Tiled Floor

Sarah was dragged into a corner of an abandoned flight of stairs at a run down shopping mall, with such force on her hair she could not scream or do anything apart of listening to the two men. Once she was thrown into the corner, the men stood around her and whipped out their cellphones, demanding her to exhibit herself for them. Having no choice, she did as told and was reduced to exposing her black strapless bra and panties, posing in awkward stances they put her in.

Once the photos were done, guy A dragged her back to the floor and unzipped his pants, yanking a stinking meat tube out and bringing her mouth to it. What could a poor woman in her late 20s do?

She opened her mouth and he let himself in, shoving his hips against her head while holding her hair high, inflicting pain she never felt before. Still, she was seated while feeding on his dick while the second man was still filming. He definitely had been sex starved for a long time as she went through some of the worst blowjob she gave, unable to breath for long periods of time until he finally could not hold back and flushed his disgusting load into her mouth, forcing her to drink every drop up.

Guy B had been watching throughout and was so turned on by how slutty she was being used to this state. He picked her up by her hair and leaned her over the ledge, facing the sparse crowd that was below. He skipped removing her panties and just took out his similarly unpleasant dick and forcing it into her dry cunt, and kept pumping until she got wet. Her wetness was an unexpected one, dripping onto the floor and making his entry even smoother, driving him wild and high, that kept him ramming his life into her, until he was done, in fact much quicker than the first guy. He just held her waist tightly and pumped his man load inside her aching pussy, until it overflowed back out.

Once the two guys were done, they threw her into the corner again and she hit her head hard this time. They took out a bottle of unknown substance and one of them dabbed some on his fingers, while the other guy held her face to open her mouth. A few drops of the brown liquid went into her mouth and the other guy went to rub the same liquid at her pussy, sending a heatwave through her that she had no escape from. Having done their job, they clicked away on their iPhones and left her in the corner, trying to cope with the intense heat and unknown level of horniness.

A girl being raped would not care about how horny she was, but there was something she could not fight at all. Her pussy kept leaking and her conscious was fading in and out of a blur. The door above swung open and another two dark skinned guys appeared, happy to see her undressed and sweating. They carried her to place her on one of the steps and spread her legs wide open, till it hurt her. Guy C then pulled his trousers down and leaned over her, with the other guy behind holding her hands and playing with her boobs. Sarah had no strength at all to do anything on her own.

The guy just fucked her to his content and actually lasted too long for comfort, ripping her pussy even wider and extending the length of her vagina. With her soft moaning, he was enjoying himself until his turn to cum was here and filled her up with his man juice, till it overflowed for the second time. Although he had cummed, he did not pull out of her and the second guy grew impatient, standing over her head and lowered himself to a squat, letting his dick point towards her mouth and drove it right in, hitting her head against the hard steps.

He did not give her time to breath nor prepare, but kept bouncing above her and letting his dick get the pleasure it deserved. The guy at her pussy was still humping away until he was satisfied and hurried his friend to finish. Right then, a gush of cum hit her mouth and it filled her up so uncontrollably that she had to swallow, until every drop was down her throat. The guys quickly got up and adjusted their clothes, before going out through the exit they came through.

Sarah was totally destroyed, mentally and physically. She weakly reached for her pussy and dug out all the cum that was inside her which was actually futile, cause the third group of men were coming up the stairs. The pair of male saw her digging and immediately pulled her hand away, and up on her feet she could barely support herself on.

They aligned her between the both of their bodies and the guy behind bent her over, while the guy in front undid his fly and out came his tiny dick. The man behind also unzipped and went right into her cum-lubricated pussy, pounding her back and forth while the guy at her head was still struggling to get it up. He did not wait for it to harden but also pinched her jaws to take the tiny lump in. Not able to suck on anything, she did not do anything but earned a hard slap across her cheeks, which started on her pointless sucking. It did grow in the end, but it was too small a difference. She kept sucking him as the dick behind rammed wildly.

Seconds after she started on the guy in front, a huge load of cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed while he held her head at his groin, suffocating her from her nose that was squashed. The man behind went faster after his friend was done and kept going. For the first time, her body gave in to the ordeal and gave her a consoling climax, which made her felt even hotter and the jet of cum entering her pussy felt too much to handle, expanding her tummy until he pulled out, splashing his load back out down her legs and onto the floor.

They let her go that instant and she collapsed to the ground, barely catching her breath and listened for the two men to disappear. Finally, some sense came to her and she crawled to her purse, taking out her phone and dialling for her husband.

Husband: ‘Hello?’

A thud was heard through the phone and Sarah was pulled away from the phone. Pinned to the ground, there was only one guy this time and the phone was just a little out of her reach. He bent her over doggie style and stuck his rod in, engaging in full force pumping his huge dick in and out of her tiny pussy. With a black out coming, her moans got louder and the phone was still engaged in the call, with her husband on the other end.

The man gave her a hard pinch and she screamed even louder, while feeling his dick stroke every corner of her private parts. It was simply too overwhelming for her, being fucked by a stranger so well endowed. The orgasms came waves after waves, sucking all her strength away until the man exited suddenly. He went around to her mouth and held her hair to ram it into her mouth. It went so deep and hard she could not keep her teeth apart, but it didn’t matter. Her hand instinctively went for her sore, red pussy to masturbate herself as a way to take the agony away but it wasn’t much help.

A few thrusts later, the largest wave of cum flooded her mouth and out of her nose. He saw that and immediately forced her mouth deeper, this time channeling all the precious sperms down into her stomach. With the last few jets, he pushed her away and let his cum shoot onto her bra. He picked up her phone and threw it at her, hitting her face and then he made his exit out of the stairs.

Was it finally over? The whole area remained quiet after a long time and she was regaining her energy. Picking up the phone, it was now broken and she gathered her clothes, panties and bra stained with so much cum that was too disgusting to keep it on. The strapless floral dress she wore was the only piece of clothes clean and intact. So she put it on and walked wobbly out and for home.

Would her husband know? And would she let him know? Questions flooded her mind throughout the whole bus ride home and she would have to solve the huge load of cum still trapped in her pussy first.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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