dick, forcefully yanking it down to face her. He creamed right at her gentle sucking and emptied his balls into her, going down the throat as she swallowed.

Josephine fell onto her sides on the empty couch and laid in shortness of breath while he got up to undo her strap-on, disappearing into the kitchen after she was comfortable under a blanket. A quick meal was served to her and just an hour later, the door handle creaked and another guy entered. It was the father of her slave and someone she liked better. She got up in an instant and ran to him, taking his bag and belt away.

After she placed the items at their usual spot, she went behind the sofa and bent over the headrest, balanced herself over it and spread both her legs like a frog. Her master went to where she was and let his pants fell, before sinking his long tool into her pussy, still moist from the earlier orgasms. He watched the evening news while fucking his toy girl, blowing her mind over and over again with the frequent orgasms. With minutes ticking away, the news soon ended and a few more hard thrusts later, he rammed her over the edge and shot all his cum into her tiny pussy, and let her drop onto the soft leather seats in front.

Master went into the kitchen to wash up and returned to the sofa, leaning on one of the armrests and gesturing her to get dinner. She took the plate of food from her slave and served it to Master, before going between his legs and slurped hungrily on his meat, going up and down licking it like a lollipop and taking it between her thick lips, sucking on the whole length for the tasty cum she wanted.

TV was especially boring at that time and so after finishing his food, he laid it on the coffee table and lifted the small girl over his dick, letting her slip down his thighs until her pussy devoured the whole shaft. Josephine had a weakness for his size and everytime he was inside her, she would be unable to move due to the sensitivity and pain, if she angled wrongly. It was him that really stretched her pre-mature pussy and showed her how good it felt to be dominated.

Master then adjusted himself to sit up properly and held her in front of him, hugging like a koala bear. Shortly, his hips began shooting upwards and into her, making her wrap her hands around him tightly. It felt extremely good to have a larger-than-fitting piece of hot throbbing meat inside and pushing all her buttons like how it should be done. As much as she tried to do some work, it was hard with his strength and desire for control.

After a good long hour, he let her free and she took over the job, bouncing that little over his dick until he came forward and hug her again, letting his dick go right to her extreme end and filled her womb up with hot, thick cum. There was not a drop that leaked out as it all reached her womb and even made her feel bloated with his presents. He lifted her up and away on his side and rested, seemingly asleep in peace without so much any signs of breathlessness. Josephine went back to the toilet in the kitchen to wash up and let her slave bend her over the dining table for a good doggie session to relieve his hard on.

He did not waste the chance and kept pumping fiercely, hitting her pelvic bones against the wood until he could not take it, partly because of imagining she was his ex-girlfriend. He helped her off the table and onto a chair, before sitting on the edge of the table that faced her and let her jerk him off. Taking the fourth load of cum for the day, she gave him a treat by sucking on it after she swallowed, sending his man pipe into shock and desperation even it was empty. His dick shrivelled at the quickest speed and Josephine was done for the day.

She let her slave changed her clothes back into the decent school uniform and shoes, leaving her slave and master to themselves.

Master: ‘Shall we bring Rinnie out of your room? She haven’t had dinner yet, and I still feel full.’

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